Blocked but He Xianghong blocked the sword in front of her chest without moving Sword but the cold light of the sword tip has reached

Ten years of cold window, no one asks to become famous in one fell swoop, the world knows the provincial examination period is approaching, and the Gu students are divided from neighboring counties and towns to go to the provincial capital to prepare to show their talents and win the Beijing examination.
They become famous in one fell swoop.
For the convenience of studying, rich students can rent a big house and read at night. So that the sound of reading aloud will not disturb the neighbors, but most children from well-off and poor families are reluctant to read Ci in temples, temples, and temples, whichever is quieter, and can also save some expenses.
Even children from poor families also bring enough Sichuan funds. Poor parents all over the world want to raise a sum of money. Parents drive hard workers and mothers add night spinning.
Parents have suffered countless hardships and have to try to raise a sum of money for their children. Therefore, the students who will take the exam in the provincial capital are all well-dressed.
You won’t worry about the cost.
The name of West Tianwang Temple on the outskirts of Kaifeng Prefecture is very impressive. In fact, it is a small temple with a courtyard and two columns of wing rooms. There is only one incense worker in the temple.
It is ten and a half months, and it is rare for pilgrims to come to the door. But Tianwang Temple is quiet and secluded in the wilderness and green Surrounded by tranquility, it is tranquil, but it is too desolate. No one studies here within two miles.
It is true that there is no worldly noise, but it takes courage.
This day, after noon, a handsome young man in blue shirt came with a box of piano rolls. You can tell at a glance that it is a student who will take an examination in the provincial capital.
The worker who guards the temple is already an old man in his seventies. His eyes and ears are slow and his eyes and ears are slow. A smile appeared on his wrinkled face, he shook his head and said, there is no abbot in this small monastery, the abbot is up and down, and I am alone, the boy in blue shirt sighed and said in Xia Fuyang Yu Xiufan, this time he came to the provincial capital, try to borrow your monastery for a while After studying for a few days, I don’t know if the master can give me permission.
The old man coughed lightly and cleared his throat.
The old man is just a person who looks after the incense. There was an abbot in the temple. The abbot left the temple three years ago. Shaved to become a monk and dare not be called a master, you will call me Lao Ding in the future, it is Yu Xiufan, and it turns out to be Ding Laozhang The old man smiled and said, I dare not be the only old man in the temple.
Although he is old, he speaks with a lot of culture, thinking that he was also a person who had studied when he was young.
Yu Xiufan bowed respectfully and said that I came from a humble background while studying abroad, and I also took care of cooking by myself. Staying here for the night, Yu Xiufan’s solitary night reading reads loud and loud, and the sound of Wei goes directly to the outdoors.
Fortunately, there is no one near Tianwang Temple.
The old man is deaf and fast asleep. Even though he reads loudly at night, he does not disturb others.
Just as Shi Zhan was going to bed, a slight moaning sound came in. Yu Xiufan was startled and wondered to himself, how could there be a moaning sound coming from such a desolate place in the middle of the night? He opened the room door and walked out slowly, full of poetry and self-confidence. Follow the sound and look for the moaning sound What’s going on, but the groaning sound was suddenly interrupted, I didn’t hear it, I looked up and saw the bright moon shining like a mirror, the wind shaking the green bamboo outside the temple, there was a slight rustling sound Yu Xiufan opened the temple gate and walked slowly to the bright moon, the green bamboo ripples A clear and bright night scene Yu Xiufan listened intently, but it was hard to hear the sound of groans anymore, he wondered in his heart, could it be that I heard it wrong? Looking around, I saw thousands of bamboos shaking shadows under the moonlight, deep silence, where is there anyone? Just as he was about to walk back to the temple, he suddenly heard a sigh that sounded like a sigh of emotion and groan, which spread to the ears of the people in the night. I saw that person in a blue shirt, a middle-aged scribe, with his eyes tightly closed, he seemed to have passed out, Yu Xiufan stretched out his hand to check the man’s breath, only a wisp of breath left, like a gossamer, hurriedly reached out to pick up the man in the blue shirt and returned Yu Xiufan, a man in a green shirt, immediately ran to the kitchen to cook a bowl of ginger soup. He read a lot of books, besides the Five Classics and Four Books, as well as Zhacao medical books, but he had never used Tianwang Temple and was alone in the wilderness.
There was nowhere to go to find a doctor, so I had to do it myself. I poured down a bowl of thick ginger soup, and the middle-aged man suddenly woke up.
He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Yu Xiufan with a dark look.
Sigh, little brother, you saved me This bowl of ginger soup can only wake you up temporarily, you must ask a doctor to take a look at it earlier, the scholar in green shirt smiled lightly and said, I have medicine on me, little brother, take it for me, Brother Yu Xiufan, where is the medicine? Middle-aged Scholar Dao is in a cloth bag around my waist, please ask my little brother to untie it for me, he doesn’t even have the strength to untie the bag at his waist This belt is shaped like a bag, and it seems to hold a lot of things. The green shirt Wentu sighed softly, “Little brother, counting from the embroidered golden dragon, there is a white jade bottle in the third section. Take it out.
” Yu Xiufan’s eyes turned.
I found that the white cloth belt was divided into seven sections, and each section seemed to contain something, but how many things there were, but the man changed his mind, but he took out a jade bottle from the third section of the white cloth belt. The middle-aged scribe smiled awkwardly. The little brother uncorked the bottle and poured out two pills for me. Jiu Yu Xiufan looked at him leaning against the wall, his face was pale.
Although he spoke calmly, his expression faintly revealed infinite fatigue.