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Chapter 1: Wedges from Heaven, City Day, Midday, Yezu, paid the money, came out of the Huayun Supermarket with a smile on his face, with ample snacks in one hand, ready to go back and watch Fan Rebirth Island, and his natal manga was finally animated. The first episode will be at this afternoon.
At the beginning of the broadcast, a Taoist priest with white hair, youthful appearance, celestial appearance, bones, bones, and gray beard suddenly stopped in front of him and saluted him, saying, “Fusheng Wuliang Tianzun, can this layman please stop for a while and listen to the poor Taoist?” Ye Zui’s pace faltered. A trace of contempt passed quickly, although he didn’t know when this Taoist came here, but he guessed that what he did was nothing more than bluffing and deceiving Ye Zui did not deny that there may be several or even dozens of power systems in the world that have not been proven by human technology, but he did not. I believe that I will happen to meet one of them, so the impatient Ye Zui hurriedly waved his hand indifferently, Daoist, I have something else, please tell me next time, people don’t know what’s interesting, he blocked Ye Zui’s way, smiled and touched his gray hair The beard said next time, next time, next time, there are so many poor words, I can’t wait for the next time, if I don’t say it now, it will be too late to finish, he will not wait for Ye Zui to refuse, and he will happily say Layman Congratulations, you will have a big opportunity in the near future, it is really gratifying to congratulate Congratulations! Hearing this, Ye’s face was gloomy for a moment, he didn’t say a word, bypassed the Taoist with a snack bag and hurried away, he didn’t believe a single word of the Taoist’s congratulations, thinking about what good things happened to him since he was born, his parents Both dead and six relatives are severed, lonely and lonely, plus they have no special skills, relying on their parents’ bequests to get by, a waste, how can luck befall him, humming the Taoist’s words to deceive others, it’s a little ingenious and innovative, to him it’s nothing but It’s all just talking nonsense. Ye was so angry and annoyed that he walked to the middle of the road and before he had time to react to what happened to him, he was hit by a speeding car and flew eight or nine meters away. The moment he lay far away on the ground, Ye felt that everything in the world was far away from him. Scenes of the past appeared in his mind like a white horse passing by.
When he was a child, his mother passed away. When he was young, his father passed away. Until today, the moment when he was hit by a car, everything is so far away and strange, it is not real at all.
Could it be that this memory is not his personal experience? He is about to die, but for some reason he feels calmer than ever before, and he doesn’t care about death. Is it my chance to be hit by a car? Suddenly Ye thinks of what the Taoist said not long ago, he feels extremely ridiculous, and then he quickly loses consciousness. The corners of Ye Zui’s mouth couldn’t help but rise as he disappeared, Ye Zui was already satisfied with the ending, especially at the moment when he was completely plunged into darkness, he saw the endless beautiful butterflies surrounding him. Let’s go Chapter Rebirth of Wudang Wudang Mountain was formerly known as Taihe Mountain, steep mountains and misty mountains, magnificent scenery and charming, it is a famous cave of Taoism Tianfudi has become more and more famous since the Taiji master Sanfeng Zhenren created the Wudang School The only fly in the ointment with his unrestrained temperament is that his hands and neck are covered with hideous and terrifying scars, which is disgusting to look at.
The young Taoist sat quietly for a long time, and suddenly opened his eyes and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. This Taoist is Ye. In the end, he did not return to the Netherworld, but was reborn into the world of martial arts.
It is said that he was born extraordinary Finally, he finally discovered an extremely cruel truth.
The Qingjing Sutra that accompanied him was neither a system nor a plug-in, but a simple scripture. One of the things that must be recited in the morning class is ordinary and unremarkable.
With the idea that you will not die if you try it, Ye is most self-defeating and practiced according to the Qingjing Sutra. Soon he found that he was not that material at all. He worked hard for a year.
Still making no progress, Ye almost failed to persevere. As a member of the information age, his complicated and disordered mind made him pay an unimaginable huge price. If he hadn’t been forced to practice martial arts by his cheap father Cangsong in this life, he would have been in this life. Even a madman would never want to set foot on the threshold of practicing the Qingjing Sutra. Although Ye Zui has always been very dissatisfied with the appearance of his cheap father, Cangsong and the deer-headed rat, he would say thank you no matter what in terms of martial arts.
After being unable to perceive the sense of qi for a long time, I racked my brains to think of a method of forgetting things and forgetting forms for Ye Zui. I am afraid that Ye Zui can only look at Baoshan empty-handed and return to himself.
After thinking about it, he felt that he was different.
He concentrated all his attention on one thing and reached the state of forgetting things, that is, forgetting external things.
After that, he found that his memory had greatly improved, he could never forget, and his internal power practice was also improving day by day.
And after meditating and reaching the state of ecstasy, that is, forgetting oneself, one can receive a kind of information that other people cannot feel at a specific location, such as the cultivation experience and martial arts mentality of the predecessors. For him, he has memorized all the martial arts and mental methods learned by his ancestors after sitting in meditation for a month in front of the stone wall he has practiced. It is a bit ridiculous to say that the most famous Wudang school in the world is not Tai Chi and Tai Chi, which are the most widely spread in later generations. The sword is an inexplicable celestial silkworm change, and the Tiyun Zong Qinggong that can be seen everywhere in Jin Yong’s works has become the master’s unique skill here Wudang Qijue