Blocking the group chat at this time when Zhou Yuan came over Zhou Yaner was sharing her husbands secrets Sang Ran saw that the little

Sang Ran’s criteria for choosing a mate has always been maturity, stability, gentleness and elegance.
Unexpectedly, in the end, he was overwhelmed by a sunny, handsome and juicy little fresh meat.
It’s a scheming The first time I ate, I said with ulterior motives that I was well fed As soon as the time on the computer jumped to Zhou Yaner, she stepped on a stiletto heel that was more than ten centimeters, twisted gracefully, and threw the bag on her arm on Sang Ran’s desk.
The newly acquired yesterday will open your eyes, Sang Ran. Look at the expensive logo on the bag and the style she has only seen in magazines, her tone is sour, what boyfriend is she changing this month? I’m not too proud, I’m the first one to blow on my beautiful nails and ask you, how many promising young people have I met this month? When I mention this Sang Ran, I’m dumbfounded and stretched out a hand silently.
Only three are better than the last one. There are still a few days left for the end of the month.
Come on, you must catch up with last month. Zhou Yan’er made fun of the folder flexibly dodged by Sang Ran. Smiling, I’ll come over and stop messing with you. I’ll tell you this time. It’s different from the previous ones. It’s handsome and charming. It makes people want to stop talking. Forcibly drag Sang Ran up and walk around. He’s here to pick me up from work today. I’ll take you to see Yan’er. Sang Ran earnestly watched her do too many crimes. You will be struck by lightning, do you know that you crow’s mouth will curse me, can you say something nice? Zhou Yan’er angrily slapped her on the head, puzzled and then pinched her waist. Sang Ran hurriedly hid from her.
The two of them walked out of the black car parked not far from the company gate and opened the door.
The man in the suit stepped out of the car and closed the door with his hands.
The movement was smooth and there was an indescribable elegance. The man moved towards There is a slight smile here, a handsome face, a noble temperament, and Sang Ran can’t help but click twice and fly towards Zhou Yan’er.
His eyes are really handsome and compelling. The man flew over like a little bird, and the man reached out to catch her with ease, with a gentle smile, and watched the couple leave lovingly and affectionately.
The severely injured single dog Sang Ran silently moved to the parking lot and drove his own car to the appointment. Yes, single. The dog also has a date. The blind date is a man wearing glasses. The photo looks good. Not as sloppy as imagined, but the gentle mother is very satisfied. The man chose a very romantic cafe, Sang Ran, and walked into the stylish and artistic coffee. The restaurant immediately noticed the man in glasses by the window and the surprise in his eyes. Sang Ran walked over with a smile and successfully saw the eyebrows of the other party gradually furrowed.
Ran shook hands with Sang Ran and stood quietly with him It was almost high when I passed by the mall on my way home. I thought my dog ​​food was almost gone.
Sang Ran stopped the car and planned to go in for a stroll. There was a stage set up in the small square outside the mall. It seemed that there was a band singing and it was quite lively.
From a distance, there were quite a few people around.
The man Sang Ran looked and looked and finally decided to go around and have a look. The voice of this person is very nice. I feel like my ears are about to be pregnant.
The voice of the lady is full of energy How about the girl? This time, it’s not bad. I heard that it looks good. You’re always satisfied, right? It’s still a few centimeters lower. Ms. Hu is complaining about having a girl who is too tall to marry.
It’s sad. Sang Ran, who was hit again, is not in a good mood.
Hu hastily hung up the phone and made an appointment at a cafe during dinner time. I didn’t even bother to eat.
The music in my ears was replaced by a folk song. The relaxed and gentle guitar playing and singing sounded good.
I’ve never heard of it before. Looking from a distance through the crowd, I saw a very good-looking young man sitting on a high stool.
Sang Ran stood there and listened to it for a while, feeling much calmer.
When the other members came to the stage and prepared to change the song, he turned around and entered the shopping mall. He was not in the mood What to eat? After buying dog food, I went to McDonald’s on the first floor to pack a hamburger and returned to the car parked on the side of the road.
The music in the square also stopped.
I guess it’s the end of the show. Sang Ran opened the window for ventilation. While eating hamburgers, we reported progress to each other on WeChat with Zhou Yaner Sang Ran complained that you said that there are quite a few girls who are over 1.7 meters tall, why haven’t I seen others so worried about marriage because others are not as picky as you? Zhou Yaner said Sang Ran while chewing It was a burst of blood, knowing that the other party was having a candlelight dinner with you and me, Sang Ran was burning with jealousy, took a bite of the hamburger and cursed them after a while, and did not finish eating the hamburger sadly, took out a can of Wangzai milk from the car to drink After completing today’s nutrition goal, I threw the jar through the window and accurately threw it into the trash can not far away.
Because I was tall, I was forcibly dragged to the women’s basketball team when I was in school. I have been playing for a few years. Practiced pretty well, made a shot, whistled, started the car in a good mood, and went home.
When Zhou Yaner and her new boyfriend were happily and sweetly in love, Sang Ran spent a rather lonely and boring few days, scolding Zhou Yaner for being ungrateful and lamenting I must be too good to make men too inferior, so no one wants me. The only consolation during this period is that the stock price recommended by my friend is not so good. Sang Ran has worked for so many years.