Black Rose raised the corners of her lips picked up the anesthesia needle on the ground and threw it into the trash can we will

Gu Xixi is wearing a silk black tube top dress.
Her skin is fair.
This simple cut dress highlights her strengths. Her skin is white and her lips are red.
The heroine is the story of Northwest Past Gu Xixi When the close-up shot hit Gu Xixi’s face, she showed a look of surprise, her eyes were red, she stood up, bowed slightly to her peers around her, and then walked up the stage with her skirt in her hands.
On the way, when she passed her arch-nemesis Xie Yunmiao, Gu Xixi said lightly Glancing with satisfaction, I saw the tightly clenched hands and the tense corners of the lips of the deadly enemy.
Gu Xixi knew half a month ago that she would win this year’s Golden Statue Award for Best Actress. She has every reason to be proud.
An orphan was able to work hard in the entertainment industry to become the actress by herself.
Gu Xixi has the capital and is entitled to be proud. When she holds the trophy in her hand and faces the microphone, she is thinking about how much her salary will increase after winning the award.
Gu Xixi’s voice is full of emotion.
I said honestly that I have been in the industry for many years and today I can get this award, I think I will die without regret The ornate chandelier fell on Gu Xixi’s head, and the sky turned dark for a moment.
That night, actor Gu Xixi got the news of the actress and the news of Gu Xixi’s unfortunate death.
At the same time, the news of Gu Xixi’s unfortunate death was searched on Weibo at the same time.
Sister Xu, please give us Xixi Put more highlights on her face, she will dance beautifully in ballet later, Pei Qian said to the makeup artist with a smile on her face, Gu Xixi stared blankly at the mirror in front of her, wearing a white suit The ballet suit has a deep collarbone that can support goldfish. The waist is slender and beautiful like a fairy.
Congratulations to the host for binding our human truth system. When you touched the place where it came down, it was opened by Pei Qian who was next to you. Don’t touch it.
Sister Xu managed to help you paint so beautifully.
You can’t ruin your makeup. Yes, the host is dead. I finally got the best female lead. Why? Before I died, I said that so many wishes to get rich did not come true. The wish to become a rich man and the young lady who lived among the people did not come true.
My old lady just said one sentence to die without regrets, you will give me a real death. This is just an accident and has nothing to do with us. The system of truth, goodness and beauty is because you happened to run away from the movie queen, the charming wife, and the world lacked a cannon fodder character, so it brought you here to be the top cannon fodder old lady, and finally became the movie queen, and wanted me to be the cannon fodder.
A good actor should not be picky about the role industry.
There are no high and low roles in the industry. I believe I can be a good role. What does the boss need from me? There are two choices: one is to follow the original storyline and get out of the circle when fans do it; the other is to change the life course of cannon fodder and find ten true friends in the entertainment circle No matter which one you achieve, we will give you a bonus of 10 billion. Use a reasonable and legal method to honor the truth, goodness and beauty. The system thinks that Gu Xixi should choose the latter.
After all, they also experienced some investigations when they were looking for someone.
Gu Xixi’s sincerity in acting is in entertainment. The filming of the ballet dancer is well-known in the circle. She was able to study ballet for three months in order to fit into the role. She broke dozens of pairs of ballet shoes while filming the boxer. The golden belt was even almost invited by the national boxing team to play a professional game.
How could such a woman who loves acting career quit the circle? How difficult it is to be ten true friends, I choose to withdraw from the circle Gu Xixi made a decisive choice I knew you would choose to stay and wait for what you said I said I would choose to withdraw from the circle Gu Xixi closed her eyes and let sister Xu give it to her She puts bright powder on her face, this is a beautiful wife, I just read that my character is everywhere in the circle, and the male star group is involved in gossip and scandals, black fans are flying all over the sky, and if I want to quit the circle, it will be a matter of minutes, so you don’t think about acting anymore, right? Is your dream? The Truth, Goodness and Beauty system has forced Gu Xixi to laugh. She opened her eyes and saw herself shining brightly in the mirror.
Not earning money is my dream. I entered the entertainment industry just to earn money.
I worked hard five or six times in my previous life.
I only earned less than 100 million in 2019. Now as long as I quit the circle, I will have 10 billion.
Why don’t I do Truth, Goodness and Beauty? The system was shocked by Gu Xixi’s remarks.
Think about it, the last requirement is not difficult, you can continue Your career in the entertainment industry Gu Xixi shook his head secretly in his heart, how naive you are looking for true friends in the entertainment industry, have you read too many entertainment announcements, silly boy, where are there any true friends in the circle? Well, if this is the case, then you can withdraw from the circle. Your number of fans will be truly displayed on your Weibo fans.
Only you can see that when the number of fans is high, you have met the conditions for withdrawing from the circle.
Disappeared, probably going to autism, our Xixi is really beautiful, Pei Qian looked at Gu Xixi from side to side, the strong smell of perfume on his body made Gu Xixi subconsciously hide back, Pei Qian didn’t care about it, he was a worthless manager’s subordinate There is only Gu Xixi alone, so even if Gu Xixi is regarded as a cancer by the industry and scolded by fans, Pei Qian will stand firmly by Gu Xixi’s side Instructed to open it, close the door, and look at Gu Xixi nervously.
Xixi is the last one of us in this week of love.