Before the coffin there is no doubt that the changed coffin under Lanruo Temple is one of the empresss ninefold body but now the naughty

At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang suffered from a sudden illness.
Three pains in his body were unbearable like thorns, and he could not stay.
Liu Bowen burned tortoise shells and scattered copper coins. Once he counted, he knew that there was someone in the west of Yingtianfu.
The ferocious dragon mouth at the head corresponds to the direction of Tianfu. Liu Bowen sees that this mountain is a feng shui bureau, and the dragon energy in the mountain has reached a critical point.
In a few days, the mountain will recover when they are resting at night. Liu Bowen thought about the four images, the five elements, the blue dragon, the east, the wood, the gold, and the wood, and the west, the white tiger, the white tiger, and the green dragon. Bury the Feng Shui level at the mouth of the dragon and let the men continue digging. This time it is different. They soon dug a very thick tree root, but the soldiers could not cut off the big tree root no matter what method they used. Liu Bowen knew that the root was the dragon vein.
At the key point, he went forward to burn incense and pray, and cut down with a sword of the emperor’s copper coin sword.
For a moment, dark clouds covered the sky, and a muffled thunder pierced the sky. With Liu Bowen’s sword, he chopped on the root of the big tree, and the root of the tree was cut off from it. In the mountains, there was a faint howl, and the blood flow from the severed root was dyed red throughout the ten miles and eight villages near Sleepy Hollow.
The bloody smell in the air has been lingering for more than a month before gradually dissipating, but the dragon vein of Canglong Mountain was broken. Zhu Yuanzhang’s illness soon recovered A few days later, the news of King Li Jing’s death was reported below. The death was strange, as if he had been shot by three arrows.
In fact, many years ago, King Li Jing was demoted by the Taizu because he was suspected of treason.
Thinking of repentance and recuperating in Canglong Mountain, using Fengshui to create a dragon, wanting to seek rebellion, but Liu Bowen cut off the Canglong with a sword, and the Fengshui bureau was broken. Li Jingwang died in the backlash. The dialect was passed down from word to mouth and the pronunciation changed to Zhanlou Village.
Canglong Mountain is actually located in the back mountain of our Zhanlou Village. My name is Yang Mufan. When I was young, my grandfather often took me up the mountain.
We would go to Canglong Mountain almost every six months. Grandpa didn’t say anything. Just show me that other people in the village regard Canglong Mountain as a forbidden place, so when I was a child, I was often alienated until I was at school age. Grandpa didn’t let me go to school to enjoy compulsory education. Instead, he taught me how to read and gave me a notebook called Fengshui. Teacher’s Secret Notes This is a very thick handwritten notebook. The notebook looks tattered, but it is wrapped tightly with a piece of sheepskin and a piece of linen. I have learned the contents of it since I was a child. It is said that these contents are obscure and difficult to understand, so I have to learn slowly, but I think these contents are very interesting, and I learned quickly. When I was eighteen years old, this grandpa said that he had read it for most of his life and only understood less than half of the notes.
Already familiar with it by heart, but grandpa told me a taboo note, the last three pages that were stuck, don’t type On the night after school started, I had a weird dream.
I dreamed of a skinny old dragon kneeling down in front of me. Its head was separated from its body.
The old dragon was dying and begged me to save him.
Seeing that he was pitiful, he didn’t refuse to wait for me in the morning. Waking up, Zhanlou Village is bustling like never before.
Our village is located in a remote place, and the traffic is not good.
The life of the villagers is miserable. Usually, I don’t see a few private cars in a year. But this morning, as long as there are parking places in the village, there are all parked ones.
One luxury car after another, some with a compass, some with a copper coin, a sword, a mahogany sword, a gossip mirror, and so on The green clothes belong to the Southern Medical School, the black clothes belong to the Western Medicine School, and those in sackcloth belong to the Eastern Xiang School. In addition, there is a Zhongbu School, but no one came today.
These big men all went to Canglong Mountain under the guidance of the village guide. The thunderstorm has not stopped under their feet, and they are not afraid of danger. The Canglong Mountain in the early morning is still surrounded by clouds and mist, still holding a pipa and half covering their faces. I heard from the villagers that the lightning flashed and the thunder rumbled in the mountain last night. I don’t know what happened, so I asked my grandfather what happened. Grandpa said that the mountain collapsed and the collapsed part filled Sleepy Hollow. He took a puff from the pipe and smoked slowly, puffed out the clouds and sighed with a smile, ah, the dragon vein that was cut off by Uncle Chengyi was cut off hundreds of years later. I don’t know which expert’s handwriting it is. Later, these feng shui masters still found an ancient stele at the foot of Canglong Mountain with three characters Yang Qingtian engraved on it.
Since then, Yang Qingtian has been named in the feng shui circle. It has been passed down as a myth.
In ancient times, there was Liu Bowen who slashed the Canglong with a sword.
Now there is Yang Qingtian who moved mountains and filled valleys to pick up the Canglong.
But no one knows who this Yang Qingtian is. They only know that he is a legend. Zhanlou Village was full of excitement for three days and three days later. The enthusiasm for Fengshui masters from all walks of life to come to visit has subsided a little.
I told my grandpa about the dream that night. Grandpa was smoking leisurely with his pipe in his mouth, but when he heard my words, his hands shook and the pipe fell to the ground with a thud. Grandpa’s expression stagnated for a while, but he opened his mouth and told me Xiaofan, from today on, don’t call me Grandpa anymore, and I’m leaving. I haven’t had time to ask the reason for the first half of the sentence.
Moisturized Grandpa is also a Fengshui master, but not the kind of famous Fengshui master who usually just show people the cemetery and the house foundation in the nearby village to make some small money to support the family Grandpa, have you already calculated it for yourself? I asked my grandpa very sadly, but he gave me a glare.
Someone came to pick me up.
I’m going to work elsewhere. It’s not what you think. My tears are rolling in my eyes.