Becoming the head of the family Fang Wuya stepped into the house and when he saw Fang Xu he couldnt help showing a look of

Ten dynasties and hundreds of domains who will fight for the front Virus scanning, virus repairing, expulsion of garbage, cleaning up, cleaning up impurities, body like glass, speeding up, running without distraction, speeding up, practicing software analysis, analysis, and improvement of exercises Sweeping towards the closed door of the hut from time to time, eyes filled with anxiety and worry. At this moment, an old man in sackcloth came out of the room with a tired expression.
The three of them looked expectantly at the handsome young man in sackcloth in front of them, and suddenly said: Elder Su, junior brother, can he still save the old man in sackcloth, silently shaking his head with a look of regret on his face? Elder Su, even with your medical skills, you can’t wake up junior brother? Fang Xu’s three souls and seven spirits are congenitally lacking one soul, and he is destined to live no more than 20 years. Even if I use the Soul-fixing Pill to renew his life, he will not be able to wake him up.
Everything can only depend on his own good fortune.
Young master, he is really hopeless. Among the two girls, a yellow-shirted girl’s gaze is gloomy, as if she can’t believe this fact, didn’t Elder Qingli Su say? Seeing that the woman in the yellow shirt is so sad, she can only persuade her in this way, but even she herself is just forcing a smile in front of the woman in the yellow shirt at this time, Senior Sister Qi, does my young master really have a chance to wake up? The dawn of hope Qi Zhiwei lightly opened the red lips Third Senior Brother He is auspicious and has his own face I believe he will be fine Su Mobai was a bit sad when he heard this He couldn’t help but said that actually there is no way to bring Fang Xu back to life I used to In the classics of this sect, I accidentally saw a magic medicine called Minghun Water, which can revive human flesh and bones, even if the three souls and seven souls are missing. A hint of fascination appeared in the eyes of the soul water, obviously even he was very yearning for this soul water, there is still such a magic medicine in the world, I don’t know where to find it The handsome young man looked a little excited and said that he is Fang Xu’s senior brother Ye Zhiqiu has always treated Fang Xu as his own younger brother, and even emptied his own family this time just to ask Su Mobai to treat Fang Xu. My guess is that the magic medicine and soul water only exist in the classics. It is difficult to find this thing in the blue sky.
Hearing this, several people couldn’t help turning pale But his body jerked suddenly, and he turned around immediately, staring at the creaking closed door in front of him. A pair of slightly skinny palms pushed the door open, revealing a slightly skinny figure. He looked around and carefully sized Ye Zhiqiu.
Waiting for people, how is this possible? Su Mobai’s expression was so dramatic that disbelief appeared in his eyes.
With his name in Medicine King Valley Rejuvenation Hand, he has almost never been diagnosed in his whole life. He missed what he said to several people before.
Everything depends on Fang Asahi’s own good fortune is nothing more than a doctor’s role It’s all about comforting a few people at a time, it’s not true Su Mobai came to Fang Xu before they came back to their senses Su Mobai came to Fang Xu and diagnosed Fang Xu again, how could it be? It’s getting more and more intense. Could it be that my previous diagnosis was wrong? Su Mobai’s face is full of confusion, thinking that he has never made a mistake in his medical practice, so he got the name Rejuvenation Hand, but today his Rejuvenation Hand doesn’t seem to be very effective. Elder Su, my family How is the young master? Qing Li’s eyes like autumn water are full of surprise, and it seems that he still can’t believe the fact that Fang Xu woke up.
His three souls and seven souls are intact and there is nothing missing.
Could it be related to the solid soul pill? Su Mobai found a reason that even he himself did not believe.
Although the Solid Soul Pill is still precious, it is still far away from the flesh and bones of the living dead. Before that, he personally diagnosed Fang Xu.
At that time, Fang Xu had almost only one breath left. If he hadn’t used the Soul-fixing Pill to continue his life, the other party would have already swallowed his last breath. How are you feeling now, little brother? Ye Zhiqiu stared at Fang Xu and asked Fang Xuli nervously. He straightened his clothes and said slowly, who are you? Brother, why doesn’t he know us? Qi Zhiwei couldn’t accept this fact for a while, she wanted to know the answer from Su Mobai Su Mobai’s eyes suddenly appeared, so it seems that I didn’t misdiagnose him before, the reason why he doesn’t know us now should be It is the lack of the third soul that enters the body and the fusion of the three souls leads to memory loss. Could it be that he is a person of the heavenly family? Just a single soul-fixing pill made his third soul return Su Mobai looked at Fang Xu with doubts in his heart. Wanting to see the other party thoroughly, Fang Xu’s face was calm, and he looked thoughtful after hearing Su Mobai’s words. The three souls and seven souls were born with one soul missing, so that’s the case, but he is not the third soul returning to him now. The three souls and seven souls are probably gone at this time.
Fang Xu thought secretly in his heart. He suddenly thought of something.
He was meditating on the computer housekeeper, and a square blue frame panel suddenly appeared in his mind. It was the most commonly used software in his first life.
Computer housekeeper There are four shining modules in the middle of the panel, which are virus killing, garbage cleaning, speeding up software analysis, and there is a gray module at the bottom, software management, which says unlock, and the upper left corner of the computer housekeeper shows the level.
The experience value is still a thousand points away from the first level.
In my last life, I brought a computer butler and traveled to this world to attach myself to the source tree, even if I was finally promoted to a first-grade source tree.