Begging in front of his enemies just to save that mans life He finally got help Collecting the scattered souls from all things in the

This story tells us that we must never believe in the survival guide. Enduring hardships, being attacked by poisonous snakes and beauties, being attacked by each other, being favored by each other, after meeting each other, the body and mind content labels, food, sweetness, literature, and love in the mainland.
Six times the delicious ingredients Other two worlds Chapter 1 There is a cheap dog, that kid’s parents ran away a few years ago, it’s quite pitiful, but I advise you to be less sympathetic, he has a heart disease that can’t be cured, it’s a burden to adopt home You have so much money to treat him I’m here to work as a cleaner and not a charity employee why should I have to take care of him every day outside of work ain’t shit it’s just this but we want to adopt a healthy baby yeah yeah I know that abandoned boys often have physical illnesses, but heart disease is fine. Who told my wife to live up to her stomach? I really don’t know when she will die. How do you want me to treat him like my own son? It’s strange to see that child, no. If you don’t play with us in gym class, there must be something wrong.
Let’s ignore him. Why doesn’t he smile or talk? I don’t know what he’s thinking. It’s scary.
From now on, you don’t want to go to school and go to work in the store. I’ve been supporting you for so many years. Ask me for money, you unfilial son, I’m sorry, thank you for liking me so much, but I really can’t be with you. My dad doesn’t agree with our affairs. You know, he doesn’t have any bad intentions. He’s just worried that if you leave me and keep me. A person who lives in the world has no one to rely on.
It is said that people will replay their own life in their brains before they die. This is a kind of near-death experience, also called revolving door.
But He Quan’s half life is really nothing to remember. He is an abandoned child.
He was born with Heart disease.
The biological parents couldn’t afford the high medical expenses. They might also be desperate for the success rate of the operation. In short, they abandoned their young son who was less than three months old. Fortunately, there is still a kind-hearted person in the world, He Quan. With the help of people from all walks of life, although he is stranded In the hospital, there is no need to worry about food and clothing. The doctors and nurses teach him to read and write when he is free He was always cautious when playing around, this unboyish behavior made him isolated by his classmates at school, and then a miracle happened. The adoptive parents who had worked hard for ten years without getting pregnant suddenly got the best gift from heaven and gave birth to a baby a few months later. The situation of He Quan, who has a son and a daughter and is his own, has become extremely embarrassing. Based on morality, the adoptive parents did not abandon him, but they only provided basic living and medical needs. In addition, there was no love and care at all. Say more and do more and never talk back. This is the survival rule learned by young He Quan.
Looking back now, I lack playmates of the same age and no friends who can tell my pain.
In my childhood memories, except for the strange eyes and the smell of disinfectant around me, it is the indifferent parents who are spoiled and arrogant. Younger siblings, disease and death He Quan knew at an early age that he was different from ordinary people. He was an unwanted child without parents. Loved, sick, and dependent on others, no matter how unbehaved, sensible, and hard-working under such circumstances, no one would care about his life or death, so he obeyed his adoptive parents and became a good son who was 100% obedient and never resisted. He not only took care of all the housework, but also studied hard He tried his best to make himself good and lovable, but in the end he had to follow the wishes of his adoptive parents and give up the opportunity to go to high school to help out in the restaurant opened by his family just to be a stepping stone for his younger brother who would inherit the family business in the future. He acted willingly, but this kind of life lived step by step according to the wishes of others. He gave up his dreams again and again, and always worked hard for others. It was simply lifeless, so the first thing he did after the death of his adoptive parents was to quit his job for several years.
As a chef, he flew to South America with the feeling that he would die wonderfully even if he could only live for another three months, to experience the jungle life and the unknown world that urbanites would never experience in their lifetime.
However, the long-distance trip was not smooth. Frequent turbulence and cyclone-like cabin shaking extremely violently, the hearts of all passengers were in their throats, and when the uncontrollable fall happened, their ears were filled with terrified screams and choked prayers, while He Quan just thought blankly that he hadn’t reached the Amazon yet. He was about to die, and then he passed out, but he didn’t die. I don’t know how long it took, and the salty water hit his face. After a short period of dizziness, he noticed that the cabin was full of water, everywhere was a mess, and there were various objects floating in the water, of course there were dead bodies. Killed, he moved his arms, his body was crackling, his muscles ached like overwork, but there was no obvious trauma, so he took off his seat belt and started searching for survivors. Unfortunately, he was the only one who survived the accident. Quan swam out of the badly damaged cabin and found that there was a vast ocean all around. The plane was damaged like a piece of scrap iron in a garbage dump.
Or lightning strikes, charred marks everywhere, dilapidated, he doesn’t know what kind of impact can cause such damage, and he doesn’t understand why he, who has heart disease, can survive the disaster, but it’s clear that something is wrong, follow the flight path, and they Should have crashed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean How could he be rescued? He climbed on the tail fin and rested for a few minutes to check if the first aid he was carrying was intact, then spent five minutes thinking about what to do next. The reason the plane didn’t sink was because it crashed in Shoals between two islands