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This article is also known as the self-summary of the female protagonist who is not a lady.
TagsMarriage and love in the cityLove is a special preference for a wealthy familyProtagonist Bi LanTang LiWei XuSupporting roleHe XinyuanZhou YinyunJi XiaBu BugaoOther Marriage and LoveChapter Small Claims CourtUSA Texas has a Mediterranean climateAlthough the climate is Mediterranean It’s only the end of May and it’s hot, dry, and hot. A small claims court in Austin is hearing a case against a neighbor’s male dog who impregnated his bitch and gave birth to six puppies. The plaintiff seeks compensation from the bitch. The cost of giving birth in the veterinary hospital is a total of US dollars, and the lawsuit fee in small claims court is US dollars. He also asked the plaintiff to compensate him for the loss of wages that he took a day off to come to the court to respond to the lawsuit. Finally, the defendant tentatively made a request to the court. The plaintiff sold or gave away the puppy and got a total of US dollars. As the owner of the puppy’s father, can he share the US dollars? Half of the small claims courts are full of these trivial disputes every day, and the old beauty is always suing for a trivial matter of five dollars. Now the plaintiff submits the pet hospital’s medical bills and the defendant submits his own salary slip. The judge looked at it and muttered.
Why don’t your two families perform surgery on dogs? Generally, pet owners at home will castrate their pets before they become adults. These two families didn’t do it, but they live together.
The answers to this question are quite consistent. We are afraid of dogs. Dogs are not happy, okay, the judge scolded in his heart, since you think dogs have the right to enjoy sex life, then don’t complain that dogs cost money to have babies, the judge asked a few more details, although the two families argued over who should pay the responsibility for the bitch’s pregnancy It goes on and on, but there is no objection to the dog’s pedigree, which is much simpler than other similar cases, so the judge ruled that the pregnancy of the bitch is the responsibility of the bitch owner. The kennel does not allow male dogs to come in if they want, so the medical expenses of this dollar are borne by the plaintiff, and the prosecution fee is also paid by the plaintiff.
The compensation for one day’s salary proposed by the defendant is considered valid by the court, but the amount is too large.
Half a day in small claims court is enough to ask for a day off. Why do you want the plaintiff to compensate the defendant’s hourly wages totaling US dollars? As for the defendant’s offer to sell the puppy, the judge said that power and responsibility are equal. If you want to share half of the dollar, you must share half of the dollar’s ​​production costs.
The defendant immediately stopped the judge. Raised the gavel and knocked, the case ended and the court resumed after a minute of rest Many of the people who came to hear the trial were middle-aged women who were winking at him. The defendant was a one-year-old Chinese beauty with long hair and waist.
She had a seductive body and delicate skin.
The official name of the girl with an unusual appearance is the judge’s eyes staring at these two words. Fortunately, the pronunciation is not difficult to explain to the court why he is suing. The two have known each other for more than two years and a year and a half. They officially lived together and planned to get married a month ago. When living together, in order not to let one party’s living habits override the other, the two rented a one-bedroom, one-living room apartment to live in.
The lease was for a month, but the two lived together for three months and found that their personalities were not compatible. The woman proposed to break up and move out. I went to live at my mother’s house.
Since the remaining three months of the lease period have not expired, I have to pay the rent by myself, so now I am going to the court to propose that Bi Lan’s English name that I usually use should pay him half of the monthly rent in US dollars. A total of three months in US dollars, plus US dollars in legal fees. Bi Lan refuted that she rented a three-bedroom apartment with the same person before the cohabitation. A girl is in the house, in the bedroom, on the bed, so it doesn’t make sense to ask myself half of the monthly rent.
Even if he doesn’t want to pay it alone, he should go to the girl and point out that the rental agreement was signed by him and the two, so moving away is one-sided. Breach of contract and that girl is just a girl I met in a bar and only came to the house once in total, how could it have something to do with paying the rent, and before living with him, it was two people who had their own house when they lived together, she took her four bedrooms The big house is rented out in US dollars a month