At this moment Yan Beifengs mouth Chewing on something Zhao Xiaonian lowered his brows most afraid of being like this how can there be so

But there is no entertainment, people can only take a bath for fun.
Liangzhou Prefecture, Yangzhou Bathing Pool, a big man with swollen muscles appeared in the bathhouse, shirtless, with only a white towel around his waist, looking coldly at the guests around him. When everyone came here, they all looked horrified, didn’t dare to make a sound, and quickly fled out covering their crotches. In the big bathing pool, there was a group of people enjoying the comfort of warm fragrant soup. The strong man turned his gaze If you vote for them, what is shameless? You care about the sky and the earth. You don’t let the common people shit and fart. You don’t want the common people to say that you just saved your face. The joker is Zhao Xiaonian, a smart boy with thick eyebrows and big eyes. There is still a bit of heroic spirit, and he is really handsome.
While enjoying the comfort of the servant behind him rubbing his back, he shook his head and was talking to the people around him, which made everyone excited.
No one knows how he died, right? Everyone nodded desperately. After all, it is taboo to say this.
Looking at Mr. Zhao’s liver-colored face next to him and the shy look in his eyes, he decided not to talk about this old man sometimes even if he wants to save face, he doesn’t need to catch it A slight slip of the tongue would make him die. If the former one might still admit his death, the current one doesn’t need to. After all, we are all the people of Dajian. The prince is gone. We should be sad and commemorate it. Everyone should come here to take a bath to mourn the prince. When everyone heard what he said, they naturally nodded and agreed. Taking a bath is also a way to celebrate.
It’s just that everyone knew it, but some people couldn’t keep up with this trip, and immediately cursed angrily to commemorate his fart. The scourge is bold enough to talk nonsense and put you in jail. I saw Zhao Xiaonian say that, who would dare to say anything? It’s just that I feel a little wronged.
I can’t help but complain that Brother Nian is just someone you just met.
Why give him face? You’re a human.
Not to mention that the second master is an elder, so we have to respect it, not to mention that the second master Zhao is also a third-party relative of my family. No one is allowed to say this anymore. The Lord didn’t say anything just now, just said that the prince was mourning and the emperor was sad, so he ordered not to drink and have fun.
What he said made the crowd angry, and many people began to refute that he was destined to take a bath, but Zhao Erye spoke from the very beginning. Thieves early in the morning, some people didn’t like it, and now it’s just a concentrated explosion. It’s just that saying such things in public will inevitably cause trouble. Be a human being and save them for future encounters. I don’t want to make him too embarrassing. Zhao Xiaonian stopped the conversation, and it’s just that in this world.
It’s only been a few days.
Zhao Xiaonian thought it was quite fun.
Before that, he was the director of a sales department of an insurance company.
On the way to accompany the team member Fan Jie to expand her business, she met Fan Jie’s husband.
When I opened my eyes, I saw Xiao Jinzi’s lovely face. Of course, after traveling to this world, he also inherited all the memories of Zhao Xiaonian, who has the same name and surname as himself.
Ting even had endless hatred. Hearing this, when he looked up, he saw a strong man with a muscular body and a few scars on his body, staring angrily at him.
Don’t hide Zhang Mazi, Zhang Mazi, the pile driver of Black Wind Fort, heard this, everyone screamed and fled away, that’s right, this burly man is Zhang Mazi, the gangster of Heifeng Fort In less than a year, Hexi committed more than 30 crimes, all of which are sensational and outrageous, but it so happens that this person has committed a heinous crime, but his martial arts skills are extremely high. He is entrenched in Wolongling, where there are many gangsters in Black Wind Castle, and no one dared to provoke him last year. After hearing about his evil deeds, a young hero made an appointment to fight with him in the desert, but he didn’t expect that his powerful aura would injure him and die under his palm without even making a move. Alas, he has become even more arrogant and domineering since then He often leads his subordinates to do evil and crimes. It is clear that at the beginning of this year, the first major crime he committed was to enter Hexi Fort and kill his two sons in front of the king’s castle owner.
Hanging the corpses of the castle owner’s family at the gate is a demonstration to the government, but in the end the government didn’t give a message, which made Black Wind Castle rampant. I didn’t expect this guy to be so bold now that he dared to come here alone. When I first saw him, I couldn’t help but be surprised, but as the saying goes, thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, he is no longer the same Zhao Xiaonian as before What will he do next? Zhao Xiaonian is very clear about what will happen next in his mind.
Zhang Mazi will definitely get down on the ground with a roar, and then use this opportunity to rush forward and press him in the water to drown him alive. Don’t think that Zhao Xiaonian is not what it used to be. When he yelled to get down, he would blurt out a sentence, “kneel down and then attack others.
” They swarmed up and killed him in the bath pool, that’s right, they are all people with super powers, Zhang Pocky has a trick, that is, as long as he yells to get down, others will fall to the ground involuntarily, how can that young man even He was killed without a single move, not because of Zhang Mazi’s strong aura, but because Zhao Xiaonian had used this insidious move before, and it can be said that he had already died, but he didn’t expect it now The original Zhao Xiaonian traveled over again and became a substitute, so he is still alive, but it is also a blessing in disguise. He actually has such an ability, yes, as long as he yells and kneels down, others will kneel down involuntarily.