Bi do you know the miscellaneous family How important is this imperial decree in your hand If the miscellaneous family cant send it to Hangzhou

I love to sing Qinyuanchun, I also love to hum water tunes, I love Taiwan’s specialty crystal candy, I eat deep-fried dough sticks, I love to gnaw on the roast duck from Taizu’s house, and I love Silla servants singing a song called Butterfly Love Flower. Wake up and take control of the world I have not only destroyed the cults in southern Xinjiang, but also went to the north to kill lifeless Tartars This book is slow to heat up, but it never abuses the master.
At the same time, it insists on rationality. The first chapter of the main text is released. The warm sunshine and the coolness of the early spring after the light rain.
The pleasant climate is undoubtedly evident at this moment. Obviously, it is another day suitable for sleepy spring sleep, but for those students who have been waiting in front of Wenyuan Academy early, today is a big day that can determine their lives.
Wenyuan Academy is the spring of Nanjing every three years.
Chunwei, the place where the rankings are released, has gone through a total of nine days since the ninth day of March, and then another 12 days for ranking papers. Therefore, the date of publishing the rankings is set on the first day of April. This is already more than 400 years since the establishment of the Dashun Dynasty. The reason why the ranking of the township examination papers is different from that of the previous dynasty is that the 12-day arrangement is the rule set by Emperor Taizu at the beginning, just for the officials who graded the papers not to make some irreparable mistakes in a hurry. This extremely humanized arrangement has allowed Dashun Dynasty to never make a big mistake in rankings in the more than 400 years of its existence There is one person that I only found out about two days ago.
The same person is a bit out of place compared to the crowd around me.
I’ll come back later. Say hello to the classmates who came together. Tan Zong walked away in a hurry. Squeezed out of the crowd, I realized that I was in a mess, even the newly made Confucian shirt was wrinkled, and someone even put a little oil on the cuff of the left hand, lifted the cuff, Tan Zong took a little smell The delicious scallion pancake flashed across my face involuntarily, but then I remembered that it was my newly made clothes, and suddenly I became annoyed.
Knowing it, he must be able to see Tan Zong’s annoyed expression, and muttering in his mouth, the crowd watching the fun immediately started laughing, Mr.
Tan, you can’t talk nonsense about the oil on your cuffs. In case the future Xie Yuangong said this, if Xie Yuangong listened to it, he might come to beat you. Hearing someone answering the words, he even made fun of Tan Zong. The people around him were even more happy.
At this time, they are not afraid of death. People came to jokingly say, who would say otherwise? Maybe our Mr. Tan will become Mr.
Yayuan after being oiled by our future Mr. Xie Yuan.
I’m going to follow Mr.
Tan to be a good man, it’s very, very Su, everyone, they accepted Mr. Tan’s bet at the beginning. If Mr. Tan really won the top two, they would have to comb their boxes and comb their hair and follow Mr.
Tan to be a good man.
Tan Zong doesn’t mind the decades of life experience in the later generations. He has experienced many of these things. He has experienced many colleagues, classmates, friends, and friends, not those who are flattering. As long as a group of men get together to chat, no one will shut up. Tan Zong has long been used to the even more vicious teasing, but when he heard someone mention Qiuyuelou Su everyone, Tan Zong still couldn’t help his heartbeat speeding up, and a smile appeared in front of him that could make him fall in love Although it was said that I only vaguely passed in the crowd the night before, Tan Zong felt like a fairy, and life was really just like the first time I saw it, but it was different from Tan Zong in the Wenyuan Pavilion opposite Wenyuanyuan, but there were people who were annoyed by it. I can’t help but see that if Tan Zong is here, he will be able to see that the person sitting on the soft seat and dressed in men’s clothing is clearly the other person mentioned in the joke just now, Su Jin, who is now famous in the south of the Yangtze River. Die Lianhua is famous in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and later she sang the name of Taizu.
Gradually, she became the most famous singer in the south of the Yangtze River. The wound was not deep enough to save her life, but since then no one dared to persecute her, so in the rouge field in the south of the Yangtze River, she still has a clean body.
It is really rare, but it is a pity that although the wound healed at the beginning, a light color was left on the neck Although the scars are definitely hard to find unless you look carefully, they have become a pity among the crowd after all.
Those stinky men’s mouths are really annoying.
Xiaoman closed the window angrily. Su Jin, who had been sitting upright, couldn’t help but frowned because of the harshness, she frowned softly, and said that her mouth grows on other people, how to say it is someone else’s business, if you don’t like it and don’t listen to it, why bother to close the window? I just hate these stinky men around. That gossip, Xiaoman, has been with Su Jin since his debut, and Su Jin’s status as master and servant is like a sister, how can he care about the scolding in Su Jin’s words and the look on Su Jin’s face that looks like a smile but not a smile Xiaoman After all, I can’t stand it and raised my hands and said okay, I just don’t want to see that Mr. Tan and I don’t know why my sister chose him and wanted me to see that he is not as good as the prince in the city, isn’t it? Su Jin has deep meaning Looking at this little maid of mine, it seems that Su Jin and Xiaoman have such a close relationship. In this romantic scene, it is rare to see two people like this.
The maid has been serving since the young lady’s debut.
Most of them have the same clothes and food before they become famous.
Therefore, the relationship with the same chariot is even more profound. Therefore, even though you have to avoid suspicion on weekdays after getting rich, it is nothing to do with sisters in private.