Battle exploits can certainly be achieved but not necessarily as rumored killing tens of thousands of Jiannu will be a great victory in no time

Chapter 1 Traveling through the Ming Dynasty A.D.
1624 Da Mingqi Four Years Established as a Slave They were captured for the enemy and sent to the capital city of Tokyo, which was built when the old slave established his capital in Liaoyang. Finally, on the 27th of the first lunar month, an order was given to kill all the grainless Nikan people who were sent from various places.
The butcher knives of the Liaodong Han people rose up one after another. It is a pity that the gentle and kind farming people are far from being the opponents of the murderous mountain hunters. Too many Liaodong righteous people who refused to shave their heads were slaughtered. Many Liaodong Han people fled towards Uiju, North Korea.
Along the way, I don’t know how many innocent Ming people were hunted down by Jiannu Fortunately, they escaped the Eight Banners soldiers who came to arrest Wugu. The Huang family did not dare to escape from the main road. The slave cavalry came and went like the wind. They would slash and kill any Han people they could find without any scruples.
When the Huang family began to flee at the beginning of the first month There are twenty-three people who have traveled all the way through dense forests and climbed hills.
Now two months have passed.
Due to hunger and cold, only nine people are still alive.
Huang Sheng’s father is an old master who has tried and failed.
If you see them without blinking, you can’t help but kill them directly. Going forward is Daming Ningyuan City. Maybe there is still a glimmer of life, but I have already run out of fuel and can’t survive there.
The old master looked at his two sons, Huang Mingli and Huang Mingdao.
On the road, it was only the two of them who hunted, fished, and picked wild fruits to keep himself and his son alive. Now he doesn’t want to linger anymore. Since his old wife and young daughter died of illness on the road, he had the idea of ​​dying.
Now there is another concern. The clever and clever only son Huang Sheng gained fame early on.
I thought Guangzong Yaozu depended entirely on his own son.
Unexpectedly, something unexpected happened. It is not a pity for me to die, but how can I have the heart to let my son die like this? The old master said to the survivors that my Huang family is in a desperate situation. If I don’t leave, I really can’t move, so as not to become a burden.
I lost a few young people and the other old servants all cried. Everyone knows that their life is uncertain. In the past two months, they have experienced too much life and death. They have experienced too much hardship.
Now they are dying. Take your own life, the old servant Huang Fuguidao master let Mingli Mingdao, the two of them take the young master to continue westward, maybe there is still a glimmer of life, the old slave will not leave, just stay here with the master on the road, the old master struggled to come to Huang Mingli Huang Mingdao Kneel down in front of you and say, please be respected by the old man, Huang Mingli, Huang Mingdao, the two of you were so frightened that you knelt down and kowtowed hurriedly, saying, Master, our brothers risked their lives to protect the master to Shanhaiguan Don’t let this old man think about it, the old man is crying, the old man, please take my son Huang Sheng to Shanhaiguan together, if you were not dragged down by our big family on the way, you should have been out of danger a long time ago Huang Fugui is Huang Mingli’s father He is also He knew that the chances of surviving the three young men would be much greater if they were separated from everyone else.
He told his son Daomingli, don’t worry about us old bones. Bring the young master to Daming safely.
I’m sorry for us, Huang Mingdao still has his mother alive, he came to his mother crying, Dao Niang’s son carried you away, son can’t leave mother I looked at my son and said that the mother of the child is already dead. I will go to Huangquan with the master today. I will not be lonely on the road.
You must go back to Daming to survive and let the Huang family have a future. Writing, reciting poems and composing prose is a good hand.
I don’t know anything about life skills. At this time, when life and death are parting, I feel like I’ve been frightened.
I used to just focus on reading sages’ books. How good is it that the father who cared about him will abandon him again after his mother passed away? It took a long time to hold back the sadness, and took out the birth certificates of myself and my son from my bosom, and some things like land deeds and marriage letters, and handed them to Huang Sheng with tears in my eyes. Killing slaves, serving the country and hating the family, Huang Sheng was dragged away by two loyal servants and left his old father.
The three of them sadly headed west. Huang Mingdao and Huang Mingli are both good hunters. On the way, they can shoot and kill some small animals with hunting bows Since there are only three people, everyone can barely eat.
Seeing that the city of Ningyuan Zhongzuo is getting closer and closer, the three of them decide to get out of the forest and take the official road.
The official road is full of Han people who have fled.
Heading towards Ningyuan Zhongzuo, Huang Sheng and the other three were also among the refugees. Suddenly there was a cry of exclamation, Jiannu Jiannu came, and then the ground trembled, and there was the sound of rumbling horseshoes.
Run to the woods, young master, if you run slower, you will die.
The two set up Huang Sheng on the left and the right, and run away quickly. Huang Sheng is like a fool, letting them be at their mercy.
There is nothing worse than death.
Huang Sheng has no interest in life. He resolutely chose death. The screams of Han people and the laughter of Jiannu kept coming, Huang Sheng suddenly screamed, I don’t want to live anymore, let me go and run for my own life