At this time the village chief Yi Xingguo noticed that there were two strangers next to him who were so excited that they didn’t notice

If the mountain is not there, Gao Youxian followed the guidance of his heart.
Ang Lee returned to Qingshan Village, where he was raised, and opened a super live broadcast system to increase his fans. Whenever the number of fans reaches a certain number, he can draw prizes. Let the villagers get rid of poverty and become rich, and make Qingshan Village the world’s number one internet celebrity village.
Chapter I want to increase my fans. It has been three days since Li An returned to Qingshan Village. It is the time of the Chinese New Year. Although the village is very poor, there is still a strong atmosphere of Chinese New Year. Spring Festival couplets are pasted on the doorsteps of every household.
Most of the households even made a money tree out of pine trees and put it on the doorstep.
As the saying goes, if you have money, you can go home to celebrate the New Year.
Li An has no home in Qingshan Village, but there are homes everywhere. He was raised by a family in a village in Qingshan. After graduating from university, Li An found a job in a second-tier city. Seven to eight thousand yuan a month is not too high and not too low. It must be enough for him alone, but if he wants to further develop Obviously, I hope that the kindness of a small drop of water will be repaid by the spring.
Li An is the only person in the village who has gone to college, so Li An decided to follow his inner guidance and return to the hometown he misses day and night.
He tried his best to lead everyone out of poverty and become rich. However, it has been three days since Li An came back and he still hasn’t found any good method, but the method is unexpectedly bound to the system.
Li An, who was sleepy this morning, vaguely heard a voice flashing in his mind, and he seemed to be bound to a super live broadcast. The system is really different for people whose parents have both died. The live broadcast system is really powerful.
You don’t need a mobile phone system to directly record videos for you.
You can just say it in your heart and start the live broadcast. There are no dead ends. The high-definition smart live broadcast is the same as other people’s live broadcasts. Li Anneng is in the live broadcast room Seeing the fan value and it is very eye-catching, there is a lottery disc next to it. Li An can’t see the prizes because there is a line of words on the disc.
There is still a line of words on the bottom of the next lottery. This way, Li An understands that it is to increase fans. Thinking of this, Li Ann has a headache. Being annoying is a matter of minutes, but it is still difficult to make people like you, but it is a bit embarrassing now that this audience has not broadcast a egg. In other words, this system is also ruthless.
At least to take care of newcomers on the platform. Using a few robots to inflate popularity makes the broadcaster look less awkward Li An guessed that everyone might be spending time with their families. Thinking that no one watched the live broadcast, it seemed understandable. Li An let the live broadcast room drive on to do his own thing anyway. Of course, what Li An has to do every New Year’s Eve is not for the New Year’s money. I followed the family’s prayers.
Li An politely declined the invitation of each family to keep him for dinner. He returned to the only hut left by his parents and took a look at the live broadcast system. Still nothing. It seems that going on like this is not a solution, you have to find a way, suddenly Li An thought of a person, Qin Hai Qin Hai, Li An’s college classmate said The relationship between Qin Hai and Li An has to mention another person, that is the school belle Chen Keyun. There are many stories between the three of them.
Slowly, I can write a novel, but it is also very simple to sum up, that is, he loves her and she loves him.
He doesn’t love anyone. As for why the school belle falls in love with Li An, a poor boy, it’s clichéd to say it, and it might take a lot of space, but everything can be summed up.
In conclusion, Li An is good enough and handsome enough to save Chen Keyun. An is a face control, so it’s easy to ignore the feeling and only look at the value of the face, then it’s a matter of course to be together. The key is not Li An.
Having said so much, I can conclude that Qin Hai is also a relatively good person. Although he can’t love him, he can’t. There is no shame and anger, but there should be conflicts between rivals in love. Qin Hai is a rich second-generation family.
Compared with Li An, the social relationship is heaven and earth. Fortunately, Wang Hai doesn’t work, otherwise Li An’s life is sad. As the saying goes, it’s hard to fight The two people who don’t know each other have been fighting for many years.
If they accidentally fight out their feelings, the relationship between the two becomes very delicate. How can this be summed up? It is an enemy and a friend. It is now a friend and not an enemy.
Of course, the main reason is that Li An helped Qin again. Hai introduced a girlfriend, Li An, thinking that if he told Qin Hai the news of his live broadcast, based on what he knew about him, he would definitely watch it. After all, he was his big matchmaker, and maybe he would bring a group of people to watch it. After all, Li An heard that Qin Hai had a wide range of social relationships, and a group of friends would ask him a few viewers.
He shouldn’t think much of it, so he did it. Li An immediately took out his mobile phone and shared his live broadcast room with Qin Hai, and attached a sentence to watch the live broadcast. Qin Hai was lying on the sofa playing with his mobile phone in a luxurious villa in Shanghai. Suddenly, a WeChat message flashed and he clicked on it. Li An shared a live broadcast room with him, and then said a word to watch the live broadcast.
Qin Hai sat up from the sofa in an instant. According to past experience, what Li An shared with himself were all good things. Originally, Qin Hai decided to cultivate himself at home today, but what Li An shared must be seen. In the picture, there is a pomegranate tree in the courtyard of a rural courtyard, and Li An is lying under the tree. Playing with a mobile phone on a rocking chair, you call this a live broadcast, playing with a mobile phone, what is it that you don’t want to watch? When you look at the number of people in the room, I’m the only audience What did someone do to you? You can’t do this live broadcast. People who watched didn’t pull me to be more popular.
I thought there was something good to watch. Li An, who was lying on the rocking chair, was always watching the live broadcast.
Qin Hai saw it when he came in. He also saw the bullet screen sent by Qin Hai. Can you not see the nonsense? It was directly displayed in the void and then floated past Li An’s eyes.