At this moment the two security guards over there pressed over a young man a thief caught Yang Fan a smile appeared on the corner

Shy by nature, he is not afraid of confrontation with death. In order to find his senior sister and protect all kinds of beauties, he fights decisively all the way across the city.
Chapter Desperate Woman Yang Fan, who has only seen beautiful women on TV, felt that the sleeping woman in front of him was so beautiful for the first time. The light is very dark in the factory building of garbage and old machines. Looking out of the window, there is nothing but pitch black.
There is no light to be seen. Yang Fan, who smells of alcohol, has a severe headache and opens his eyes in a daze. What kind of bullshit is that local master? The old man asked him to go down the mountain to find his senior sister. It only took a month for him to go down the mountain for the first time.
It was inevitable that he would feel free and liberated. He drank a little more wine in the passing town and his head was dizzy. I don’t know, I didn’t expect the wine at the foot of the mountain to be so strong. He didn’t drink much and fell unconscious.
The woman in front of him fell asleep. Her long hair covered half of her stunningly beautiful face.
The golden ratio of the body curve made Yang Fan just come down the mountain. How long does it take to see a woman? The country bumpkin can’t help but take a few more glances.
His hands are behind his back, he is handcuffed, his feet are also tied with a rope, and he really wants to wake up this strange woman and try a few times. It all failed. Such a dilapidated place looks like the wilderness from the outside, which is very suitable for the place where criminals have seen on TV. Yang Fan can’t help worrying that this woman may be doomed this time. Anyway, he is a country bumpkin who came to the city with money. But just a few hundred yuan down the mountain, it is impossible to offend anyone. There is nothing to worry about. After waiting for about half an hour, the woman finally woke up and scratched the back of her head with her hand, and finally woke up.
Yang Fan asked in a low voice. The bomb made the woman startled suddenly, looking at the strange man not far away, he still asked you very forcefully, who are you? Do I still need to ask this question? At the same time, in such a place, you are in a dangerous situation. The same is the end of the world. People, Yang Fan stretched his voice and sighed. Seeing that Yang Fan’s hands and feet were tied, the woman felt relieved, rubbed her legs, stood up, went to the door, and pulled the locked door a few times, but tried again. Shouted a few times, is there anyone? No one answered. There is only the sound of wind whistling outside the door. Save some effort. Yang Fan, who was sitting on the ground, reminded me that when all my efforts are in vain, this woman is the proud girl in the Xinghai City shopping mall. In the eyes of countless people, the goddess in the dream is sitting powerlessly on the weed-covered ground. She has long forgotten that she has a cleanliness. She was kidnapped and the result is self-evident. No matter what the secret is, Murong Yan is pessimistically imagining her own destiny, she has no power to escape, and there is only one young kid beside her, and she can’t count on it at all, her mind is spinning rapidly all the time Concerned about what to do, he directly ignored Yang Fan who was next to him. At this time, Yang Fan could vaguely see the whole picture of the woman in front of her. The beauties who are at the level of confidante and troublemaker didn’t understand much before. They rushed to the crown and became a confidante or King Zhou You’s beacon drama.
The princes paid the whole country for a woman. When he saw this woman, Yang Fan understood that if he really fell in love with the one in front of him. The woman is afraid that he will do anything for her regardless of everything.
There are solid footsteps outside the door. The lights in the whole room are also on. From the crack in the door, you can clearly see seven or eight strong men outside the door.
There are weapons, machetes and pistols everywhere, boo, someone came in, Yang Fan made a reminder, Murong Yan’s body couldn’t help shaking, she looked at Yang Fan in despair, pretending to sleep, let’s see what’s going on first, Yang Fan whispered a suggestion, Murong Yan understood, immediately fell into the weeds and pretended to sleep Opened the door and walked in.
A man took a flashlight and took a photo inside. There was no problem, and then he locked the door. The two could clearly hear the sound of the key being inserted in the lock and the conversations of the people outside the door.
One said a folk song, and the boy still Didn’t wake up, Murong Yan, this woman is still sleeping, I guess I took too much medicine, and the effect of the medicine hasn’t passed yet Folk song What to do with these two people The man asked another rough voice, said that the kid looks healthy and younger anyway, pick it up on the road The drunk who arrived was free money. Tomorrow morning, the two kidneys were sold to the black clinic.
The other organs were bought for hundreds of thousands. What about the woman? The man asked again. Of course the business is to make money. Just now Mr. Ye called and waited until tomorrow morning to make plans. Folk song, this woman is so beautiful, so it’s a pity to let it go like this. Get the headgear ready in a while, don’t show your face. Cameras and video recorders are all ready in a while.
Everyone has a chance to take pictures one by one to make the photos clearer. But you pay attention, no matter how you play, you can’t hurt this woman. We understand haha ​​I developed the folk songs and we couldn’t wait for the ghosts and wolves to howl outside the door.
Yang Fan in the house was lucky. Murong Yan’s body was already trembling outside the door. If there were no miracles, she would know better today. Her fate was ruined by this group of scumbags and beasts, and photos and videos were taken to threaten her in the future. She didn’t dare to think about it.
She put her head in her hands and completely despaired. Are you okay? Yang Fan asked Murong Yan in a low voice.
Yang Fan raised his head and stared at Yang Fan with deep and desperate eyes. It took a full minute for Murong Yan to return to normal. What is your name?