Barking with hostility and gnashing teeth wanting to pounce on me at any time shut up and tell me to chop you up tonight to

In the summer of one year, in the small fishing village of North Bend in the Nemuro Peninsula of Hokkaido, a young man lay on the bed, looked up to the sky and sighed, raised his middle finger at God, you goddamn thief, God, let me play time-traveling, then play time-traveling as hair, let me time-travel, or be young Yes, this young man’s name is Lu Junxi, the Sanhao youth of the century, but when he woke up, he found that he had somehow arrived in the year, and he had passed through a person named Nanye Shuichi Lu Junxi was also based on this Minano Shuichi I only know from my memory that when I was here, I gave Lu Jun the impression that he was poor, and the other was poor.
In the end, he was still poor. After the severe economic collapse after World War II, he had to pay back the huge war reparations. The industry was in a state of stagnation. In the warm age, he even traveled to the countryside. He is still a poor boy.
The most important thing is that he has no golden fingers. Lu Junxi feels that the whole person is not good at this time. How to survive is a problem. He doesn’t want to move bricks every day.
Lu Junxi was thinking about whether to dream and travel back when he suddenly heard a ding sound in his mind.
There was nothing wrong with it. The ding sound made Lu Junxi, who had already been blackened, hit a shocking ding in an instant and found that the host was binding. After the end, when Lu Junxi hadn’t figured out what was going on, in his surprise, a light screen and a blue light screen suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. There will be surprises after the ability of the group position is upgraded. The system uses instructions.
The current system is a first-level host with the ability to catch fish schools. At that time, the host can use this ability by saying silently in his heart. The upgrade shows that the host can upgrade to The second level and third level are doubled, and so on.
Well, after Lu Junxi read it, the first one is that he never thought that he would have a cheat day. The second is that the system is very simple and it looks very simple. The third is that the instruction is very simple.
The simple upgrade instructions are so simple that it makes Lu Junxi a little speechless.
The system shouldn’t be very powerful, but I have to say that the ability possessed by the first level is not bad. It can catch fish on the bottom of the sea. Since this system is called the Fishery King System, it must be related to fishing.
I will become a fishery tycoon in the future.
Lu Junxi thought in his heart that he would like to try this ability, but it is not easy to try it if he is not at sea.
It’s not bad for me to go to the sky with this golden finger After reading some newspapers and periodicals about commercial newspapers, he knows that it is one of the countries with the most developed fishery in the world.
It attaches great importance to fishery.
Affected by the Kuroshio current and other influences, the Hokkaido fishery has become one of the world’s three largest fisheries. Since the last century, the fishery output has increased significantly.
The output of distant water fishery has grown rapidly, and the inshore fishery has also increased. That is to say, distant water fishing has not yet started, and it may be the right time I am ready to start and I have caught up with the good times. It is only in the 1950s.
Another thing is that offshore aquaculture has not yet developed. At that time, maybe I will become the leader. I have the ability to catch fish.
When the time comes, I can only catch a big one.
Fish schools can make you rich overnight! Although Lu Junxi is not very familiar with this industry, he also knows what the fish schools in the ocean represent, that is wealth. Tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of tails give me a fishing boat, and I can pry the entire fishing circle.
Suddenly, Lu Junxi felt like he was ruling the world, gurgling. At this time, Lu Junxi felt hungry for a while.
Protest, cough cough, fill your stomach first, and then talk about Lu Junxi putting this great plan aside and planning to cook for himself first, but when he went to the kitchen, he found that there was nothing but some rice and some dried fish.
It’s better than nothing to eat. In fact, it’s really hard to live in this era.
However, Lu Junxi still has savings in his pocket. In his early years, it was Minano Shuichi, that dead ghost father, who ran a small business and had some spare money to keep at home and Nanye. Xiuichi’s two elder brothers are construction workers, and after they both died in an accident, he also received a pension.
How can I say that Minano Shuichi is considered a rich man in this Beiwan fishing village, but Minano Shuichi is a frugal person on weekdays, and he only wants to save money.
Buy a fishing boat and go fishing, so life is hard. Lu Jun, forget it, his current deposit is about 1000 yen.
Although the current yen has depreciated sharply, it is not as bad as it will depreciate in the next few decades.
Now, one worker has one. The monthly salary is about tens of yen, so the yen is not a small sum of savings.
The savings and a house are all Lu Junxi’s current assets. He is now a person who can feed the whole family by himself.
That bastard’s biological father died a long time ago, and his mother also died with two damn brothers.
He also accidentally fell from a building and died on a construction site.
He boiled a big pot of rice, steamed two dried fish, and copied a plate of vegetables. Just when Lu Junxi was about to eat and think about his big plan, someone knocked on the door. Is Nanye Jun there? A woman’s voice came from outside the door looking for me. However, Lu Junxi still chose to open the door.
As soon as he opened the door, he saw two women, a woman in her thirties and a girl in her 14th or 15th, standing at his door.
Oh, it turned out to be Gong. Aunt Akiko Miyamoto and Sister Miyamoto Tamako don’t know what you are looking for. Lu Junxi searched his memory and finally remembered that these two people are villagers from Beiwan Fishing Village.
Miyamoto Akiko is Miyamoto Tamako’s mother.