Bang bang bang bang bang bang the dull sound of old boxers hitting the flesh spread away Fu Shubao who was in a daze couldnt

Nine portraits are pasted on the front wall.
There are Taoist Sanqing Patriarchs and Buddhist Shakya Maitreya Buddha related to faith.
Einstein and Marie Curie are related to science. Hua Tuo and Shennong are related to medicine.
What kind of blond beauty in a bikini is posing, and there are three walls. Underneath is a coat hanger. Clothes are hung on the hanger.
There are white coats worn by doctors, Taoist priests, and monks. There are protective clothing that can only be used for experiments, and there are martial arts uniforms worn by Lianjiazi with scissor-cut cloth shoes. There are formal suits for grand occasions and pajamas for sleeping.
But the point is that the top of the hanger is the most conspicuous.
There is actually a pair of men’s sexy underwear hanging on the place, and it is still rhino horn-shaped.
On the left side of the warehouse, there are several experimental tables. Those experimental tables are full of beakers, measuring cups, microscopes, rubber tubes and other experimental equipment, as well as an electric rice cooker and a pile of them.
Moldy spinach and instant noodle slag are placed on the right side of the warehouse.
There is a desk on the desk.
On the desk are the feng shui yin and yang gossip. And soldering iron, etc.
A lot of messy things.
Behind the desk is a lame bookshelf. The books on it cover the world, the universe, science, classics, medicine, food, health care, beauty, etc.
But the point is Among them, there are actually 18 limited books such as Ali Buda Chronicle of Fengyue Mainland Jin Ping Mei Uncut Edition Huang Di Yu Nu Shu.
There are several glass containers in the middle of the warehouse. There are special counters for traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.
However, the most eye-catching one is the most beautifully decorated and grand adult product counter. There are such adult products as Viagra, Kidney, Vajra, and First Oil. It is a marvelous spectacle.
There should be many people working here, and there are various occupations, but in fact there is only one person working here, and he is Fu Dabao. Fu Dabao is a real genius.
Madame Curie’s IQ is already considered smart.
He is at the top, but his IQ is more than half that of Madame Curie, so he is not only a genius, but also a genius among geniuses.
Of course, some people think that Leonardo Da Vinci has the highest IQ because he can not only paint, carve, build houses, but also Knowing how to invent weapons and aircraft, he is also recognized as a famous medical scientist, musician, and dramatist. In the eyes of ordinary people, these are already unsurpassable existences, but compared with Comrade Fu Dabao, they pale in comparison, because Da Vinci He understands everything he understands, and he also surpasses him in many other things, such as transcending feng shui, looking at physiognomy, rice cooker, cooking pornography, appreciating and selling adult products, etc. Let’s put it this way, if you give Einstein a piece of wire, he probably won’t be able to do anything, but if you give it to Fu Dabao A piece of iron color, but he can open the bank vault.
If you give Madame Curie a bunch of cosmetics, she can at most analyze all the ingredients and formulate the perfect one.
Whitening plan, but if you give Fu Dabao a bunch of cosmetics, he can make chemical bombs, and more importantly, he can use the packaging boxes to make fakes and sell them. That’s how he is.
He’s a genius.
Lu Newton is an example. In his later years, he abandoned science and changed to study the Bible.
It is a great loss to the scientific community that he abandoned the right and wrong.
Therefore, people in the scientific community will never know about the strange existence of Fu Dabao, so there is no loss to the scientific community.
But this warehouse is a sacred place in the eyes of neighbors, aunts and six women, and the owner inside is omnipotent.
At this time, the three old telephones on Fu Dabao’s desk are ringing non-stop, Dabao, I’m your Aunt Zhao, our family will move to a new house tomorrow, please show me Fengshui, it’s best to make a pattern of Wangfu Dabao, I have a big mouth! Do you still have the yang-strengthening pills you made yourself? This time, you have to save a few bottles for me if you say anything. Dabao, I’m Honghong. Please help me write an article about Quantum It’s my graduation thesis, I’m going to use that urgently. You can do whatever you want, Dabao, I’m Aunt Liu, my dog ​​is dead, please cross over, it’s so pitiful, I must let it go to Western Paradise and never go to hell. Dabao, you bastard slept with me and you disappeared. If you want to break up, just say so. But if you dare to break up, I will go to court and sue you for flirting with women, and for sexual fraud. You bastard, when will you max out my credit card? Yes, Brother Dabao, I am your little Jiaojiao, I am lonely, please come and comfort me, I have already prepared a whip and a candle for you It was in the past when businessmen came to visit and friends of the opposite sex had problems.
No matter how busy I was, I would spare time to deal with it.
But today, heh heh, a mysterious smile appeared on the corner of Fu Dabao’s mouth, and he unplugged the three telephones and walked to the middle of the warehouse. Under the wall, I reached out and patted the buttocks of a portrait of a blonde in a bikini vigorously.
The legs of the blonde suddenly parted, revealing a narrow circular hole.
The circular hole is not a dog hole.
It’s not any other hole, but a passage. At the end of the passage is a secret space. The secret space is very narrow. In the center, there is a chair made of metal.
At least a hundred colorful wires are connected to various parts of the chair. Around the chair, there are a lot of electrical appliances that don’t understand their functions.
This is not an electric chair, but a body modifier