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You have a gold card, Lao Tzu, and a diamond deck. You are legendary, Warcraft, such a peerless genius, and all of them fall at my feet.
You ask me who I am, please call me a card master.
Chapter 21 The last card master At the end of the century, e-sports are becoming more and more developed. Card games are also becoming more and more popular. Among the many online games that have been continuously developed, there is a particularly eye-catching game called Card Fighting World.
It was fully prepared by Chinese manufacturers in 2020 twelve years ago. After meticulous development, the game Card Fighting World, which was released on the market, compared with other online games at that time, has a player’s degree of freedom beyond the sky. There is no profession.
The level is divided into ten levels.
Each level has ten stars.
The game incorporates many elements such as competitive online games. Of course, since it is a card fighting world, cards are indispensable. Everyone can match cards according to their own preferences. Cards can catch different monsters and store different weapons and martial arts. Therefore, in this game system, as long as it is not specially designed, there will be no identical characters. It has a self-contained combat system and a game world waiting for players to take risks. It has a broad stage.
There are five main worlds of dragon, phoenix, black and tiger halberds.
There are also several small worlds. The vast world has many ways to play and a self-contained combat system.
It was like injecting oil into the enthusiasm of online games all over the world, and it was out of control.
Later, there was even a large-scale phenomenon of Internet addiction. Because of such crazy popularity, whenever you mention online games anywhere in the world, people will immediately think of this game. But this is a long time ago. With the progress of the times, completely free sandbox online games have begun to integrate into people’s daily life.
The higher degree of freedom and higher visual effects make the world of fighting cards worthless.
Naturally, the number of people playing will decrease, and the number of people is the life of online games. If many players are lost, the life of this online game will come to an end. Card Fighting World, the most popular card magic online game in the world at that time It came to the end of its life, and all players abandoned this game one after another and devoted themselves to the newly developed virtual online game.
The entire Kadou world has become a ghost server. For him, it is only a matter of time before the Kadou world is closed.
The clear waves are rippling, the willows are surrounded by embankments, and the yachts are soft and seductive.
Yachts are like a shuttle, listening to laughter, and having fun in Xuanwu. This is the most beautiful lake in Xuanzhu’s world.
Xuanwu Lake used to be a lot of romantic players. Rent a flat boat to fish on Yeyu Lake. From time to time, I recite a poem or two in an attempt to attract the attention of the female gamers who enjoy the scenery.
But at the moment, the surrounding area of ​​Xuanwu Lake, which was once crowded with people, is empty and quiet. Suddenly a lonely boat appeared on the lake. Haha, it’s the first time I’ve seen such an empty and cold Xuanwu Lake. It’s not in vain. My trip.
The black-haired young man on Xuanwu Lake stared at the peaceful Xuanwu Lake. He grinned, but this smile made him Feeling heart-piercing at this moment, he understood a lot of times The next thing is that there is no permanent banquet. For example, online games are reality in his eyes. All virtual characters are flesh and blood, and they are a complete person. He used to be the strongest guild Huiyao, his name is Chen Hui, the president of the strongest guild Huiyao, but he has to withdraw from the stage of his favorite card fighting world just because the card fighting world is closed. Wait until the card fighting world is closed.
I am Shouldn’t it be time to switch to other games as well? Laughing at himself, Chen Hui’s shoulders trembled violently, how could it be possible that the anger that had been suppressed in the past finally erupted? A dejected look appeared on Chen Hui’s face, no, there’s no way to blame it, it’s useless to blame others, let me witness the glory and disillusionment of this game alone, Chen Hui kept talking to himself as if trying to convince himself Yu stood up from the boat and looked at the crystal wristband on his right wrist. The next moment, the pure blue crystal wristband glowed white, and the almost transparent cards rotated out at high speed in the white light.
As the transparent card rotated, Chen Hui slowly stretched out his left hand, and a decagram magic circle appeared on his left hand. The moment he grabbed a transparent card, a whitish spot of light from the decagram bloomed.
Dazzling crystal light dinged with a crisp sound.
The transparent crystal card completely turned into a light point and merged into a star point. At this time, the star point that originally emitted a glimmer of light burst into a frightening crystal light. The purple flame fox fire card has ten-star abilities. The card protects against fire, the fox fire protects the body, and the purple flame burns the sky. The basalt card can be used instantly. The ten-star equipment card, the black iron body, reflects the black turtle, and the armor can be triggered three times a day. Tail-swinging Dragon Sword Card Ten-Star Equipment Card Equipped with Dragon-Eating Sword Damages dragons weak, bloodthirsty, poisonous, bleeding hits critical strike, stuns Void Annihilation, kill can trigger once a day, black pupil card, ten-star accessory card, immune to all negative effects Meteor shower ten-star magic card releases meteor shower in full form three times a day tornado sword storm ten-star martial skill card releases a powerful blade storm three times a day resurrection ten-star mystery card triggers rebirth effect after death once a day four-leaf clover Ten-star jewelry card Lucky Treasure-level storage card One-star storage card The square meter of space in the card world card will be distinguished according to the size of the star. The level of use of the card is higher.
The higher the star level, the card requires the level of the player.
The higher the color represents the quality of the card, the matching starts from the lowest level, white, inferior, green, ordinary, blue, excellent