Bai Shiyun hurried to open the door I could vaguely see through the thin light of the closet that Li Jian outside was knocking on

Mass Burial Mound Bell Bracelet Grandpa once told me that many things in this world are predestined by God, no matter how hard you fight, you can’t avoid this karmic cycle, but not only do I not believe in this karmic cycle, but I also want to fight against this God Yidou, my name is Yang Lin, it is said that the night I was born, the underworld cave was opened, and the ghosts walked in the night.
At three o’clock in the night, the originally bright silver moon turned into a blood moon. Even the sun, which had already set, climbed up from the west.
It was dark in the middle of the night. The moon in the east and the sun in the west frightened the people in the village that night, it seemed like the end of the world.
The next morning, at dawn, all the livestock in the village were dead, and the well was bleeding.
Many villagers suspected that I was the reincarnation of a broom star, and insisted that my parents abandon me.
In the end, it was my grandfather who protected me regardless of public opinion, and after getting drunk several times, my grandfather always said that I am a yin and yang man with a yin and yang life.
Shen Shen can’t do that anymore.
I don’t know if I’m yin-yang or not, but I know I must be a hard-fated person. Not long after I was born, my father disappeared mysteriously, and then my mother who just finished confinement also ran away from home in search of my father until now.
The only thing that makes me think about my parents is the only black and white family photo on the wall of the house. I was weak and sick and had problems eating when I was a child. In the 1980s and 1990s, a baby who was born three months prematurely and a Stepping into the middle age of knowing the destiny, I started to depend on each other. According to the words of my grandfather, it was really shit and piss at that time. I was fed up.
I lived in a small place, but my grandfather’s name is well-known.
I didn’t go to school.
I seldom fight with my classmates in the next village, and the reason for every fight is that they call my grandfather and me broom star and old god stick. I don’t know if grandpa is old god stick. I go out every three to five times, and most of the time I stay in a small black room that even I am not allowed to enter.
I don’t know what to do.
What do you do? Why do they always call you an old god stick? But every time my grandfather’s face turns black, I’m so flustered that I don’t dare to ask any more. Time is slowly passing by, and I’m also growing up, and I’m confused about the identity of my grandfather. Finally, when I was fifteen years old, I finally got it. It was revealed that although I was weak at the age of fifteen, I couldn’t hide my mischievous nature. There is a small hill far away.
I heard the old people in the village tell about the origin of this hill. It is said that this hill was there during the Anti-Japanese War. Then the Japanese devils entered the village, robbed and killed many people, and then the Japanese devils left. The surviving villagers buried those who were brutally killed by the Japanese devils on the hilltop, and finally as time moved, the hilltop gradually became a common cemetery for several nearby villages. Those who die dishonorably will usually find an open space on this small hill and bury them casually for a long time This small hill became a mass grave.
To be honest, I was also out of curiosity and didn’t want to lose face in front of my friends, so I went to the mass grave together, but it was this curiosity that almost cost me my life.
The burial mound is overgrown with weeds, although it is not very far from the roadside, but as soon as I walked to this mass burial mound, I immediately felt a bit chilly.
The two friends who came with me were the best ones I had in the village.
With curly hair, I called him curly hair, and the other one wouldn’t get dark no matter how tanned it was, his whole body was as white as a girl’s.
Big white curly hair and big white have always been bold. If it wasn’t for their instigation today, I really wouldn’t dare to come here alone.
A few minutes later, I watched the sun go down, and couldn’t help but said to Curly and Dabai, why don’t we go back next time we come again, it’s almost dark, and Curly, as strong as a column, turned towards me He rolled his eyes and despised me and said, Yang Lin, can you be promising? It’s only five o’clock, the sun will go down, and it will be six o’clock at the soonest.
What is it? Why do we have the nerve to talk to her tomorrow Dabai also said out loud, okay Seeing that my two best friends have said that, I can only feel resentful and dare not say any more Mass graves are not big but just too weed There are also many sharp small stones under my feet, which can easily pierce my shoes and feet if I am not careful. I followed Curly and Dabai. It is summer at this moment, but the setting sun sprinkled on me not only did not bring My slight warmth made me feel colder and colder. At this moment, Curly and Dabai’s surprise sounds came from the front, Yang Lin, come and see what we found.
I hurried over, only to see that curly kid from the ground. Picked up a small knife full of mud, hey, I said there are treasures here, don’t you believe that Curly showed me the knife he just got with joy, which made my heart itch, and Curly wiped the knife on his body Although there is still a bit of rust on the wiper knife, it looks like it should still be a valuable item.
Yang Lin, read more and see what the word is.
Curly brought the knife over and showed me.
These words don’t seem to be the Chinese characters taught by the teacher.
If they are not Chinese characters, then maybe they are Japanese characters. I’m more excited about curly hair. Dabai and I are eager to get something to gain, I will go over there to see you, don’t come and fight with me, Dabai hastily took one side and go to find things by yourself, then this is my Yang Lin, you find the land by yourself, go to Curly Hair and take the ones here too Occupying such a small mass burial, Gunton was divided into three parts of the world, and I got the part with the most stones and weeds.