At this moment what is composure what is counterattack and what is escape Let him abuse run run die hahahaha he is dead hahaha like

This feeling makes me feel glad that at least I’m still alive.
When the cruise ship capsized, I was forced to jump into the icy sea. The coldness that penetrated my bones is still fresh in my memory. Then I grabbed a board and it took me to swim for a long time. Later, I gradually became stiff and I don’t remember anything. I really want to sleep now. My eyelids are heavy and my stomach rolls, but I don’t even agree to such a small request. The sound of rushing sea water is like a lullaby. I really want to just sleep I finally opened my eyes in the past and it was exactly as I expected I was soaked in the sea like a board being washed and shaken I don’t know how long it took but it definitely took all my strength I finally left Although the distance I moved should not be more than ten meters, at least I am lying on the dry sand now. The sun makes the sand very warm.
The strong exhaustion made me fall asleep again. It should be afternoon when I wake up again. It’s so hot I have a hunch I’m going to be roasted if I don’t get out of here Survival instinct makes me stand up but my body keeps resisting my commands I’m so thirsty I feel like my throat is about to burn my lips I’m so hungry, I wish I could have a bowl of rice, not even ten bowls, my skin, muscles, and bones all ached.
Not far away, there seemed to be a few tall coconut trees.
Finally, I came under the tree and luckily picked up a few fallen ones. A broken piece of coconut on the ground helped me solve the problem of opening the coconut.
It took hours, although it felt like centuries, but I finally drank delicious coconut water.
It tasted absolutely the best I drank in my life. Delicious sweet juice moistens my lips, flows over the tip of my tongue, flows down my throat, this should be the feeling of happiness After drinking the fifth coconut, I finally feel full I am sitting next to the root of the tree Leaning on the roots of the tree, I started to think about how beautiful the sunset is on the sea, but I’m really not in the mood to watch it, and I’m starting to worry, what if no one is looking for me, what if someone comes and can’t find me, what if I’m stuck here I’m really worried but I have to think about the sunset and the nightfall I didn’t expect it to be so soon I just thought about a few questions and now I’m getting scared I don’t know if there are any beasts here I don’t know if there are ghosts here I don’t know here Will there be anything I don’t know I’m scared I’m afraid to shout even though I want to I’m scared of the dark I’m scared of the darkness of this strange place I feel like there’s an eye staring at me in the dark I feel my My back is so cold, even though I know my back is sweating, I’m afraid that someone will suddenly pat me from behind, I feel like my nerves are stretched so long like a rubber band, the limit may be in the next moment, the next second All kinds of strange sounds will break, like a magic barrier, they will keep drilling into my ears, and they won’t stop devouring my courage. I stare at the distant sea with all my strength, and I really hope that there will be a bright light in the next second, even if it’s just a ship.
passing wheel Even if the boat is just a beam of light, I am so afraid that suddenly something terrifying appears in my field of vision, and I dare not move. I am so exhausted that almost every organ in my body is protesting my movements. They all tell me that they need to rest, but I don’t. It is my brain that is most active now, and I can’t stop it. All the horror scenes I remember are playing in my mind in a loop. The more I feel like this, the more I am afraid of the sea breeze blowing on me in the middle of the night.
It’s so cold, I feel like I’m about to freeze But I didn’t dare to move, I was afraid that the sound of moving would attract predatory creatures, I trembled amidst the rustling sound, I instinctively took out a pocket of cigarettes, the cigarette was still there, it was completely deformed by the pressure, and the lighter was also there Still trying to light a cigarette, I took a deep breath and my tense nerves were slightly relaxed The discomfort finally overcame the fear, and I braced myself to pick up the leaves on the ground.
Finally, I got enough branches and leaves.
At this time, my clothes were soaked in cold sweat.
Gathering those dry dead branches and leaves, the fire was finally lit by me.
Leaning on the torso of the coconut tree, my heart is a little more stable against the backdrop of the fire, but I still dare not look at the dark woods around me, I am afraid that I will suddenly see something terrifying, staring at the jumping flames, I began to feel sleepy. When I was about to fall asleep in a daze, I felt someone slapping my shoulder and I jumped up suddenly. The trampling sound of branches and leaves sounded one after another, I felt my heart couldn’t take it anymore, I was breathing very hard, the adrenaline hormone should have soared to the highest value in history, I bite the bullet and looked behind me, my hands clenched into fists at the same time, fear can’t dominate me The longing for survival was silent and dark without any discovery.
I looked down at the place where I was just leaning on the coconut tree. I couldn’t help laughing at myself.
The nervousness was greatly relieved.
It turned out that a branch of the tree where I was leaning was quietly Lying over there should be a big tree next to the coconut tree.
After falling from the big tree, the drowsiness that frightened me completely disappeared. Although my heart was still beating so fast, the fear dissipated a little. It didn’t take long before I started to have a stomachache, as if I was hit by an electric drill. Shocking, the intestinal tract is full of air-wriggling sounds, one after another, I found a depression near the fire, and I started to solve it on the spot. Unexpectedly, this was just the beginning of the pain. In just a few tens of minutes, I pulled it five times and once.
One repetition made me lie down on the ground when I was already strong