At this moment Yun Yang suddenly rose up pressed Qiangwei under his body leaned over and kissed her for a long time their lips parted

Chapter 1: I have to hide my phone.
Chapter 1: I have to put my phone away. In a small room, there is a young man half lying on the bed, who is listening to Douyin.
After all, the angel has two white wings and mutters in his mouth that he is much more beautiful than the angel in the super seminary, that’s right, this is our hero Yun Yang, who is a fan of the super seminary. He thinks that other angels are more beautiful, so he feels that this is a feeling of betrayal, so he naturally uses the live wallpaper function that comes with the software to replace the angel on the desktop of the phone with that short video.
Said it was really pretty, Gujing Wubo’s eyes were like a quiet lake, in stark contrast with that Valkyrie-like figure, she nodded in satisfaction and said yes, it’s her, but what Yun Yang didn’t expect was that she When he said this, there was an extra mechanical sound of ding in his mind, and then Yun Yang froze in place, and there was only one sentence in his mind: this is the system, it must be the system, I am going to develop.
Yun Yang was a little panicked when he heard the ding sound, and there was no response to the system. Could it be that the broken system is broken, or is it just a defective product without a certificate? Can’t you make yourself happier for a while if it’s gone? Just stand here for a full minute. Yun Yang turns around and jumps up and pounces on the bed. You ask why the bang is that this idiot hit the wall and covered his head with tears. I almost came out, and my heart was full of slander. I blame this unknown system for making myself happy for nothing. When he cursed that the system could not find a good host, his system responded greatly.
In order to fulfill the last wish of the previous God of Life, the system will cultivate the next God of Life.
The system still has three minutes of self-wisdom to answer three questions for the host.
Please ask the host as soon as possible. Yun Yang burst into tears when he heard these system prompts. The lamp swears that it’s not because of the pain of hitting the wall, but it’s still a matter of business, hurry up and ask the question, after all, time is limited, after thinking about it, Yun Yang asked about the system, who was the previous owner and how did the system die? Is the system sure to answer these two questions? You are my first host and also my first intelligent life, so I don’t have a previous host, and naturally I never died as a host, Yun Yang, am I wasting a question? How long has the Lord of Life lived? According to the system records Part of the history of the God of Life is converted into the rotation time of the planet where the Lord of Life has lived for 10,237,561,278 years. Yun Yang held a handful of fresh grass The earth is very old.
Although he doesn’t know how many years the earth has existed, he is sure that the number mentioned on TV has not reached 10 billion. This is too shocking.
What kind of technological content does this have? This is about to become a god, Ding System Zhi Hui has collapsed. The main god of life system is officially opened. Please understand for yourself.
After hearing the prompt, Yunyang silently called the system in his heart.
The system interface suddenly appeared in his eyes. This is a very simple interface. Random missions are lifeless. Order the novice gift pack, wow, there are still novice gift packs, oh my god, I’m so happy, Yun Yang now feels like God’s own son, so anxious to let the system open the novice gift pack, an interface pops up, get life points, get a dimensional bomb that doesn’t like to explode What is life point for? And as a bomb, you don’t like to explode.
What the hell? Then Yun Yang learned from his experience. The dimensional bomb that doesn’t like to explode was taken out, and he heard a quiet explosion and a piece of glass shattered.
There was a crackling sound, and I looked into the room to see whether the room was still the same thing or those things, but the people in the room lost their belongings and nothing was left.
A man suddenly appeared in the sky above an abandoned gas station on the outskirts of Tianhe City. When it landed on the roof, there was only a loud bang, and then there was a cry of pain. After Yun Yang had finished howling, he stood up and looked around. This is a platform made of steel bars and steel plates, which is one meter above the ground. In other words, if Yun Yang doesn’t want to break and retreat, he can’t go down. After careful consideration, this person once again made a very conscientious decision not to go down. Waiting for someone to save him, there will be a gas station.
It must be an advertisement in modern society or China. Not afraid of the language barrier, I decided not to go on. After all, I didn’t dare to jump out.
I took out my phone and dialed it.
Listening to the beeping sound in the phone, Yun Yang felt that he was going to die. Would he be starved to death at the gas station? This time, Yun Yang Yang is really in a hurry. If he can’t go down, he may really starve to death on it. After all, there is only one road around, and the yellow sand is rolling around.
One can see that no one will go there for a long time. It’s a miracle that the gas station can continue to operate.
More importantly, This miraculous gas station doesn’t seem to be looking at you now.
After all, he’s howling for so long and no one is looking at what’s going on.
As an optimist, after knowing that there is no one around, he starts to look further away and he’s refueling. Standing directly in front of the city, I saw a huge cross-shaped spaceship and four smaller spaceships. After all, the distance between them is a bit far away.
He guessed that these four should not be too small to cooperate with the smoke billowing in the city.
His heart Heck, this is the third world war. In troubled times, human life is not as good as dogs.
Alien invasion. Doomsday crisis.
These thoughts are coming and going under the guidance of divergent thinking. Let’s be happy now, it’s the end of the world, the spaceship looks like it can’t be made by the earth, aliens are also here