Besides he is the patriarch of a family and he is a big man in a foreign country who turns his hands into clouds and

Divorce and divorce I kept saying I love him so much I love him so much I love him to the point where I am not me anymore But he just nodded indifferently Alienated and indifferent Same bed, different dream Single bed Double room loves you so I imprisoned you with marriage, dear, can you feel my love, dear, will you be a little bit moved by a certain action of mine, dear, will you occasionally think of this failed marriage in the days to come? Then think about my dear dear dear how long can I continue to call you like this dear dear whether you don’t want to see me again dear dear please allow me to meet again in the last time Calling you a few times my dear finger keeps sliding on the keyboard Looking back at the narrow single bed in the huge room Eyelids slightly lowered to hide everything in it Dear sorry if this is your wish then maybe love you I will do it later The first thing I do is to agree to your request, my gaze drifts from the flickering screen to the paper on the table, I look at the black and white characters on it, and after a long while, I finally pick up the pen, Lan Fengyu, dear, if you can I hope you remember my name, click send, then slowly close the notebook, take a look at the blue wind language in the corner of the white paper, look at the ripples on the paper because of the liquid, and feel a pain in your heart, bend down and pick up the luggage next to the table Box took one last look at the room where he lived for half a year, but a faint smile began to slowly appear on the corners of his mouth.
It was a bit bitter but also helpless. Volume 1: First encounter with a green-eyed man. Divorce.
Chapter 3. Divorce. It’s been like this since the first day, until now when I leave, nothing has changed Slowly descend the stairs and leave this place where I don’t know if he or I was imprisoned My dear love is exhausted so we don’t want to meet again The driver outside the iron gate has already been waiting there After seeing me, hurry up to greet me The lady’s tone is a little bit Panicked but also full of distress and reluctance to face this elder who has stayed in my home for more than half of my life and watched him grow up, I tried my best to smile and looked back at this luxurious building, but that person rarely came The villa slowly lowered his eyelids and let’s go Uncle Chen wanted to say something, but in the end he still sighed helplessly. The car moved forward slowly, but I never looked back. I was afraid that if I turned around, I would be unable to bear the love in my heart and continue to stay there shamelessly.
Only one person’s cage imprisoned me is love, that luxury villa imprisoned him is love, my love is also that paper marriage letter and red book Now I am free and he is also free Watching the outside approaching the airport The familiar scenery slowly closed the eyes and the tears finally flowed down the airport. Our end is also our destination, waved to Uncle Chen, and tried to raise a bright smile.
Laugh and turn to the plane that is about to fly to a foreign country The cage is gone but I still dare not admit it So dear, let’s not see each other Please be happy Please be happy Please forget what I have done In the end, please let me pray to God not to let us meet again, no matter in this life or in the next life or the next life forever, never meet again The eye-eyed man bumped into a husband, are you coming back for dinner today? Lan Fengyu leaned on the sofa, clamped the phone to his ear, and wiped his long hair with the other hand. When the person inside gave a negative answer, Lan Fengyu let it go in disappointment. Although this kind of thing has happened more than once, to be more precise, from the time they got married to now, her husband Qin Shunan has gone home for dinner no more than ten times.
Sometimes it makes me feel sad when I think about it.
She feels that she has done a good enough job. I put the phone on the landline and didn’t bother to wipe my hair. Lan Fengyu lazily nestled on the sofa, curled up on the sofa and hugged her knees, her inexplicable eyes were a little bit Moist Lingling, the phone rang again and again. Lan Fengyu was stunned for a moment, then happily picked up the phone.
Husband, brother, the caller was not Qin Shunan, but her fourth brother, Lan Yitian, who is now the boss of an entertainment company, and many of them are becoming popular. The big stars are all the treasures of their company, what’s the matter? Are you in a bad mood? Lan Yitian knew that she was in a bad mood when he heard Lan Fengyu’s voice, and hurriedly asked with concern.
Lan Fengyu’s eye circles are red, brother Lan Yitian is more anxious, what’s the matter, baby, do you have time now, I’ll pick you up and come out to chat, okay? The only thing that moved me was thinking that I was the one who insisted on marrying Qin Shunan at the beginning, and now it’s too hypocritical to complain now, okay baby, just like this, we’ve decided to meet at the newly opened restaurant next to your house at seven o’clock, and you’re sure to agree Haven’t eaten? Just so we can listen to my brother’s nagging voice together.
Lan Fengyu held back the tears that were about to overflow and nodded.
Although the appointment was at seven o’clock, it’s only past five o’clock and there’s more than an hour left, but she hasn’t gone out shopping for a long time, it’s not bad to go out for a walk first, and then go to meet the fourth brother.
Getting married for half a year can basically count. The number of times Qing Qin Shunan went out with her is because she has a good memory and cares about Qin Shunan very much