Blood value characteristic defense strengthening poisonous skill sand escape scarlet poisonous needle pincer attack Song Jian stood on a sand dune and squinted his eyes

It’s too scary.
People who die in the game will die in the real world. The whole city is mine.
There are still things that can be brought out of the game and brought into the real world. Song Jian is aimlessly wandering in an empty city alone. Walking with him are mutant zombies and monsters, and his only purpose now is how to survive in such a zombie city.
Chapter Entering the Game Dear Sir, first of all, please accept my sincere blessing, please stop for a moment and have a look This cosmetic in my hand is the latest research and development of our company to remove freckles, lines, whiten and moisturize the skin. Ninety-nine and eighty-one processes are carefully crafted.
You deserve it.
Remembering the leaflet that the man threw on the ground just now, I trembled twice, and walked towards the next passer-by expressionlessly. After graduation, I worked in sales for more than a month and didn’t make much money. The only gain is that I have a thicker skin. This lady first Please accept my sincere blessings. This is my company. Song Jian walked towards the next passer-by with a polite smile on his face in the endless stream of people. At this moment, a man with a bunch of green hair dyed in front of his forehead looked at him and was trying to get his hair done. Song Jian of the leaflet pursed his lips and walked up quietly, patted him on the shoulder from behind and shouted, “Hey, I haven’t finished distributing the leaflet yet!” Song Jian turned his head and saw that a colleague named Zhao Yu entered at the same time as himself. The company is all newcomers. On the surface, the relationship between the two is not bad. He glanced at Zhao Yu, who was empty-handed.
Song Jian raised his eyebrows and asked in surprise, have you finished handing out the leaflets? The workload needs to be at least 3,000 copies, and it has only been half an hour since Zhao Yu actually lit up all the leaflets, which surprised Song Jian. If you insist on posting for me, I have no choice but to give it all to him. He also gave me five dollars.
Song Jian, your operation is really suffocating.
Sending flyers is actually accumulating customer resources.
Although it is hard work, opportunities often come What I got in this way was only more than a month of getting along.
Song Jian also found out that Zhao Yu’s family conditions are good, and he came to work, probably because he was bored, and his attitude towards work was not very active.
He also likes to go to some expensive places. Let’s continue posting here. I’ll go to the company’s cosmetics booth in front of me to have a look. I heard that today the company has invited a lot of young ladies to dance. The rows of long legs are sucking.
Zhao Yu pursed his lips and his throat moved slightly.
He looked at Zhao Yu impatiently. Song Jian shakes his head slightly from the back.
The child of the poor has long been the head of the family.
The child without an umbrella should run harder on rainy days. Song Jian doesn’t dare to be as chic as Zhao Yu.
Each of the 3,000 leaflets has his contact information written by him. It can be said that every flyer is a hope for Song Jian.
After standing still for a while, Song Jian suddenly turned around and walked towards the direction of the company’s booth.
Where are the flyers distributed? It’s not about posting, you can appreciate it, and you can learn more about the company’s products at the booth. After all, there are many new products on the booth.
I just passed a street and turned a corner.
An old man with a wretched face suddenly appeared in front of Song Jian.
What kind of disk? Song Jian frowned when he heard it, his face was full of contempt, his eyes were full of contempt, he looked at the old man and wondered in his heart, what time is it now and still sell CDs, can you sell CDs, but there are a lot of resources on my mobile phone There are dozens of learning materials. Let’s talk about which eye you see that I have such a need.
I am not the kind of person you imagined. Song Jianyi refused with righteous words and said with a righteous face, holding a stack of promotional pages without squinting and moving forward. The sound of dancing and hot songs has already started to come from the front. If you don’t hurry up, you won’t see the company’s new products. Brother, this is the mobile game Doomsday City newly developed by our Tianyu Game Company. Let’s try it now.
Activate it now and return it for free. The novice big gift bag The wretched old man persistently followed Song Jianjian and said mobile game Song Jian was stunned, his face flushed slightly, yes, mobile game, you thought it was the wretched old man’s eyes flashed a light, hey, I thought you were talking about the frisbee played by children Song Jian wiped off his cold sweat and said, oh, the wretched old man didn’t continue to ask questions. He took out a data cable and a disk and said that this is the latest mobile game client developed by our company. The biggest selling point of our game is that you can play the game and get a free disk. It’s very cost-effective to give you this disc after buying our company’s games.
Song Jian couldn’t help but stop.
Such a large-capacity disc is still very attractive. Is the download and installation of this mobile game fast? I have other important things to do. Don’t worry, this is the latest black technology developed by our company.
The download and installation speed is extremely fast.
It only takes a few seconds. Passed the plate forward and said, you, Song Jian, looked at the wretched old man with some hesitation But if it was replaced by the old man in front of him, Song Jian felt a little bit guilty. This is a home-made machine that cost three thousand oceans. Could it be a mobile phone virus? How could it be possible? We are a serious company. This is a serious mobile game.
The wretched old man seemed to feel the insult. He stretched out his right hand and straightened his tie, arguing that what you said is an insult to me personally, and an insult to our company.
It’s an insult to the entire mobile game industry, okay?