At this time there is no need for the little chief Lefu to organize the people of the bison tribe to bring themselves employees micheal micheal

The fire is warming you and me Time magazine beauty reporter Barbara was ordered to interview the richest local tycoon chief who was praised by the Indian tribes in the entire American continent Mr. Le Fu, Mr. Le Fu is known as the only Indian chief who can compete with the local tyrants in the Middle East. Do you agree? The beautiful reporter asked Le Fu and nodded with a smile. I readily accept it, but unlike those local tyrants who sell oil, my business is green agriculture, which can be sustainable. Occupying the throne of the most expensive beef cattle in the world Japanese wagyu kicked off the altar and led to the collapse of the Japanese animal husbandry.
Many people committed suicide or were sent to mental hospitals. Do you have any explanation for this? Love just sneered and said that it is Japanese psychology Poor quality has nothing to do with me The beauty reporter screams in her heart Although the agricultural products you produce have anti-cancer effects, but a corn sells for ten dollars and a tomato sells for fifty dollars Wang Hao, who was born in the Northeast countryside, was mentally exhausted due to long-term overtime work. He was accidentally hit by a taxi when he came home in the middle of the night and died on the spot. It may be that God sees this baby so pitiful. The cow-head-shaped jade pendant worn since childhood Wang Hao’s soul flew into the sky and disappeared over China. At the same time in New York, USA, it was just past one o’clock in the morning and the sun was shining.
In an exceptionally luxurious high-end ward full of green plants, more than a dozen people with long black hair gathered. All the oriental faces in suits and leather shoes gathered in the ward, surrounded by an unusually strong little boy who was only fifteen or sixteen years old, discussing anxiously in front of the bed about something.
The medical equipment kept ticking and ticking, and I don’t know how many times it has passed.
The little boy lying unconscious on the bed slowly opened his eyes and didn’t know where he was. Unexpectedly, he saw a picture when he opened his eyes. A middle-aged man with teary eyes and long black hair appeared in front of his eyes.
When Wang Hao finally woke up, he asked stupidly, “Excuse me, are you a doctor?” At the same time, I shouted wildly in my heart, although the young master is a second-rate pheasant university graduate, but his English has not passed the third level, how can he open his mouth to speak the purest American English? Who is this middle-aged handsome guy with long hair in front of me? Ah, I saw Wang Hao wake up, the long-haired middle-aged handsome man couldn’t hold back his tears, and hugged the reborn Wang Hao lying on the bed, crying loudly, saying that the Buffalo God bless the Sun God bless the Buffalo tribe, all ancestors bless the Buffalo The chief of the clan finally came back alive The buffalo clan finally survived this crisis The clan of chiefs that have been passed down for more than 500 years has finally been inherited Thank God hahahaha Without knowing what was going on, he was hugged by this excited, long-haired, middle-aged handsome guy, who hugged him tighter and tighter, and finally couldn’t resist the feeling of suffocation not to watch around People observed that the reborn Wang Hao was strangled by the handsome middle-aged man and passed out.
With a face full of horror, he threw himself on the bed and hugged the handsome middle-aged man, shouting, “Master Wizard, the little chief has been strangled by you and fainted, let go now.
” If we continue to strangle our bison tribe, we can really break up, let go, let go, let go Mo Mo’s limbs twitched endlessly. My little nephew was almost strangled to death by his own hands. The long-haired middle-aged handsome man grinned his mouth wide and cried loudly. He yelled viciously at the dozen or so long-haired yellow men surrounding the bed and said, “You guys Useless, hurry to find a doctor, if something happens to the little chieftain, all of you should be buried with him, hurry up and find a doctor, soon, the entire senior ward is in chaos, the hard-working young man screamed and rushed out of the ward to look for it The doctor and some elderly people were in a hurry, discussing something in groups in small voices, and looked worriedly at the handsome sixteen-year-old boy lying on the bed. The ward was a mess, but Wang Hao, who was lying on the bed, greeted him A life-and-death battle, two souls fought life and death in the brain of a sixteen-year-old handsome boy.
Since Wang Hao was already 20 years old, although he was mentally weak due to overtime work all the year round, his mental strength was not comparable to that of a sixteen-year-old boy.
In the end, the soul of Wang Hao, an adult, gained the upper hand and devoured the soul of a sixteen-year-old boy. After the two sides merged, Wang Hao finally understood what was going on, and at the same time, he also understood why he was killed. The taxi hit the sky and died on the spot, but a poor-quality jade pendant in the shape of a bull’s head carried his soul across a distance of tens of thousands of miles to the other side of the ocean to America and occupied the body of this sixteen-year-old boy. After figuring it out, Wang Hao actually used his soul Kneeling on the ground in a state of surprise, thanking Mantian God and Buddha with a smile on his face, thanking the Bodhisattva, thanking Mantian God and Buddha, thanking Christ for allowing me, a little farmer who was orphaned at the age of ten, to be reborn into this sixteen-year-old child, and let me live a good life again I feel the good life without worrying about food and clothing. I thank you, thank you my ancestors, and thank you for taking me across the ocean and the space of rebirth. I thank the ancestors of China. The boy’s background and social status are definitely not that of a North drifter who works overtime all day long to repay the mortgage and lives at the bottom of the society.
Wang Hao can compare with it, and also has an extra ten years of life.
Who would not be excited if he puts it on anyone? The year-old name is Love Oaks, and he is also the little chief of the Bison tribe in Wyoming.
The Indian name is Ant-legged Bullhead, which is weird enough.