Bai Guangguangs wall of thoughts quickly turned thinking about what would happen to Bai Linger if she completely offended Bai Linger It hasnt changed this

And Chi Ruinian only fell in love with Bai Linger until she died tragically on the operating table, only to realize that Bai Linger only had Chi Jingsheng in her heart and how stupid and stupid she was The three golden thighs started a life of cheating, and she changed herself to protect her parents and divorced Chi Jingsheng.
The three things were mainly to beat the face and abuse the scum, and it was only later that she realized that the person she didn’t love.
What kind of words would I hear? On the operating table, Mu Baobao’s mouth was blocked, his hands and feet were tied, but he saw Bai Ling’er standing beside him.
How could it be that she was given anesthesia and was about to undergo kidney replacement surgery? There is an undisguised smug smile on Zhang Wen’s beautiful face, are you surprised why I’m standing here Mu Baobao’s eyes are even more rounded, those innocent big eyes clearly express her inner voice Bai Ling’er The laughing waist trembled and instantly changed into a ferocious color, and said word by word, let’s start with your parents. Her words made Mu Baobao’s eyes and pupils tremble slightly, and he didn’t dare to think what kind of words he would hear. Collecting evidence to bring down your highly respected prime minister father, of course, the biggest contributor to this is you Mu Baobao, Mu Baobao can’t even breathe.
Open your eyes and look at Bai Ling’er’s opening and closing mouth, your lawlessness.
Tempered, brainless and IQ all day long, what else do you know except Chi Ruinian? Your parents are not as important to you as Rui Nian’s finger, right? They are willing to admit all the sins for you, a fool, to save your life for half a year I apologized for my death before, Mu Baobao was lying on the operating table like a soulless doll, and all the pain disappeared. Originally, you were going to stay in prison until you died. I just let someone deliberately tell Rui Nian that I had a kidney.
Failure requires a kidney transplant, and your kidney just so happens to match mine, he sent you to this operating table without saying a word, looking at Mu Baobao’s dull face, Bai Ling’er was extremely excited and continued, “Aren’t you very sad?” I can’t take it anymore, but I’m very kind to you.
What I gave you just now was not anesthesia, but a sedative. I want to let you see clearly when I will take your kidney. How did Bai Linger take your wooden baby? All the proud faces turned ferocious and distorted Mu Baobao’s bright eyes lost their brilliance, looked at her sadly, asked silently with his eyes why he hated me so much, why didn’t he just kill me haha, wouldn’t it be too cheap to kill you? I don’t know, Jing Sheng is the man I love to the bone, but you, Mu Baobao, don’t take him seriously, but occupy his wife’s name, which makes me sick. What I can’t forgive is that you are pregnant with his child, Bai Lingeryu. The heart of Mu Baobao who just smiled suddenly stopped beating.
The man who dared to defile me, you, Mu Baobao, should go to the eighteenth floor of hell. Mu Baobao’s palm-sized face showed a frightened expression. Only now did she wake up.
Linger is not as gentle and pleasant as it appears on the surface.
I say this as if there is no fun.
We should be doing the operation while listening to the story. Bai Linger’s voice suddenly becomes gentle and pleasant, just like before. The doctor in a white coat standing by the side saw Bai Linger’s eyes start to move, and Mu Baobao’s slack eyes instantly widened again, and something stuffed in her mouth blocked her shouting.
She did not receive anesthesia abruptly.
The next doctor performed a kidney surgery on her, and the temperature is still there. This is your kidney hurting, your whole body is convulsed, your fair skin is even breaking out in cold sweat, and within a few minutes, your whole body seems to be soaked in water. Bai Linger Watching the whole process, the gentle and beautiful girl looked at the bloody scene without a trace of fear, her eyes and face were full of excitement, and she still didn’t forget to chat with Mu Baobao, but she forgot to tell you that the evil seed in your belly was deliberately made by me.
Mu Baobao, who had an accident and slipped a tire, was in pain and went into shock, because her words stimulated her to come back to her senses.
Although she doesn’t love Chi Jingsheng, that child is a little life conceived in her belly, and it has feelings. It’s not a heartache, it’s intense, it’s like her heart has been operated on, you shouldn’t blame anyone, everything is your own fault, because you’re selfish and stupid, you alone make everyone unhappy, unhappiness, and constant stimulation Coupled with the severe pain, Mu Baobao died and came back to life. The operating table was drenched in cold sweat.
Bai Ling’er was wearing disposable medical gloves, holding a bloody kidney standing in front of Mu Baobao, Mu Baobao, let’s take a look. Look at the temperature, this is your kidney, you should be the first person in history to see your own kidney with your own eyes, aren’t you very excited? Mu Baobao’s big, clear eyes are red, his forehead is bulging with blue veins, and his forehead is white.
Violet blue blood vessels can be seen bursting out of the skin, as if they would burst out if they couldn’t control it, it was appalling, even the cold-hearted doctors were scared and didn’t dare to take another look, and hurriedly sewed it up for her.
Daokou Bai Linger’s smile is even more glamorous and moving.
It’s almost time.
Rui Nian is still worried about me. After speaking, he is holding the blood-dripping but no longer warm kidney, throwing it in the trash can and taking it off. The glove gracefully opened the isolation curtain in the middle and lay down. The operation was successful.
The nurse took the thing stuffed in her mouth and pulled it out for a long time before taking it out.
The pure white gauze was stained red with blood. Open it, Chi Ruinian rushed to meet Bai Linger who was pushed out. How is the operation? Linger is fine, Mr. Chi, don’t worry, the operation was successful and then it’s gone. Then Chi Ruinian didn’t even take a look at the wooden baby. Baby Laimu died with a broken heart. She didn’t see a man with a slender figure and a clear and calm face broke into the ward, holding a small rabbit pendant tightly with his left hand. When he saw her already stiff corpse, he donated blood gushing out.
And the endless pain