At this time Zheng Yifeng repeatedly apologized for that A high school student shouted you first find a rope to pull me up and then

The love of the world is thin, the love of the world is bad, the rain sends evening flowers, the wind is dry, the tears are left, and the desires are left.
The thoughts are alone. There are not only intriguing bureaucratic disputes, but also the wind of kings who swallow rainbows.
Not only are there touching children’s personal relationships, but also the human nature of all beings.
There are poems to prove that the world is difficult.
Officials must be greedy for causal cycles. Extraordinary officials Chapter 1 Miraculous Wisdom, Graduated from College of Science and Technology, Making Trouble, Helping Classmates, Fang Xianying, Yifeng, What are you doing, Hurry up and go out for dinner, The four of us in the dormitory have a breakup meal, and take a picture of the breakup.
Confucian Lu Zijing tried his best to defy everyone’s opinions.
As soon as the voice of this chapter fell, a person rushed to Yifeng’s side, grabbed a copy of Romance of the Three Kingdoms that was missing the cover and catalog, and threw it at the window.
Speaking of this broken book, it has been a long time since I walked into the room. It’s been four years and you’re still reading it.
Do you think you can time travel like Qing Chuan Xiang Shaolong? That’s a novel, stop daydreaming, Ru.
If I remember correctly, this is the first time you’ve thrown me this book. I know time travel. The ancient times were made up by novelists, and I don’t have such absurd ideas at all. This book has taught me a lot of things. Every time I read it, I can realize a higher level of truth.
This is what I want. He finished speaking. Get up, walk out the door, turn right and within half a minute, the book is in Zheng Yifeng’s hands again.
Yifeng put the book on his bed and walked towards the toilet. Suddenly, a boy with a height of 1.8 meters appeared outside the window next to Zheng Yifeng’s left hand. Wearing a Harley hat, face like a black pot bottom, half of the buttons of the jacket are unbuttoned, and the strong chest is open like a fertile rice field. The man shouted, why are you still not going out? I have booked a private room in Ganzhou, waiting for you to order food Before Yifeng could speak, both Jiasha and Aru pointed at Yifeng and said in unison, Brother Pao, it’s no wonder that we are all he procrastinating and almost graduating, but he couldn’t bear his book Three Kingdoms waiting for me to go to the bathroom Going out immediately Yifeng replied that everyone came to Ganzhou people talking and laughing. Ganzhou people are located in the center of the university town, so it is usually full of people. At this moment, it is overcrowded. Brother Pao led the way. Four people were going upstairs to the private room, and suddenly one person rushed towards him It was hitting Brother Pao’s body and his glasses fell to the ground. The four of them took a closer look and all of them recognized him.
He was the monitor of the class, Zhang Yu, nicknamed Octopus.
Everyone knew that something had happened when he looked flustered and distracted. Why did the octopus make you so anxious? Your daughter-in-law got lost.
The octopus bent down, picked up the glasses, and said angrily, the people in our dormitory made an appointment at noon to come here for dinner, and they went to play in the afternoon until now.
When I came back, I just received a call from Fang Lan. She said that she saw people in our dormitory being surrounded and beaten by people near the University of Science and Technology University gymnasium.
How about you go with me Octopus looked at Yifeng gratefully Just thank you three first.
Yifeng was taken aback, wondering why he said the three of them looked back and saw that Brother Pao and Aru were still in Jia Sha, and there was no trace of that kid, and he secretly scolded Fatty Jia. Brothers who overdid it did not expect to be impotent at the critical moment.
The University of Science and Technology is only five minutes away from Ganzhou. The four of them just arrived at the gate of the University of Science and Technology and saw a young and beautiful female student waiting for her. Wearing a white dress, her face showed a look of anxiety. When she saw Zhang Yu, the squad leader, she rushed over and was about to speak, but she saw the three people behind Zhang Yu, and only saw one of them was of medium build, slightly dark skin, with a conical face with sword-like brows.
Eyes and nose are as straight as peaks, vermilion lips and white teeth, especially those eyes are radiant and piercing.
Fang Lan was stunned for a long time. Seeing this scene, Brother Pao and Aru looked at each other and smiled. Brother Pao elbowed Yifengdao, the member of the student union The chairman is so interesting. I don’t look at my 1.8 meter figure.
I see you, a dead boy. Yifeng and Fang Lan are looking at each other. Brother Pao blushed and said first.
The three of us are in the same class as Zhang Yu. My name is Zheng Yifeng.
Fang Lan, the chairman of the student union, is a beautiful girl.
The students recognize her as the beauty of the school.
Every time I see you from a distance, you are speaking on the rostrum. The meeting today really deserves the reputation.
Fang Lan also came back to her senses at this time. The people in your class are being beaten while you are talking. I will lead the way.
Have you followed up with Zhang Yu? Did you call your head teacher? Said that I think we can handle this matter well among the students, so don’t disturb the teacher.
If you fight outside the school, you will be punished. Does the monitor have the heart to see his roommates punished? Let’s go and see what’s going on first.
If we can solve it, then don’t bother the teacher.
Can you see it? When it collapses, we men carry our shoulders on our shoulders, so we don’t act like women. Fang Lan just wanted to refute, but Yifeng waved his hand and said, “Chairman time is running out, let’s lead the way.
” Vaguely saw seven or eight people punching and kicking the three people wearing basketball vests of the Industrial University, the students around were flocking to watch the excitement, and more and more people were watching Yifeng hurriedly parted from the crowd and rushed in. Others followed closely behind, and he thought to himself I can’t steal the squad leader’s limelight, let the squad leader come out and say something fair Thinking of this, he gradually slowed down and let Zhang Yu walk in the front When Zhang Yu was ten meters away from the eight people, he yelled to stop