Because onethird of the homeless people on the street are drug addicts Now James and Orange Cat are his cash cows He doesn’t allow anyone

In Goral Flying, he led the gorals to successfully escape from the hunters and lived happily in the mountains and dense forests. In Bob, the stray cat, he became an orange cat and adopted a homeless tramp. I adopted you and you gave me money.
Isn’t it natural to buy and eat? Chapter 1 After the hard change, Jiangdong himself used the cobra as bait to lead the cobra to death, and then let the four little brothers hiding in the dark do it. This is Jiangdong’s initial strategy after analyzing the situation. The origin of the story starts from the time when I was fighting with the ground squirrel. At that time, I was fighting with the little ground squirrel. These little brothers were always bullied by two strong ground squirrels, so Jiang Dong tried his best to let the four brothers learn a combination.
Fist and cough is the fighting method of the Six Immortals of Peach Valley. This combination is simple and clear. It is a perfect match with the low IQ of the little meerkats. The effect of using it is also leveraged. At that time, four little meerkats surrounded a ground squirrel in the center and grabbed each limb.
The ground squirrel was so scared that it begged for mercy on the spot, and even later, the little ground squirrel ran away in fright when it saw a few little meerkats Using this fighting method on the cobra, the cobra can’t turn around in the narrow passage, and the sharp fangs are useless, and the iconic death coil can’t be used, not only that, but also its long snake body lying horizontally in the cave. Instead, it becomes a weak point, like an undefended fixed target, let the little meerkats attack, just like it is now, it can only scream and struggle, but it can’t resist at all.
After all, the little meerkats are small, weak and lacking in strength.
Although they can hurt the cobra, they cannot make a fatal attack.
Fortunately, they have a strong fighting spirit. No matter how hard the cobra struggles, it will not let go. Koto looks at the cobra as if he is looking at a dead snake.
This cobra will die naturally if the blood is drained like this Click it, the life of the cobra is lost bit by bit, the cobra is a little panicked, it feels the weakness of its body, it knows that if it goes on like this, it will definitely die, here the cobra suddenly stops for a moment, then suddenly moves, its mouth opens wide and a roar bursts out, at the same time the snake The body swayed violently, and the mouth of the cobra made a sound of violent friction between the air and the chest. Jiang Dong’s expression turned bad, this guy is going to die.
Jiang Dong originally wanted to recover the strength that was consumed after being chased by the fierce eagle, so he stayed on the side all the time, but this time He couldn’t care about anything, he rubbed his body and rushed over. At the same time as Jiangdong was operating, the situation in the passage suddenly changed.
It is very difficult to struggle to bite the body of the snake.
The cobra’s desperate stop and move was like the last straw that broke the camel’s back.
The four little meerkats were thrown away almost without any resistance. At this time, Jiang Dong had already killed the cobra. From the cobra’s head, there was a cracking sound in the darkness, and then Jiang Dong felt something sprayed on his body, and in the hole, the cobra let out a mournful scream, and a force hit Jiang Dong’s body. He slammed into the wall with great force, and Jiang Dong’s head was dizzy for a while, his body seemed to be falling apart, and he temporarily lost his ability to move. Hit the wall, but there is no room for buffering, each time it is a head-on collision. In a short period of time, Jiang Dong was first chased by a fierce eagle, and then twice hit by a cobra. He hit the wall twice and was seriously injured. At this time, the four small meerkats in the meerkat cave The meerkat was thrown aside, I don’t know if it’s dead or alive Jiang Dong also lost his ability to move. He opened his mouth to call his brother, but the sound he made couldn’t even be heard by himself. At this moment, the meerkat cave is full of cobra screams. Where did it get attacked by Jiangdong? I don’t know how many meerkats and cobras are hidden in the dark cave. I don’t care about the other bodies wriggling in the cave and retreating, trying to escape.
Jiang Dong saw it in his eyes, he knew that now is the best chance to keep the cobras, but he and the little one had no choice.
The meerkats have basically lost their fighting power. Even under normal circumstances, the cobra meerkats who are desperately trying to escape don’t have enough strength to keep it. Now that it’s all injured, it’s even more impossible for the cobra’s body to roll over the ground. The sound faded away and Jiangdong could only watch helplessly as the cobra left the meerkat cave like a headless blind man bumping around everywhere, and soon the escaped cobra found the exit and came out of the meerkat cave in embarrassment. Jiangdong lay there He breathed a sigh of relief there, and Jiang Dong was a little bit unwilling to get such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it is not easy to achieve such a level. He and the four little meerkats are just children.
They can only be called cobras. Life is too hard.
Although he won this time, Jiangdong knows that the cobra will definitely retaliate if he is injured this time. It’s not hard.
If it comes again, water will block it.