Be merciful otherwise it would be easy to kill us all but the elf always feels a little weird should I ask this sister to

After the end of the broken era, the era of great voyages from the heavens began. Hundreds of millions of fragments descended on the heavens.
The world opened up territories, established lairs, plundered resources and ancient inheritance, ascended to the sky step by step, and recast the fairyland. Centaur Ax Pioneer Tier 3 Mid-Rank Centaur Heavy Armored Warrior 1-star Mid-Rank Scorpion 2-star Low-Rank Scorpion Warrior 3-Star Low-Rank Scorpion Warrior 1-star Mid-Rank Frostwolf 2-star Mid-Rank Winter Frostwolf 3-star Mid-Rank Winter Frostwolf Frostwinter Giant Wolf, one-star middle-rank shooter, two-star top-rank advanced shooter, three-star top-rank sharpshooter, four-star mid-rank Behemoth Stalker Chapter 1 The coming time after 100,000 years When all the immortals disappear into the endless void, who can live forever? It’s indeed a problem.
Lin Chen is sitting in the school library by the window, flicking through the screen of the handheld computer on the table with his fingers. His immature and delicate face is contemplating. As a time traveler, he has been in this strange world for many years, but it’s a pity that he is about to reach his full age. At the age of sixteen, who is about to become an adult, he still hasn’t been able to figure out what kind of changes happened in this world. Even if he consulted countless books and materials related to it, he finally got some obscure information, but he was limited from the materials. What he learned in the past and what he knows now makes him understand that this is the era of the heavens after the destruction of billions of time and space and the end of the Yan Era. I have synthesized all kinds of information and deduced that even if I have received massive information shocks in my previous life, I have read countless fantasy novels, but for this universe, billions of time and space are destroyed, and the immortals disappear without a trace.
Fragments floating in the vast void and star sea still feel quite strange and extremely shocking in my heart. This is a fantasy world. Although the immortals have disappeared without a trace, martial arts and immortal arts are still here, blooming with power and civilization.
Brilliant, but the backward direction of history is completely different from the normal development.
Lin Chen lowered his head, right in front of his eyes.
On the desktop is a handheld computer like a smart phone before time travel.
There is an open document on the big light screen, which is densely recorded about The current state and news of this world, as well as all kinds of public official information or obscure unofficial history, or the conjectures fabricated by later generations came from the chaotic sea in ancient times.
Many chaotic demon gods led many races to invade the great universe. The ancient heavenly court is called chaos. The invading melee swept across the entire heavens and worlds. In the middle of the Great War, many chaotic demon gods with destructive power entered the wild universe.
The prehistoric saints were forced to fight and lost control.
The sky is broken, countless worlds are broken, and even the rule network that forms the bottom of the entire universe is cracked.
In the later stage of the melee, the Taoist ancestor located in the Zixiao Palace in Tianwaitian made a move to communicate with the prehistoric universe with the power of a jade plate. A Chaos Demon God, and this also started the later history called the end of the era, the catastrophe, the remaining Chaos Demon God summoned several large universes to collide with the great universe The fairy world located in the center of the great universe collapsed on the spot, the heavenly court fell, the Taoist ancestor disappeared, and the saints fell.
The unimaginable destruction shock wave quickly formed a big collapse that swept through several big universes. The countless worlds of all sizes collapsed into countless broken world fragments scattered in the void, and in the short period of time when the Great Desolate World was shattered, all the gods, immortals, Buddhas, gods and demons that existed on the basis of the Great Desolate Heaven have all disappeared. Living in the fragments of the world, through the power of the Tower of Eternity that appeared at an unknown time, descended into the depths of the void, and obtained the culture and historical resources of survival and cultivation in those fragments of the broken world, as well as the lost ancient civilization.
This is Lin Chen. The general outline obtained after summarizing all the data is limited by the information he can obtain with his current status, and he can only come to these conclusions. In fact, it is mainly based on guesswork. He has read too many fantasy novels before time travel, and his brain power is stronger than that of ordinary people.
I tried to get some barely reasonable explanations in a general way.
This is not because I am bored looking back on the past history, but I want to know as much as possible about the background of the game of Advent of the Heavens and prepare for my first Advent Ceremony in the near future.
Keke Lin Chen is talking about a game, but it’s not a game. Humans who just walked out of the earth 100,000 years ago discovered the Tower of Eternity, which is located at the intersection of time and space in the heavens. In time and space, we discovered the prehistoric universe Earth, where the universe collapsed after the end of the era.
Through the Tower of Eternity, people can come to that place. Ever since the outbreak of chaotic invasion that swept across the entire universe in ancient times, the infinite world, including the fairy world, has been destroyed at the end of the era.
The surviving creatures from all worlds can only live in these fragments of the world floating in the void, and these fragments of the world contain various resources and various resources from ancient times.
Kind of fairy family secrets and inheritance, or the remaining precious treasures.
Human beings who have just come out of the earth come to these world fragments through the Tower of Eternity to plunder resources and fairy family secrets.
The magic power of the fairy family possesses extraordinary supernatural powers and a lifespan far beyond that of ordinary people.
So far, the earth has entered the era of great descent. Generation after generation of earth humans have entered the broken void and star sea through the Tower of Eternity. The resources and fairy family left in the world fragments have been left for 100,000 years. Now the human evolutionary tree has already been crooked. Although the technology in reality has developed to a very sci-fi level, it has not affected the tower of eternity.
On the other side of the Chaos Void Sea, human beings have two worlds