Baoer ventured out of the palace and went to Lis mansion sent three letters one to you one to Li Jinglong and another letter was

The copywriting is blood-stained and picturesque, not as good as the corners of your eyes, brows, and fingertips. Shaohua, Shaohua, and white head.
May the king’s years and years be prosperous. He Lianyi, He Lianyi, He Lianyi, what should I call you? You are like a ripple in my heart. The more you move, the farther the impact will be.
Is it true that this king wants to capture the prince of Yan with nothing? The ruins are for a concubine who died early and killed three thousand court ladies. Even after death, sixteen young concubines will be taken away to die.
People only know that he is a wolf, ambitious and greedy, but no one knows that the plunder is only for protecting one person, let alone the sixteen.
The young and beautiful women are all very similar to one person, whether it is eyebrows, eyes, lips, nose, or just a look and movement. He takes these women into the tomb like collecting specimens. In the first year of Hongwu, Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang ascended the throne and proclaimed himself emperor.
In the same year, he set up the Gongwei Division. In the following year, it was renamed the Pro-Army Duwei Mansion.
In the fifteenth year of Hongwu, it was officially named Jinyiwei Department. The embroidered dragon pattern on the robe is different from the emperor’s dragon body, only one claw is missing, which symbolizes the supremacy of power.
The waist is equipped with an embroidered spring knife.
Anyone, including the royal family and relatives, has the right to participate in the collection of military information and plan against the enemy generals through private interrogations.
They also have a function that is unknown, that is, to eliminate the hero Luo Zhi and set the innocent to death. This is because Zhu Yuanzhang is suspicious by nature and worried about himself. After his death, the next generation of emperors can’t control civil and military heroes, so he set up a big prison under the guise of a few excuses to slaughter all the civil and military heroes who assisted him in conquering the world, and the figure of Jin Yiwei was never missing in these massacres. The Ying family is rich in wealth, one of the best wealthy families in Beiping, Yang Lao is bold and generous by nature, and has a wide range of friends in the grain and rice business, and has a thousand hectares of fertile land. However, these are not the things he is most proud of. What really makes him respected by all the country gentry officials in Beiping is his youth.
I used to beg with the current emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, and even blocked a fatal arrow for him during the battle between Taizu and Chen Youliang. The emperor thanked him for saving his life. With the repayment order, you can ask the emperor to repay your kindness and get any reward you want. Today, his 70th birthday is of course not afraid of wasting oil and fire. The whole house is as bright as day, and the guests are either rich or expensive. Yuelongcheng and I looked at each other and smiled towards the door. The servant handed over the invitation card and walked into the main hall, and saw that the whole hall was full of lively guests.
The old man with white hair and childlike face in the first seat must be the birthday star Weng Yang Ying. He was a little surprised when he saw us, but he still got up to greet us, and he arched his hands like a bell. With a smile, Jin Yiwei Yue knows how he has free time to visit Yang, but it’s just an excuse In the name of holding a birthday party, invite old friends to get together, but it alarmed Yue Tongzhi to come to the old man, I am very grateful, it is so prosperous, Yue Longcheng’s mouth crookedly smiled, Master Yang’s 70th birthday, we have ordered from above to celebrate his birthday. So much luck, He Lian offered congratulatory gifts, Yang Ying’s face changed slightly, Yue Longcheng nodded, lowered his voice and said, Master Yang, please don’t say anything It’s the jug, Yang Ying’s mouth is slightly open, his face is frightened, his hands let go of the brocade box and it falls, seeing that the pot of fine wine is about to spill into Yuelong City, his eyes are quick, his hands are quick, he hooks the brocade box on his feet, he turns around beautifully, and reaches out to catch the brocade box again.
Passed it to Yang Ying’s hand and said in a low voice, why don’t you accept the birthday gift from above? Yang Ying trembled like a sieve, took the brocade box with both hands, hugged it tightly, and was about to open Yuelongcheng, and said, Master Yang is not in a hurry to finish the reward Besides, the guest said that Yue was waiting here, Yang Ying looked at Yuelong City and me, his eyes were full of fear, clouded with tears, but he didn’t dare to say anything, he turned around and put the brocade box away for a long while before turning around again, he has recovered Open your arms calmly and say loudly that Yang has been in Peiping for dozens of years, thanks to the love of all young uncles and brothers, everyone eats and drinks well tonight, Yang is very grateful. After finishing speaking, he raised his wine glass and drank it up.
The guests cheered and congratulated Yang. Ying Dashou exchanged cups for a while and changed arcs, the interlacing was very lively. I looked at Yuelong City, what did you say he was thinking now, and resigned to his fate? Yuelong City also took a sip of wine and refused to accept his fate.
Trying my best to suppress the melancholy on my face and socialize with the guests until late at night when the guests were gone Yang Ying stumbled to the front of us, he went to the brocade box containing the jug, plopped down on his knees and kowtowed three times to pick up the wine The jug is ready to drink Yuelong City, grabbing a jug of wine, how can I drink it alone Yang Ying was only helpless just now, but now he has an expression of disbelief and disregards etiquette, grabs the corner of Yuelongcheng’s clothes and shouts you hysterically What did the emperor want for your life? Yue Longcheng said lightly, Yang Ying slumped on the ground and squeezed out three hoarse words from his throat. He is a dragon, a phoenix, a dragon and a dragon flying in the sky, but he only needs time to beg, and it is just a time when the sky will send a big mandate to the people. How can you use this to show off the royal majesty everywhere? How can it be a joke? You are full of a pot of good wine, Yue Longcheng said coldly and expressionlessly, Yang Ying’s eyes finally faded and he sat on the ground dull, no longer speaking, Yue Longcheng’s mouth raised a mocking smile Madam and Mr.
Ling, Miss Ling, please call over here.