Back to Dayu Sect Master with a bald head when he saw him coming back he stepped forward respectfully and shouted this is the blood

The content uploaded by users begins to be super-exploring and fetching things. The walking turtle. Chapter 1 Li Han 108-year-old Li Han is lying on the hospital bed weak and full of reluctance, but he knows that his life is coming to an end. Why is he called Li Han? It’s not because he’s a Han nationality, nor is it because the Han Dynasty left countless honors for the motherland in history. It’s related to a TV series.
When Li Han’s parents got married more than a hundred years ago, the TV station was broadcasting the TV series. The TV series of Qingtian, the neighbors discuss every day is Bao Qingtian, who is in charge of the people.
The last name was changed in four order, and the four characters of Dragon, Tiger and Chaohan were pronounced out abruptly. The dragon was originally the totem of the motherland and the tiger was the king of beasts in the mountains and forests. Seeing that his wife was pregnant and about to give birth in October, the name of the child has not yet been chosen. With a good heart, he chose such a name for the child in his wife’s womb. Of course, in the years that followed, Li Zhengde was always proud of the name he gave the child. He himself is a Han nationality. The fonts used by the empires of all nations, especially the motherland, are also called Chinese characters. In the 30 years since Li Han was born, he has experienced many things, from education reform to college entrance examination expansion. It’s a feeling that the common people have read books and practiced martial arts for more than 30 years, but he has no complaints. In the era of development, some people are doomed to be sacrificed Gan Luo also didn’t feel the feeling that heroes are useless. After all, people are more popular than people. He received patriotic education from his father Li Zhengde since he was a child. Li Han has always been proud of himself as a member of the Chinese family.
Although modern history made him feel hurt and heavy.
But the motherland is developing rapidly under the leadership of the country, but there are still some people who do it, but it makes Li Han feel sad. Those people who have earned enough money from the people and then immigrate to foreign countries make him very disgusted. A green book turned into a yellow-skinned and white-hearted foreign devil.
What others do is other people’s business.
Li Han knows that he is powerless to change those fake foreign devils.
He developed the rural areas and got rich overnight.
Instead of spending time and drinking like other neighbors, he became a charterer.
The excess money was also used by him to run small restaurants.
Basic necessities, food, housing, and transportation are relatively safe. The income is not much, but the advantage is The chance of losing money is not high. With ample economy, he also has the strength to start chasing famous brands, but he has a deep patriotism. He has always supported domestic production.
Although the quality of domestic production is criticized, he has no regrets.
In order to let himself resist foreign devils from the bottom of his heart Li Han always picks out the faults of some foreign products, such as bad names, bad appearance, etc. In his eyes, Apple mobile phones are regarded as When a bug bites, it looks like a rotten thing. It looks unhealthy. Rolls-Royce is defined by him as a teacher who hates it. BMW originally didn’t touch me.
In his eyes, it’s untouchable.
What do you buy it for? People, as long as you hate something from the bottom of your heart, no matter how good that thing is, you don’t want to see it. It’s like meeting someone you hate. You can drive them away with a stick or avoid them yourself.
It’s good for Li Han though. Paranoid but not crazy Even if the relatives and friends around him use products made by foreign devils, he never asks them to follow his patriotic footsteps.
Some people will spend a lot of money and live a life like sitting and eating after getting rich overnight, but Li Han does not. He has always used the motto of being poor to be able to do his best and help the world.
After he became rich, he took the money to do business with money in the early stage.
Then when the money was rich, he began to help other suffering brothers and sisters in the motherland. Sometimes he was deceived and felt angry. Seeing the sincere eyes and teary faces of those really needy families after being helped by him, Li Han felt a lot in his heart, so he didn’t stop his great deeds of good deeds. It’s better that Li Han has been free from illness and disaster in his life until now he is lying on the hospital bed waiting for the end of his life.
Grandpa Li, we come to see you.
Looking at the strange girl who is only twelve or thirteen years old, the elderly Li Han has already forgotten who the other party is, after all, since Since I was hospitalized, there have been too many people who have come to see me. Many people have no impression of me. You are Li Han, and he asked the little girl weakly. I am Xiaojia, Grandpa Li, don’t you know me? The little girl burst into tears, Xiao Jia, Li Han hesitatingly uttered a few words, and he was very relieved, although he knew that the other party was someone he had sponsored, but he really didn’t have any image. Li Han left amidst the cries of more than ten people in the ward, his invisible soul began to take off, and involuntarily got into a dark cave.
The inside of the cave was a dark space with no light, no direction, no gravity.
I don’t feel anything, Li Han is just drifting with the wind in that dark space, I don’t know how far I have drifted, and I don’t know where I have drifted to, I have never encountered such a lonely environment, Li Han can’t help but struggle, his empty hands are stirring in the darkness without touching I don’t know how long it took before I saw anything. A dark yellow arm appeared in the dark space.
The arm gave off a hazy halo, which made Li Han, who had been in the dark for countless years and was about to go crazy, feel happy. Li Han struggled and crawled over with his limbs Slowly approaching that glowing arm