Beast oh baby Im hurt do you want me to kiss my husband and give you some medicine Qianqianzi licked the blood from the corner

I’m a surgeon. I recently picked up a newest phone, but it made me so happy. I quickly took out the phone card inside and replaced it with my own card.
I sang a song, smugly, and sent me a text message. My eyes took a look. A strange text message came, please confess to Ahua, the obstetrics and gynecology department on the second floor within 30 minutes, otherwise the 10,000 yuan in your card will be gone.
I saw this text message and cursed secretly.
Who is so boring? This text message looks like a colleague in the hospital is pranking me.
You must know that Ahua is a nurse in the obstetrics and gynecology department on the second floor. A fat girl who weighs 200 catties.
It made me feel nauseous.
It was just a prank text message.
Of course I didn’t take it seriously. Recently, I have been focusing all my attention on Zhang Lingling, a long-legged female doctor in the same department. Although I don’t have a car, a house, or money, I think I still have one.
Handsome face can speak sweet words and often makes girls very happy.
I didn’t expect Zhang Lingling to agree to the date tonight. Clean up after work.
The Zhang Lingling in front of me is amazing.
Zhang Lingling has the most popular Internet celebrity face and a long chin. It is so sharp that it can be used as an awl. Its curly hair is scattered around the waist. It has a pair of charming eyes. It speaks in a coquettish voice, just like Lin Chiling from Taiwan, but it sounds awkward.
I asked Zhang Lingling to be in a high-end hotel The French restaurant made up my mind to soak her tonight. After I made a joke with Zhang Lingling, Zhang Lingling smiled and swayed, and the huge chest on her chest was dizzying. The atmosphere tonight was just right again. Zhang Lingling’s smile and sexy figure are always swaying in front of my eyes.
From Zhang Lingling’s words, I can tell that Zhang Lingling has affection for him. I have already seen that Zhang Lingling’s exquisite dress tonight is in a low-cut dress. The snow-white neck and part of the chest can be seen at a glance. When our eyes passed by, there was a wave of excitement in our hearts. After eating, we clasped our fingers together and prepared to pay the bill.
I’m sorry, sir, the balance in your card is insufficient.
Do you pay in cash or on WeChat? The waiter looked at my face with a polite smile.
My face twitched for a while, I didn’t want to make a fool of myself in front of Zhang Lingling, I called the waiter aside and said, “How is it possible that I still have 10,000 yuan in my account? Sorry sir, your card balance is insufficient.
The waiter took the trouble to tell it again, it’s just the waiter’s fault this time.” I raised my face quite a bit, and the lack of balance made me feel depressed. This good 10,000 yuan is gone, even if it is transferred by someone, there will be a record, and the phone will also receive text messages. I frowned and looked at the corner of the restaurant. Quickly take it to the ATM and check it out. The waiter chases after him. I can’t find any records on the ATM.
When I saw this number displayed on the screen, my face turned green.
Missing, etc. Could it be that text message? I remembered that strange text message in the morning. Say goodbye to Ah Hua on the second floor within three minutes, otherwise the 10,000 yuan in the card will disappear. Is it true? My brain capacity can’t imagine that there are such bizarre things in the world. Zhang Lingling looks at me affectionately in front of me, but I can’t pay for a meal, which makes me embarrassed.
Zhang Lingling will definitely look down on me. Such a beautiful night. Do you want me to embarrass me in front of the goddess? Just when I was in a state of desperation, my phone rang twice, and a strange text message came, asking you to forcefully kiss the boy in front of you within one minute.
The system will automatically credit you with 30,000 yuan.
I didn’t believe it was fake, but the 10,000 yuan in the card before really disappeared, it was a big loss, why don’t you fight it out, let’s go crazy once today, maybe it’s true, I looked around and looked around. No one was there except the waiter.
At this time, the smile on the waiter’s face had disappeared. Looking at me with empty hands, there was still disdain on my face. As the waiter approached, the waiter was forced into a corner with his hands on his chest and timidly asked what are you doing, Jie Jie, I gave a strange smile, pressed my handsome face towards the waiter, pressed his lips, and pressed it roughly, this is my first time Kissing with the same sex for the first time, a hundred thousand heads rushing through my heart, and the heart that wants to die has the most explosive thing Zhang Lingling did not know when she came to the back and screamed Liu Xin did not expect you to be this kind of person Lingling no I am not I went forward and wanted to keep her, but Zhang Lingling shook her head and slapped me loudly on the face, cursing mercilessly, saying “pervert, poor, die!” The smell of perfume and the whole restaurant looked at me like a monster, with disdain in their eyes and whispering about me. At the same time as I was embarrassed, the mobile phone beeped twice and sent a text message.
Congratulations, Mr. Liu, for completing the assigned task.
The system is on five Within seconds, 30,000 yuan will be credited automatically for you, and a new text message comes with two beeps. The bank reminds the card to credit 30,000 yuan. The unhappiness before the 30,000 yuan credit is gone.
Paying the bill and excluding the 10,000 yuan spent in the western restaurant, I made a total of 20,000 yuan.
As long as you have money, what kind of girl will buy the most expensive Lamborghini before the time comes? I imagine myself driving a Lamborghini to meet girls on the street. Most of the girls are very realistic.
As long as they have money, they don’t need to spend money. They post them like sticky candy. At the same time, I also wonder who is joking or pranking me when they send text messages. Working in the hospital It’s been a few years, could it be the family members of the patient? A few years ago, I still remember a woman driving a car and passing by a cement tanker, but the road was uneven.