Bai Yu found Holly the Eternal Era is coming he was asking but his tone was affirmative Holly looked far away and saw the end

Chapter 1 Blue silk for white hair Holly struggles on the chair to stand up, but every attempt makes him realize the fact that he is no longer a young man in his twenties, and now he is an old man To be precise, the white-haired old man is an old man who will be 100 years old in two hours.
He was still living on the earth a day ago. A prestigious school in the province bought a suite in the provincial capital, so there was no pressure immediately. The housing price these days is known to be one price per day, not to mention that it was nearly ten years ago when his brother was admitted to university.
At that time, Dongqing was just In junior high school, however, Dongqing’s grades are also very good. She even plans to skip a grade and get into college soon.
After all, she has already jumped from elementary school to junior high school.
Dongqing has always been a representative of other people’s children. After reading it again, I remembered that every time I took the exam, I ranked first and second. The reason why he wanted to go to college quickly was also because of the house where his brother lived alone.
He also wanted to go out and live by himself. On the first day when I go home from a holiday, my parents will make good food and drink and wait for you to serve it. From the second day on, if you dare to stay in bed, you will be yelled at and scolded again.
If you dare to watch TV for a while, you will be punished Mom educated at this time, his father also had to be quiet and didn’t dare to smoke, or he would be forced to sit in Dongqing and finally got his wish. He took the university entrance exam two years early and passed his brother’s school, which was considered the best university in Sichuan. Then it happened to demolish a flat.
After becoming two suites, the family thought of a family of four, two children, and no relatives in the provincial capital. They all moved to the provincial capital. After a few years, Dongqing finished her postgraduate study. At this time, it is more than ten years before buying a house.
In the past, because of the relationship between classmates, when Dongqing was in college, he knew that a certain district would be built in the future, so he moved to the provincial capital and bought a house. This is an ordinary family who just sits and watches the house price soar, but doesn’t have to worry about buying a house in the future.
This person Ah, as long as you remove the two things of buying a house and getting married in life, there are not many things. Dongqing is such a carefree salted fish. After finishing her graduate studies at the age of 24, she graduated because several papers were published. The future is not worrying. Afterwards, I went on a trip to Changbai Mountain without looking for a job first. Unexpectedly, after I went there, I disappeared without a trace. Dongqing woke up again and found that she was old and weak, and it was extremely difficult to even move. The memory of this body can be regarded as a general reflection of this new world.
He traveled through not only his soul, but also changed the world. This is a place called Dry Crow Mountain.
Legend has it that this place is sheltered by the auspicious bird, the white-feathered crow, so it is considered safe.
And rich, at least the old man in his previous life lived here safely and in seclusion for more than 40 years.
It is said that he escaped the war and came here. The average life expectancy of human beings is 45 years old, but the maximum life span of a person is 200 years old. For comparison. just know It’s exaggerated, but it’s the truth. After all, this world is not safe. There are monsters and ghosts. Hurricane destroyers, lava dancers, and other strange beings appear from time to time.
As long as a hurdle is overcome, even ordinary people with no cultivation qualifications or no affinity will be born miraculously.
During the Holly period, I thought about what would happen to me without my parents, but I had no clue.
He was confused and could only travel through time. Fortunately, he still has an elder brother. Fortunately, at least his family has no worries.
Now he just wants to live. He didn’t survive this hurdle in his previous life.
He can clearly feel his soul after being possessed, and the soul is getting weaker and weaker.
Theoretically speaking, he was able to get through tonight. He was afraid that there would be other changes, but now he doesn’t have much time to feel that his consciousness has begun to blur. The reason for eating is that although the humans and the food here are special, they can go without food for several days once they are full, but his situation is even more special now. However, Dongqing did not insist on staying awake, but smoothly adjusted his body’s instincts and chose coma.
The coma state can preserve his maximum physical strength. What will be the consequences, everything will be clear when he wakes up, but his thinking is completely confused in his confusion.
There seems to be a wow-wah cry in his ears.
This sound seems to be a crow, and it is still an old crow instinctively. The next moment he was completely unconscious and all external senses disappeared. If it wasn’t for the rising and falling of his chest to show that he was still breathing, others would only think that the old man had passed away. During Holly’s deep sleep, the time passed slowly for two hours, that is, four hours.
Today is a full moon, even if it is dark outside, it is very bright outside. The moon’s radiance is full of coldness, covering the ground with hoarfrost. In the window of an old wooden house, a crow with white feathers quietly looks at the old man in the house.
In its red eyes, this The old man’s soul is extremely weak but full of vitality. He will surely survive this catastrophe. In the future, the old man will also be regarded as his real neighbor. Since he is a neighbor, then help him. Think about the white-feathered crow flying out without sound Flying back, holding a drop of rippling moonlight in its mouth, there is a strange force around the water drop, which prevents it from falling to the ground. A miraculous scene happened, the water drop escaped from the pointed orange mouth, flew towards Holly, and finally landed The drop of dew in the mouth of the old man opened slightly, and the moonlight falling outside the entrance suddenly became strange, like flowing water soaking into the small wooden house. This scene directly violated the laws of nature, and when he looked inside the wooden house, there was no old man there.