Before leaving he looked at Ning Yufei with his eyes Ning Yufei didnt wait for him to open his mouth Ning Yufei took the initiative

Ning Yufei has traveled to the Milky Way Age. Mechas are everywhere. Starships are everywhere.
He himself is still capable of shouldering the two-star major general of the Empire.
With such excellent conditions, Ning Yufei wants to die because he has three rings in his hand. What the hell are two boats? With his body on three boats, what the hell is he accepting marriage proposals from three men at the same time? One is the military marshal with military power in his hands, the other is the imperial prince who is about to succeed to the throne, and the other is the cabinet minister who holds the financial lifeline.
Which one will not die too ugly? To put it simply, Xiao Shou took over a mess after time travel.
In order not to let go of the gang, he struggled to survive among three boyfriends. The girl is entangled in whether Xiaoshou is the original owner’s problem. Anyway, the copy has been written. Spoilers. From the beginning to the end, one person just lost part of his memory.
Contents Labels Future Overhead Interstellar Happy Enemy Protagonist Ning Yufei Supporting role Xie Jing Shen Lingyu Huo Beichen Editor’s comment on Ning Yu Flying through two thousand years later, mechas are everywhere and starships are full of space, and he himself is still famous as a general. With such a good condition, Ning Yufei wants to die because he has three rings in his hand and two boats are nothing. With his body on three boats, how the hell did he accept the marriage proposals from three men at the same time? One is the military marshal with military power in his hands, the other is the imperial prince who is about to succeed to the throne, and the cabinet speaker who holds the financial lifeline.
Which one will he not? Die is too ugly The setting of this article is novel and interesting The indescribable deep love is very suitable for reading in spare time.
You can get a sense of relaxation with a smile and a more unique interpretation of the word “love”. Slightly curved eyebrows, bright black pupils make the whole person very energetic, and downwards, the bridge of the nose is straight and curved, the lips are beautiful, the chin is pointed, and the body is thin.
Generally speaking, Ning Yufei has a very good body. Staring at it without blinking, the mood is very complicated.
One good news and one bad news. The good news is that after saving the little boy who crossed the road, although he belched, he accidentally passed through a living body that had just died. Shouldn’t never have thought that this word could fall on him.
The bad news is very complicated. It takes a careful look at the body from the beginning.
The appearance of this body is almost the same as his.
Even the name is exactly the same, but the life situation of Ning Yufei is really the same.
Ning Yufei, who is different from the world, is a college student who just graduated in the 21st century. If he insists on saying something, he grew up in an orphanage with no father and no mother. He was subsidized by the society to study. Luckily, I worked hard and got admitted to a prestigious university and successfully graduated. I’m seriously planning for the future. I’m trying to make myself worthy of the society.
It’s just fate. After rushing and turning around, I found that the frightened little boy Ning Yufei didn’t even think about rushing up to push the boy away, and he became a ration for a mad dog.
The dead man was called a bloody mess and floated into the air.
Ning Yufei was quite calm.
Wuhang turned into a pile of mud, although it hinders the appearance of the city, it is better than letting the little boy hang up, after all, the child still has parents, and the woman who is holding him tightly is crying out of breath.
Use his Ning Yufei thinks it’s worth changing his life for a happy family, but the only regret is that the savings he has worked so hard to save can only be buried in the bank. If he had known that he would die so early, he should have donated it to the orphanage as soon as possible. His life is as simple as that.
Look at this Ning Yufei, who is two years older than him, it is so magnificent that it makes people speechless.
Born in the galaxy era where mechas are everywhere and starships are everywhere He himself is very promising.
He graduated from the Milky Way Military Academy at the age of 20 and joined the army in the same year. Now he is only 24 years old and already has the rank of major general on his head and two stars on his shoulders. He is so young and promising that he doesn’t want it.
But it’s just the private life of such a young talent.
But it’s so confusing that it makes people speechless. Homosexuality is nothing.
Ning Yufei is also a natural homosexual.
It’s just that he was a little scared to live until he was 22 years old and didn’t dare to reveal his sexual orientation, let alone fall in love. I’m afraid of being discovered by others, but this Ning Yufei is so crazy that he has no friends. What is one boyfriend? Two boyfriends are nothing. Having three boyfriends at the same time can accept the love of three people without wearing a gang. The wedding ring is the real thing. What’s even better is that these three boyfriends can’t afford to provoke each other more than the other. The only six-star general who is in charge of the entire empire is Ning Yufei. My friend is the Crown Prince of the Galactic Empire.
His Highness the Crown Prince is his second boyfriend. He was born in the Marquis Mansion for generations. The Speaker of the Cabinet, who controls the lifeline of justice and financial power, is his third boyfriend. The rules of the world, but just hearing the name, I was already scared to tears, okay? He is a commoner, and even the mayor of the town has never seen it with his own eyes, but suddenly he has the chairman of the Military Commission, the next successor of the country, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Justice, three male friends.
Should I be damned, or should I be damned? Ning Yufei felt that it would be better for him to die than to pick up such a mess. It was an accident. After stepping on the three boats, he was still feeling overwhelmed. Slowly, he felt overwhelmed, so he thought of going out to relax, but before his mind could relax, an accident occurred. Although he was picked up by the rescue team in time, the deity But he was already dead, let go and went west, so Ning Yufei became Ning Yufei