At this time a middleaged woman clutched her pocket and shouted loudly Nima bring the money here or I will collapse your third son said

Source 80 e-books uploaded with integrity and traveled all over the world Time word count A little farmer went to the mountains to gather herbs and dreamed of seven fairies who got miracles. From then on he flew all the way to breed herbs and open factories to bring villagers riches. He originally wanted to be a low-key farmer. Cute village flowers, pure loli, delicate and charming female teachers, young and beautiful girls, sexy and glamorous female killers and charming young women come one after another. Well, come with me to the mountain hot springs.
What a group of dignitaries have been waiting outside for two hours. Chapter 1 I had a dream. Tianniu Mountain is a primitive mountain near Tianniu Village.
It got its name because it looks like a tianniu about to fly to the sky. There is also a legend that this mountain is the cow that the Taishang Laojun sat down to descend to earth.
Then it turned into a mountain full of vegetation and very wild. At this moment, Zhang Xiaoming was walking slowly in the mountain forest with a basket on his back. From time to time, he squatted down and took a shovel to dig something. Two years ago, Zhang Xiaoming was studying in the city and got angry because of something. Opened the head of a rich second generation, and then he was expelled from school. Since then, Zhang Xiaoming has been doing farm work at home and started a small farmer. Smells like hares, bobcats, etc.
Zhang Xiaoming wiped his sweat with his clothes, sat on a rock, put down his backpack, and was about to take out a water bottle for a drink. Suddenly, there was movement from a bush not far away. Zhang Xiaoming’s expression moved, and he quietly touched it. In the next moment, Zhang Xiaoming’s eyes glowed with excitement, and he saw a hare in the grass leisurely eating grass. Tonight, there will be roasted rabbits.
Zhang Xiaoming thought to himself, and then he leaned over and slowly touched Zhang Xiaoming. Very nervous because the hare is very vigilant and runs fast.
If it finds itself, the game will be gone.
However, Zhang Xiaoming found that as he kept getting closer, the hare was still eating young grass leisurely. Unexpectedly, hares also have food.
Zhang Xiaoming was very excited, so you have to cook my dinner. The distance is getting closer and closer, and Zhang Xiaoming is about to make a move. Suddenly, Zhang Xiaoming seems to have seen the hare and looked back at him. There seems to be contempt in his eyes. The contemptuous Zhang Xiaoming was stunned for a moment, but at this moment he was very excited because he found that the hare ate grass as if nothing had happened after taking a look at him.
You don’t know whether to say you are cute or you are stupid. Zhang Xiaoming rushed forward with a look on his face, Zhang Xiaoming thought he was about to get the game, but just when he was about to pounce on it, the hare suddenly turned back and glanced at him. Jump bit him, I rely on the rabbit to really bite people in a hurry, and Zhang Xiaoming felt as if the rabbit had kicked something into his mouth, couldn’t it be rabbit feces, right? Looking up and looking forward, I saw that hare was shaking its butt at him, I rely on this one Zhang Xiaoming stood up and wanted to chase after the rabbit. Suddenly his eyes went dark, and then Zhang Xiaoming seemed to have a dream.
In the dream, he came to a misty palace. It seems that he has come to a valley.
There is a fairy pond in the valley. At this time, he is in the fairy pond, and there is a group of women on the edge of the fairy pond.
Their figures are graceful and their waists are slender.
The next moment, the women lightly untie their Luosang, revealing their perfect bodies.
The towering breasts are not enough, the slender waist is full of grip, and the slightly raised buttocks are looming under the lingering celestial spirit. Zhang Xiaoming is watching in the celestial pond.
In this scene on the shore, his nose felt hot and his nosebleeds were about to come out, but the next moment, his breathing became more rapid, his eyes widened, and he saw these women slowly stepping into the fairy pond with lotus steps and swimming to his side, all of them smiling cleverly.
His playful and delicate body clings to his young master and servants, finally they can serve you again.
One of the purple-haired girls came to him with lotus arms hanging around his neck. Her delicate pretty face was blushing.
Two mountains stood in the water. Looming indistinctly, Zhang Xiaoming, a young man full of blood, how can he stand this scene? Feeling hot and dry all over, he touched the big white rabbit on the girl’s chest with trembling hands. It was very soft and slippery, and Zhang Xiaoming couldn’t help but slightly Seeing this, Zhang Xiaoming’s breathing was rapid and his exhalation was hot, and somewhere in him he was already angry.
The purple-haired girl seemed to have noticed the shyness on her pretty face.
She put her slender hands into the water and then Slowly and suddenly, the picture in front of him flashed by, a huge ax fell from the sky, and the picture in front of Zhang Xiaoming disappeared for a moment, he opened his eyes, Zhang Xiaoming cursed your sister, at this moment, he woke up, Zhang Xiaoming sat up and recalled the picture just now His heart was turbulent for a while, his whole body was extremely hot, and he didn’t know who those girls were, why they called me young master, and what that giant ax was. Zhang Xiaoming frowned because why did he feel that valley seemed to be somewhere? Just as he was about to get up, pack his things and go down the mountain, suddenly he was shocked. What happened? Zhang Xiaoming found that there were many miraculous memories in his mind, medicine, divination, cultivation, agriculture, knowledge, and even foreign civilizations.
Zhang Xiaoming’s eyes widened and he was excited.
Could it be that I got a strange feeling? Could it be the reason why the hare just kicked something for me to eat? Zhang Xiaoming’s eyes showed thoughtfulness just now, he thought it was rabbit shit just now, it seems that maybe it’s not the Primordial Purple Qi Jue at this time