Before Ren could speak the old curator Duan frowned Yan Yun stay away from me How much perfume have you sprayed on your body The

Chapter 1 The Talent Additional System plan is over, I’m not done with the plan yet.
Tang Duo jumped up from the bed suddenly, as if he had a secret skill for a thousand years, and his whole body was in a hurry.
But after jumping up from the bed, Tang Duo felt top-heavy, dizzy, and even I feel sick and sick.
I put my palm on my forehead to confirm that I don’t have a fever. This made Tang Duo heave a sigh of relief, but it was as if my brain was forced to turn on. The whole person’s reaction was still slow. Tang Duo was in a trance when he took the picture, and then he realized that what was in front of him was the quilt and the bed, not the computer and the desk.
It was only in the early hours of the morning that it was just a dream.
I was really crazy, maybe it was a dream. It’s been too long and I’m even more tired than no sleep. It seems that today’s sleep has been for nothing.
I feel a particularly lethargic head and an extremely tired body. Tang Duo’s mood suddenly turned bad.
It can be predicted that the efficiency of going to work during the day today must be impressive.
The tears must continue to squeeze the sleep time again, the vicious cycle ah, if this continues, I won’t die suddenly, right? Is it worth selling my life to the vampire boss for the mere five thousand yuan salary? Of course not, although Tang Duoyi I have always wanted to leave my job, but at most I just think about it and put it into action or forget it. After all, I still have to make a meal? This year’s special situation, I resigned for a while, and I am looking for a job. The crematorium should bear it.
At this time, Tang Duo’s body can’t help it. He froze even though his thinking slowed down by more than a beat because his brain was forced to turn it on, but Tang Duo could still see that the color and style of the bedding under him were completely different from the ones commonly used in rental houses. I began to look at everything in the room. Perhaps it was because the curtains hadn’t been drawn yet.
The light in the room was a bit dim, but it was obvious that it was daytime.
Although it was dark, you could still see various things in the room.
The room first gave Tang Duo the feeling that it was an unfamiliar room. Everything is extraordinarily strange. As a young man living alone in a big city, Tang Duo rented a small single room with nothing but a bed, a computer desk and a wardrobe built on the wall.
Tang Duo has been familiar with these things for a long time, even because he is too The shabby and poor user experience makes Tang Duo disgusted, but everything in front of him is completely different from Tang Duo’s impression. The bed under him is soft and the bedding is clean. The computer desk next to the bed is clean and tidy. Orderly and spotless, the wardrobe at the end of the bed is no longer mottled with time, but has a clean and new feeling. Not only that, there is also a small bookcase in the room.
There is also a poster of a female star wearing a Hanfu on the wall. The posture of holding a sword in the hand is just holding the sword and flying stabs in the air.
It should be the effect of shooting after hanging Wia. I have to say that this female star is quite beautiful. She looks very elegant in Hanfu. The flying posture with the sword is also very good. Xian, but who is she? Tang Duo confirmed that he has no impression of this female star, everything is so strange, could it be that I was kidnapped by someone? The first reaction was to call the police for help, but then Tang Duo couldn’t help but beat his head with his hands. He was really in a daze.
If he was kidnapped, how could the kidnapper leave him a communication tool? Don’t panic, don’t panic, calm down, calm down, Tang Duo kept taking deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. With the return of reason, Tang Duo’s thoughts gradually became clear. With his economic conditions, as long as the kidnappers are not blind They would not choose to attack him.
After all, there is nothing to be squeezed out. In addition, although the performance of the broken company he worked for is not bad, it has not risen to the level where he needs to be kidnapped.
Tie it up, the possibility of kidnapping is not great, no matter how you sit on the bed, it will not solve the problem. Tang Duo lightly lifted the quilt to make his movements as small as possible, but then Tang Duo saw the suit he was wearing.
The strange pajamas and even the clothes were changed for him. Damn it, Tang Duo instinctively touched various parts of his body to confirm that there was no discomfort as he expected, so he couldn’t help but heaved a sigh of relief. After the inspection, Tang Duo became speechless again. What are you thinking about? Still expecting to be robbed of a virgin by a rich woman and forced her to take responsibility? There is nothing in the dream. Although boys need to protect themselves when they go out, compared with women, when a man wakes up from a coma, he should first think about it.
Is it not that there are some missing parts on his body? Fuck, his kidneys are still there? Thinking of this, Tang Duo was suddenly startled and hurriedly lifted up his clothes to check carefully. When he saw that there were no such horrible postoperative scars on his waist and abdomen, Tang Duo How high-hanging heart finally relaxed, after all, it is the kidney, which is related to the happiness of the second half of life, but then Tang Duo was startled again, because this body with thin skin, tender flesh and abnormally flat abdomen is not his at all, can I travel through time? An absurd idea appeared in Tang Duo’s mind irresistibly. As a social person who has been deeply influenced by the Internet, animation, film and television, Tang Duo is no stranger to time travel. After all, the traveler stands on the shoulders of thousands of years of civilization on the earth. His broad vision is unmatched by ordinary aborigines, and most of those who follow the time travel still have golden fingers. Traveling often means the beginning of a legend. Marrying Bai Fumei and going to the pinnacle of life are all basic operations, but when this kind of thing really happened, Tang Duo realized that he was still a bit of a man of Yegong, and suddenly leaving the comfort zone he was accustomed to made him feel uncomfortable and panic.
A few minutes later, I actually really did After traveling through time, looking at the one in the mirror, he looks a little handsome