At this moment the girl moved she suddenly seemed to be a different person her whole body was like an unsheathed sword her sharpness was

How does a traveler from another world master the laws of this world? Magic, vindictiveness, the fall and rise of continental empires, the decay and glory of races and tribes, the sole heir to the ultimate power of the gods, will he choose to take advantage of the situation to subvert all living beings, or use destruction to inherit? A brand new era, one day even this continent will crawl under my feet General History of the Empire Joser King’s Biography Chapter 1 Lost Joser looked at the scene in front of him, swallowed hard and rubbed his eyes vigorously for a long time before falling down Taking a low breath, I finally couldn’t help shouting, what the hell is going on? Not far away is a large desert, only rolling sand dunes and a few isolated pinnacles.
The yellow sand disappeared into the blurry horizon. A gust of wind carried it past. Some dust still kicked up José’s face and he seemed to be oblivious to it. José’s shock was justified because he had just stepped out of the hatch and was standing on the deck of a huge icebreaker, yes it was.
An Antarctic scientific research ship As for Joseph, he is 20 years old this year and is a college student.
Although the name his father gave him sounds somewhat Western, he is indeed a native of China.
Joseph looks ordinary.
He is tall and thin, and usually has a restrained personality He is quite wealthy, his parents run a multinational company and he lives abroad all the year round, but he doesn’t like life abroad, so he has been staying at the home of his uncle in the domestic city.
By chance, he saw that this scientific expedition was a bit of a technical geek on an international scientific website. Out of some interest, he sent out his resume.
What he didn’t expect was that after a series of almost rigorous selections by the organizer, he actually succeeded in getting the qualification to participate. He calmed down his initially agitated mood, and Joseph convinced him again. After leaving my parents and uncle, I just took advantage of the winter vacation time to participate in the Antarctic scientific expedition project of this international scientific expedition team. The scientific expedition went smoothly because it was only an experiential scientific expedition project, so there were only 20 volunteers including him. Most of them are scientific expedition enthusiasts from all over the world. Joseph’s English is not bad.
After more than a month, although everyone doesn’t know everything well, they get along well with them.
Considering that these participants are non-professional personnel after all. The duration of the examination was only a short period of more than one month. On the contrary, there was a lot of time delay in the middle of the trip.
However, after completing the scientific examination for more than one month, unexpectedly encountered a strong force when passing through the South Indian Ocean on the way back to Australia. It is reasonable to say that there are very few such big storms in the season of the return trip, but the crew members are not too flustered.
After all, they are all experienced sailors. Although this scientific research ship is only a small ship, it can handle it well. Such an extratropical storm, but the crew soon felt that something was wrong. They were surprised to find that all the instruments on board could not operate normally, as if they had received some kind of strong magnetism.
The influence of the field At this time, someone tried to call for help with a mobile phone, but was shocked to find that all communication methods had failed, and even the positioning system connected to the satellite could not work. Heck, that is the most advanced seven-star navigation system in the country.
What makes people helpless is that they lost their course.
All the communication equipment in the ship was paralyzed and faced with the violent storm, even the old crew members were shocked.
All the volunteers were gathered in a relatively safe area, but faced with such an environment, some of them even sat paralyzed.
The earth could only cry or pray continuously.
The storm, thunder and lightning became more and more intense. The wind and waves mixed with electric light dyed the whole sky black and white.
Finally, Joseph in the cabin saw a flash of lightning flashing purple electric light through the glass window. He slammed hard on the bow of the scientific research ship.
Before he could react, Joseph felt that the things in front of him became blurred in an instant, and his eyes began to lose consciousness.
Before he lost consciousness, there was only one thought in his mind, the purple lightning, I must.
It’s a blind eye, but now when he wakes up in a daze and finds everything in front of him, he can’t believe it.
He was still sailing on the sea before he passed out. After a storm, even people and boats ran to this shitless place.
Calm in the desert, José took a deep breath.
His first reaction was to check his condition.
There was nothing missing. Except for just waking up with a headache and no discomfort or abnormality, he felt relieved and tried to find other people in the boat.
Under the premise that the situation is unclear, the first thing to do is to find everyone.
No matter what, he must find a way to gather everyone together. What made him even more panicked was that he searched the cabins one by one and found that all the cabins were empty lounges. Half an hour later, Joseph finally slumped on the deck with a pale face. He remembered very clearly that the crew and the scientific expedition team were all on board, but now he seemed to be the only one left on the ship.
He felt something in his mouth.
Feeling miserable, I couldn’t help but flustered, something was wrong, why was I the only one left, and everyone else went there, but Joseph still tried his best to calm down his ups and downs, because his parents were not around all the year round, and he was quite resolute, so usually He was calm and steady when things went wrong. It was just this sudden turn of events that made him feel a bit lost.
After calming down, José began to think about what to do next. Here is where the hell is the scientific research ship appearing in this desert? There are so many people on board.
Where did he go? There were no traces of fighting or bullets on the ship. Considering the large number of people on board, if it was a terrorist attack, it would be impossible to leave clues. The possibility of being hijacked by a group could basically be ruled out.
He pondered for a moment and then turned his gaze to the wilderness outside the ship.