Bai Yulian stopped the sword and took two steps back said your swordsmanship is good Cui Wufeng said Yulian to be honest you may not

The green hills in the east converge into ten thousand flowing springs, forming a gurgling stream. A gust of mountain wind blows and blows off a few petals of peach blossoms, falling in the stream and drifting away. This is an infinitely beautiful moment of sunset.
The peach blossoms reflect each other red, it’s a good picture of a sunset and an evening photo.
At this time, a beautiful girl in white clothes is slowly walking out from the depths of the flower forest. Her long hair hangs down her shoulders. The shoulder-hanging hair exudes an elegant temperament.
She holds a bunch of picked peach blossoms in her hand. There is an innocent smile on her face. Walking in the flower forest, the mountain wind and the floating clothes slowly walk to the front of the clear stream. This is a clear bottom.
There are countless fish swimming in the stream. The girl in white stopped in front of the stream and slowly picked off the petals of a bouquet of flowers in her hand, and threw them into the water one by one. I don’t know how many hours have passed. The bunch of peach blossoms in the girl’s hand in white are only a bunch of stems. The soft branches, the peach blossoms go with the waves, is it true that they fall lightly and follow the water? A slight sound of footsteps reaches the ears, and at the same time, a deep voice rang out, “Junior Sister, it’s almost dusk. Let’s go back.
The girl in white has an angelic face on her face.” With a smile on his face, he glanced back, lightly opened his cherry lips, and let out a soft and sweet voice, saying, “Second senior brother, here comes a young man in a green shirt, holding a mountain rabbit in his hand, and ran over quickly to answer the call.
” Brought a mountain rabbit and took it back to serve the master with wine.
These three are brothers and sisters of the same teacher. The senior brother in blue said, take the junior sister and take a step first, the younger brother will come and slowly hand over the mountain rabbit in his hand Unable to answer the young man in Tsing Yi, he smiled and said, Brother, don’t worry, I will catch up with you soon.
Let go of your footsteps and run into the forest.
The girl in white looked at the young man in Tsing Yi’s quickly disappearing back and said softly, Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, what are you doing, Blue Shirt Boy? He shook his head and said, “I don’t know, let’s go first. He’s a little older, about 24 to 50 years old.
He’s much more mature than the young man in green and the girl in white. Suddenly, the girl in white stretched out her left hand, holding the blue shirt so naturally and skillfully.
” The person’s right arm smiled and said, Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother is too young, the blue-shirted person who always bounced like that shook his heart for a moment, as if he wanted to break free from the held right arm, but he finally endured it. Her innocent smile was natural.
The ivy, which acts like a branch attached to it, unconsciously makes the man feel protective Brother Dao and the second brother bounce around all day long like a big boy in a blue shirt, he said, Junior Brother Dao Bin is only nineteen years old, which is a fun age, the girl in white clothes said, I am only eighteen years old, it looks like Didn’t you want to be quieter than the second elder brother, and the blue-shirted man smiled Laughed and didn’t answer any more, but heard that white-clothed girl answered, “Brother, what did you say wrong?” The blue-shirted man shook his head and said no, then why didn’t you speak? The childish questioning was so shocking, looking back Looking at the peerless appearance of the girl in white, the man in the blue shirt suddenly felt an inexplicable tension, and the blood in his whole body suddenly accelerated. Is it comfortable? The man in the blue shirt took a breath and calmed down for a while.
The girl in white clothes smiled slightly and said, “Master, why did you shake for no reason?” The man in the blue shirt coughed lightly to cover up the pain on his face. Embarrassed, he said slowly, little junior sister, your second senior brother is young and handsome.
You have been playing together for eight or nine years. He cares and takes care of you everywhere.
Naturally, the relationship between you was born early. He tried his best to keep his emotional calm, but after finishing these few sentences The words still felt hot on the face, but the girl in white gave him an innocent smile and said, “Second Senior Brother treats me very well, but he still can’t get rid of his childishness. Is it because I have a relationship with Second Senior Brother? Even I don’t know about the blue shirt.
There was a burst of intense excitement in his heart and he said, “You don’t know.” The girl in white shook her head, but with a charming smile on her face, she said, “Brother, I really don’t know, the man in blue shirt suddenly felt the jade hand holding his right arm emanating from it.” Send out a strong heat to the whole body through the power of a spiritual feeling