Black and white he doesnt know gray areas You can call him a fool but Id call him a saint Hes a true patriot Amanda

The superhero damage insurance investigator Lucy Lang has no choice but to turn into a gunslinger and embark on the road to find the money owner. Iron Man, the original price of 100 million, the old popsicle Krypton orphan Clark, the dark knight, Batman, Asgard, SHIELD, and the watchtowers. If you lose money, you have to lose money, but Lucy didn’t expect that one day she would become the head of the superhero claims center.
Since then, she has broken her heart for superheroes. Lucy is about to crash into the Empire State Building. Buy the White House, Great Wall, etc.
If you can’t afford it, don’t hit it.
The heroine made great progress all the way and eventually became a gold medal for superheroes to clean up the mess. The garbage king may have other popular European and American drama characters mixed in. Although the heroine is the chief prostitute in New York, they are all teased by others, let alone messy days. You can collect TV, movie animations Comic stalks are mixed as much as possible to keep the logic consistent.
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Daredevil Superheroes Chapter This World Pill Boom The morning rush in New York Lucy Lang just stepped out of the subway and bought a sandwich and a cup of coffee on the street corner that looked like it was brewed three days ago just as she was about to cross the street into the corporate building Suddenly, a loud noise made her shake her hand.
The bread, cucumber and mayonnaise were slammed on the ground.
The shape was horrible, just like the middle-aged man who smashed the roof of the Rolls Royce not far away. Damn Lucy Lang Calmly looking at the crowd that is gradually closing in, taking a sip of coffee, the white paper in the sky accompanied by the man jumping down, and the white paper fluttering in the wind is like the wings of an angel that sent the man to heaven Good morning, Lucy, a sunshine with headphones and a briefcase The boy passed by Lucy Hey Jimmy Lucy called out the boy’s name, squatted down, picked up the inedible sandwich and threw it to the puppy led by the homeless on the street In his arms, Jimmy looks into the distance, who has jumped, who knows? It’s the third time this month, $10 is still a middle-level executive. Whenever there is a financial crisis, the company starts laying off employees.
Those who don’t need to be laid off are those old employees who have worked hard in the company for more than ten years but only rely on their seniority to get to the position of supervisor.
Most of these people are in debt, have families and suffer from mid-life crisis. It was undoubtedly the last straw that broke their spirits.
After speaking, Lucy rushed into the company building without looking back. Don’t you take a look to confirm your conclusion? Jimmy glanced at the suicide scene and looked very conflicted Do you want to join in the fun? Lucy raises her wrist and counts the time.
We still have two minutes and twenty-nine seconds to swipe our fingerprints, or we will be deducted wages for being late again today, compared to a small bet of five dollars. I think wages are more important what a heartless heart Queen Elsa Jimmy made a dramatic move and rushed into the elevator with Lucy Lucy Long, one of New York City’s miserable commuters, in a city that best embodies the cruelty of capitalist exploitation of workers, she is very clear about her identity. She is a worker ant, the most inconspicuous and cheapest labor, but she cannot escape this Of course, she has another identity, Lu Qi, which is her original name. Before crossing, she had just been recommended to go to CBS for a one-month internship, but when the plane was about to land in New York, a cloud suddenly appeared in the sky.
Accompanied by the blue lightning, the giant tornado plane crashed straight into it, and then was torn apart by a powerful force. After waking up, Lu Qi has turned into Lucy Lang. Who is Lucy Lang from Texas? A girl from the country, a country bumpkin through and through Lu Qi’s memories are mostly the scene of staring at the stars on the stacked straw in the barn, the alcoholic wiping the beer froth off his beard in the bar, and his parents day after day Domestic violence is poor and repetitive. It makes life feel hopeless. No wonder Lucy would run away from that kind of place.
She got a job from Orion Insurance Company of America right after she graduated from college. This is a new insurance company with great prospects. The bullshit insurance of superhero compensation insurance Ever since Tony Stark made a high-profile announcement that he was Iron Man, the concept of superheroes has appeared in every corner of this entertainment country Superhero advertisements Superhero movies Superhero funds Superhero technology There are so many projects coming out of Olean Insurance Company, so they got a lot of attention and made a lot of money because of it, but since then they have embarked on the road of indemnity, but these have nothing to do with Lucy, she is just a little girl. Just a small insurance company investigator who wants to go back to her old job.
She doesn’t even have a reliable diploma or recommendation letter, so she can just settle for what she has. The best plan now is to make money first and then find a reliable university to study journalism again.
Returning to her old business, Lucy glanced at Jimmy, who hadn’t stopped rambling since entering the elevator, and confirmed her thoughts again. Jimmy, this big boy, is her only friend and colleague in this city. A white guy who graduated from New York State University. Red hair and freckles always make him look immature. In fact, he is two years older than Lucy.
The elevator is running all over the office.
Everyone has a look of horror on their faces and looks downstairs.
The beautiful front desk lady, Lisa, ran in front of them on ten-centimeter high heels. Lucy, I’m afraid you’re about to get promoted.
Lisa said good news, and then she said that your boss, old Bob, just jumped off Lucy’s. Mouth open enough to swallow an egg