Better not start thinking about feeling awful or The person youve hated intensely for a long time has to pick someone who just pissed you

A World Without Complaints Author Will Bowen Download the e-book for a long time You decide the direction of the relationship Section Preface Why Relationship Determines Destiny Preface Why Relationship Determines Destiny It may become our biggest challenge. You can do a questionnaire survey for yourself.
Take out a piece of paper and write down all the problems and challenges you are facing. As long as you have negative emotions, worries and troubles, you can write them down on this paper and then Ask yourself how many of your problems are related to others? Then you will find that most of the problems you face are related to others. Whether it is to have a deeper communication with your lover or to persuade a colleague to agree with you Or let your kids tidy up their room or let the shop assistant know what you need.
Most problems in life can be solved by building successful and valuable relationships with others, even those of a large global scale.
Our relationships with other people can enhance our quality of life or bring endless stress.
They can bring us joy and pain. They can bring us comfort and harmony.
They can bring conflict and conflict. Peace can also bring restlessness Struggle Maybe you feel like you are a victim in your relationships and you are powerless to improve them Maybe you feel like you are stuck in a negative relationship from which you can’t get out But that’s not the case You are neither a victim nor a trapped person It can completely change your relationship with family, friends, colleagues, and even people you meet by chance, and enjoy great fun from it.
As you learn these new skills, many people will be attracted to you, and they will find you warm, selfless, helpful, pleasing, etc. In the eyes of others, you have many noble qualities, and you can also bring out these good qualities in the other person in the existing relationship. Stop complaining about how others treat you, and you will create many positive experiences. Bring yourself miraculous transformation. The ideas and methods you will learn from this book come from a speech I gave at a church.
I am the senior pastor of the Christian Union in Kansas City, Missouri. And with the help of a purple bracelet use it as a tool to help people cure the disease of complaining we create our lives with our thoughts and our words reflect our thoughts and thoughts most of us think we are positive sometimes they are not People think they are trying to think better, but in reality most people are still pessimistic and depressed. Their constant complaints are ample evidence of this. This tendency to negative thinking eventually leads to all kinds of unpleasant relationships.
Fertile reasoning.
The novelist Agatha once wrote that people never know what’s unusual or what’s wrong with them and as she says many things especially the things people habitually complain about are never taken seriously enough from what I’ve heard from people who have taken the challenge of not complaining information people know The average person complains once a day on average, but they don’t realize it. Our non-complaining purple bracelet is just a trap for people to catch their own complaints.
Put the purple bracelet on one wrist first if you don’t If you find yourself complaining loudly switch the bracelet so that every time you complain the bracelet will be moved from one hand to the other and you will be in the process You can be aware of your negative emotions, persist for a few months, and your complaints will become less and less. Our goal is to achieve continuous days without complaints.
Scientists believe that it takes days to turn a new behavior into a habit, so when you Achieve this goal and you will be reborn.
This act of not complaining will become a lasting habit. At first I just gave out a bracelet to my congregation.
But as the idea of ​​​​not complaining spread widely around the world, it developed. It has become a global movement. We have sent millions of bracelets to countries around the world. Millions of individuals, families, churches, schools, prisons, clinics, hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers, and many businesses have joined the movement and achieved great results.
The result of the No Complaint Movement is a thriving non-profit movement that provides resources for individuals and organizations to help people stop complaining and create a better life. We have been featured on The Oprah Show on every major TV in the United States. Hundreds of newspapers and periodicals at home and abroad have reported our story on the Internet and heavyweight media around the world. Many publishers have included purple bracelets in their magazines and given them to readers. This practice not only helps us spread the word more widely. The No Complaint concept distributed more wristbands and increased sales of their magazines.
Many companies approached us to use their products to help us distribute purple bracelets. Many companies also provided their venues for free for the No Complaint campaign. Many people have written or emailed me with all kinds of questions. To answer them, I wrote my last book, The World Without Complaints, and it is now a world-class bestseller, published and distributed around the world.
Every day I read From getting a lot of prompts telling me that someone else started a blog about my various experiences after accepting the challenge of not complaining. I have been invited to many conferences and events to give keynote speeches for various groups ranging from federal agencies, world-class corporations to schools, churches, hospitals. As well as various non-governmental organizations, although all these are beyond my expectations, I am very touched and honored by the achievements. What makes me most satisfied is that seeing so many people dare to accept this challenge. This is really a big challenge. Persevere.