Behind him there is a pair of unusually huge The golden goose wings are shining like a god the lord of the Golden Goose Sect

The first wind blows from Aoyama Chapter 1 Aoyama in another world Dididididiyan Qingshan was woken up by the sound of the alarm clock, but when he woke up, he suddenly felt that something was wrong A little bit of movement is a sharp pain. The electronic intelligence brain Shuguang is working for you. When you are in a daze, you can only feel the familiar and somewhat unfamiliar electronic sounds in your mind. Yan Qingshan fell asleep before he could wake up in time. Innumerable information streams collide and intertwine with vindictiveness, Northwest Continent, Jiama Empire, Warcraft Mountains, Qingshan Town, Wanyaozhai Herb Picking Team, Mercenary Corps, Yanyan When Qingshan woke up again, he was still groggy and reluctantly sat up with his back leaning against the wall The action just now made him grit his teeth and hiss, and the pain in his left shoulder was unbearable.
Countless fragments of memory flooded in his mind, recalling the dangerous experience in his memory. He subconsciously reached out and stroked the shoulder on the left side near his neck. He was bandaged, but through the white gauze, he could still vaguely feel the horror of the wound.
He opened his eyes and looked around at the strange environment and the strange place names.
Everything that was familiar and strange in his memory clearly told him that he had crossed over and arrived.
A world that should belong to novels Dou Qi Continent This is the world of dou qi.
There is no fancy magic, there is only dou qi multiplied to the peak.
Yan Qingshan, Northwest Continent, Jiama Empire, Warcraft Mountains, Qingshan Town, a physician apprentice five Duan Douzhi’s cultivation base is his current identity. He is not a descendant of a big or small family. There is nothing extraordinary about his ancestors. His bloodline is just a descendant of a mercenary family at the bottom of the Douqi Continent. Both parents died. It is similar to the standard configuration of the protagonist in some novels at the beginning, but without it. It can only be said that life is not always easy for the weak. Dawn scans my whole body state. Yan Qingshan shakes his drowsy head and reshape the three views.
He barely accepts his situation, although he doesn’t know what’s in his mind. Why did things follow, but they still used their own smart brain, electronic smart brain, Dawning Blue Star, a cross-generational product, and every living person has items that can replace ID cards to help modern humans adapt to the height of a faster-paced life.
A product of science and technology, this is a cross-age invention.
Human society has thus entered a new era, a more efficient era.
Recording, storage, analysis, and auxiliary work.
With the help of Sugon’s powerful computing capabilities, human beings can perform work with higher intensity and precision.
The human body is the center and completely records everything perceived around it, including sound, picture, smell, and even the genetic level.
It can be recorded and analyzed. As a cross-generational product, it is not something like a supercomputer or it has no entity. It is not so much a high-tech product. Rather, it is a program or information flow. Scientists have edited and integrated the human brain with a brand new program through external information sources, so that there is an additional intelligent brain in the brain.
Dawn Dawn is definitely a cross-century invention. At that time, it was promoted and named the Dawn Project, which meant the hope of entering a new era.
It is said that it also has a mysterious connection with the legendary God’s forbidden soul realm. Originally, Yan Qingshan thought that these rumors were just rumors, but now it seems that they are not random. Guessing, coughing, coughing, Yan Qingshan leaned on the head of the bed and shook his drowsy head while breathing. He needs to be quiet now, and needs to digest what happened to him. The electronic sound of dripping echoed in his mind, and there was no sound in the room.
The illusion-like feeling is very difficult to bear. This is the alert signal that the brain or the intelligent brain that is bound to the soul can only be carried to a certain level. Under normal circumstances, this kind of situation does not exist.
The speed of the dawn is approaching the critical point, which also makes him His head felt a little hot and painful.
Countless streams of information scrambled in his mind, which made him experience the feeling of those super-students who never forget in his previous life. It’s an uncomfortable feeling similar to hyperamnesia.
Your limbs are slightly injured, and your left shoulder is severely damaged.
After taking the top-grade Yixue Healing Decoction powder, it is expected to heal within hours. A three-dimensional model appeared in my mind, and the digital stream that emerged like a waterfall finally formed detailed data. Grass yellow lotus essence Tian Xing vine really didn’t expect me to encounter this kind of thing, but luck is still a doctor apprentice This plan could not be better for him.
An apprentice doctor in Wanyaozhai in Qingshan Town is not worth mentioning to those big figures on the mainland, but this status is really good for him.
At least it is better than ordinary mercenaries or juniors.
Family members are better. Shuguang’s operation is based on the database, and the database relies on data and knowledge to build a complete system. As a doctor and apprentice, Yan Qingshan has a high degree of awareness of basic medicines, and understanding this knowledge is the most important thing for him. The solution provided by the precious Shuguang is the best big root flower, dry bone grass, and yellow lotus essence obtained after analyzing his existing conditions. These things are available in the Wan Yao Zhai, and they are not precious herbs. It is very easy for him to obtain this. The best solution for him at present is the healing solution.
The next step is the medicinal materials.
Fortunately, the original body still has the status of a doctor and apprentice. There are some quotas for taking medicinal materials every month, which is convenient. Yan Qingshan struggled to sit.
Wanyaozhai’s powder works well. He should not have a problem walking with a cane now.
This is Huang Lianjing who is about to stand up. Yan Qingshan noticed that he was still holding something in his hand.
It was a piece of light yellow medicinal material similar to Huangjing.
Some memories flashed through my mind