Be careful Luo Yu ask Zhang Xian don’t worry I’m sure I won’t take any risks Zhang Xian can’t say what he’s going to do

The universe is just a product of human vision and touch, and more fundamentally, it is a kind of thinking world. It is not a material world, it only depends on human will, and it exists objectively. It has no time and space, and no truth can prove its existence.
White light is made of Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet are composed of seven colors of light, which symbolize light, openness, darkness, and no light.
They are composed of invisible and intangible dark energy in dark matter, which symbolizes engulfment and compression.
The opposites of light and darkness attract and repel each other.
There is a big star in the center of the lotus altar star cluster, called Zixiao, and a strange peak shrouded in clouds and mist on Zixiao star.
A magnificent palace is faintly visible, called Zixiao Palace. In the square in front of the main hall of Zixiao Palace, besides many sculptures of sentient beings, there is also a star. The hollow willow tree looks so lonely, but it also gives people a sense of emptiness. It’s really weird. In the huge main hall, there are only three people sitting cross-legged. The tree is his body, and the third is Luya, who is known for his stubbornness. It is not common for these three saints to get together.
There must be a big event about to happen.
If the vast sea of ​​stars or the universe is displayed with a full moon It is appropriate to say that it is during a lunar eclipse, so that would explain the original bright moon that is about to be swallowed by darkness. Only the Guanghan Palace is fighting hard to resist the erosion of darkness. The darkness is eroding the light.
The universe will collapse.
The form of resisting the erosion of darkness is extremely pessimistic. Once this barrier collapses, the world will be completely reduced to darkness. The unbalanced universe will wither everything and life.
If you want to restore vitality, you don’t know what will happen in hundreds of millions or billions of years.
I don’t want to see this result, and the Immortal Yangmei doesn’t want to see it, nor does I want to see Lu Ya. Hongjun invited the Immortal Yangmei to sit in the headquarters to frighten Luya to find the backup force, and he ran around looking for a once-and-for-all solution. The three saints are busy for the survival of the soul.
The Great Immortal with Raising Eyebrows is indifferent, his heart is indifferent, his mind is ethereal, and he is indifferent to the world. If others don’t trouble him, he will not take the initiative to provoke anyone. Explaining his intention, stating his interests, raising his eyebrows, Daxian readily agreed to help, and moved the main body to Zixiao Palace. Lu Ya is stubborn by nature, and it is difficult for Hongjun to catch his shadow, but Hongjun also has a way to use Luya to do accidents. He stole the Jade Butterfly, a guilty conscience, and hid on the earth, and took in two apprentices to play happily.
But after a short time, Lu Ya received an urgent call from Hongjun, because his enemy, the Black Lotus Demon Venerable, launched a new round of offensive.
Lu Ya He left in a hurry but forgot to explain to the two apprentices he had taught for more than 20 years but did not know each other. His irresponsibility caused the two apprentices to misunderstand and fight, and they accidentally fell into a deep cliff in Tianshan Mountain.
Alas, you are so stubborn, alas, Hongjun feels sorry for these two juniors, but he can’t blame too much for Lu Ya, who looks remorseful. Haha, one of you regrets and the other regrets this man One daughter and two babies, just leave them to me.
Immortal Yangmei suddenly smiled and said no, Hongjun and Lu Ya shouted in unison, Oh Immortal Yangmei, what’s the matter with these two? Seeing that the bodies of the two children are about to be destroyed and their souls dissipated, he has the means to save them back. But they disagree with you. Hongjun and Luya were both stunned for a moment and glanced at each other. Hongjun snorted and forced out a drop of blood. His big apprentice Zhang Xian didn’t recover his feelings. Hongjun felt that Hongjun was going to snatch his apprentice.
It was too late to stop him. After all, the good luck jade plate is Hongjun’s Lu Ya, and he couldn’t really control it.
Seeing Hongjun make another move, Lu Ya In a hurry, could it be that you, Hongjun, want to snatch another female disciple, Zhen Luoyu, too? Isn’t it a waste of your work? The pressed blood was combined with the natal artifact almost at the same time, and at the same time, the two divine souls that were about to dissipate were wrapped and protected.
The two sacred objects turned into two spirit beads, and they collided from time to time on the two soulless corpses, obviously Lu Ya was not angry.
The apprentice who robbed him is arguing with Hongjun, and even though they have great powers, they are extremely sorry for the two severely damaged bodies. Even if they send their spirits back forcibly, these two people will be considered useless. With a thought, break a willow branch, pop it up, pick up two spirit beads, and run away in an instant, what are you doing? The two of them glared at the white-browed immortal with a leisurely face. Don’t worry, I’ll help you put them in a place full of aura to nourish their souls. Don’t be nervous, I won’t worry. The Immortal with raised eyebrows, who will snatch your apprentices with you, twirled his long beard and smiled lightly. While Hongjun and Lu Ya were nervously staring at the flight trajectory of the willow branches, the Immortal with Baibrows quietly took off two willow leaves, wrapped the two soulless corpses, and put them on the main body. But when the two leaves returned to their original place, the white-browed immortal suddenly frowned, and then smiled secretly. On a spiritual mountain on a primitive planet called Desolate Land, a small white tiger the size of a palm was playing and suddenly flew over.
Picking up two beads and hitting a willow branch on her head, she fainted.
Our story begins here.
Mostly it is the sea, there are dotted islands in the sea.
It is said that there are many powerful creatures living in seclusion, and the land is not connected. It is divided by rivers, lakes and inland seas, but the most notable is a mountain stretching for thousands of miles, towering into the clouds, and an endless desert of death.
It is an endless virgin forest and the extreme northern ice peak completely separates the continent into two parts, that is, the East Continent and the West Continent.