At this moment Shang Jianyao and Han Wanghuo yelled at the same time the latter yelled Your Excellency the Bishop the former yelled it was

Where the earth is fertile, like flowing milk and honey, where the sun is shining brightly, as if it can wash away the cold and gloom, and people no longer have to face desolation, monsters, infection, distortion, and all kinds of dangerous things, where children are happy and adults are happy Everything is beautiful.
Every antiquities scholar, relic hunter and history researcher knows that this is the first prelude to the new world.
The first chapter is uniformly allocated. The outer wall of the area is gray and green, and the activity center is covered with various graffiti.
Six or seven people The girls walked in with expressions of excitement, anticipation, or nervousness. Their clothes were simple in color and monotonous in color, mainly blue, black, and green, but they all looked exquisite and youthful. Just glanced at the only LCD screen on the entire floor. The leading girl couldn’t help but whisper. Said that I don’t know what kind of husband the company will assign me, mainly because of my personality.
The girl next to her in a green shirt and blue trousers bit her lower lip and said, as the second generation of genetically modified drugs, they are not worried about their future husband.
The girl in the lead glanced at her partner in terms of looks and height.
You forgot that those who participated in the unified marriage include people of our age and those whose wives have passed away. Some of them are in their forties or fifties without embryos There are many flaws in the genetic improvement stage.
In order to ensure that there are enough newborns, the company they work in stipulates that all those who are full-year-old or have graduated from higher education and have not freely married will be arranged by the company. Those who do not accept a spouse will be punished by the Order Supervision Department for the first time. Violation of reducing energy rationing and deduction of corresponding contribution points The second violation is expelled from the company and left to fend for itself in the ashes We don’t expect future husbands. Another girl in the family joins the discussion and makes a joke. The company is divided into three levels.
One is the top employee from the top to the other. The second is the management from the representative director to the corresponding board member. Scientist three has no letter code, only one title, that is the big boss, an unusually mysterious lady, wearing a green jacket and blue trousers, the girl curled her mouth and said, when did you hear that people on ordinary floors are assigned to floors, and their spouses are grades? The floors where the managers live have ample energy supply. The per capita housing area is more than ten times that of the floors where ordinary employees live. Moreover, these four floors have their own independent elevators, water purification, ventilation, sewage, and education systems. Their children normally do not have much to do with ordinary employees. The only exception to exposure is the higher education level, because there is only one university in the entire company. The children of ordinary employees need an exam to decide whether to start work or go to college, while the children of management can receive higher education without exams. There is no one in the company who does not want to be a manager. There is no one at the upper level who doesn’t want to have a relationship with the management. As for the big boss, let alone ordinary employees, they don’t even know what he looks like. They can only hear her voice on the radio during the event, so few people fantasize about being appreciated by the big boss, jumping up to the management, of course, there are very few expressions, but there are not many, but the girl in the lead laughs, so I keep you in the school Let’s see if you love freely.
Chen Bei’s husband was booked by the material management department as soon as he graduated.
The family must have a background. Said that Meng Xia admitted without shame at all that she didn’t have the courage to laugh about it for a while. The girl in the green jacket and blue trousers asked Meng Xia curiously, do you know what level Chen Bei’s husband’s family is in? You have always been familiar with Meng Xia. He glanced at it and lowered his voice and said, “It’s the Operations Cluster Director of the Ministry of Security. Wow, when the girls were amazed, a group of young men walked in at the gate of the activity center. The two groups looked at each other for a few seconds, and each shyly averted their eyes.
After all, no one said anything.” Forbid my future husband and wife to be there or not.
A man who is about 1 meter tall and has a clean frame looks at the old tables in the activity center and the benches and chairs around the tables. Companion Dao Shang Jian Yao, what kind of wife do you think the company will assign to me? His companion probably has straight eyebrows, brown eyes, and bright face.
His face is deeply lined.
Black hair is slightly messy and covers half of his forehead.
This young man named Shang Jian Yao looks sideways. He glanced at his partner and said, first of all, you have to be assigned before you can talk about what it looks like. He is wearing a dark blue two-piece suit, his arms are bulging, and the fabric draws a little line. He looks masculine and powerful, isn’t it so unlucky? He is only two meters taller than the female, and the male with relatively ordinary facial features smiled. His expression gradually settled, and he wondered if they would look down on me because I have undergone genetic modification, so I am not handsome. See Yao said with a serious expression, this is not the key, the key is your name, Long Yuehong, what’s wrong with this name? My father’s surname is Long, and my mother’s name has a red letter.
How meaningful is it? I will look at my height, my appearance, it is said that it is random after excluding blood relationship, will they treat me as a woman because of the name and assign me a husband? What can I do? Biological organ transplantation, neural reconstruction, artificial uterus, perfect solution to the problem, Long Yuehong laughed awkwardly, haha, how could it be possible, I mean how could they have made a mistake, and every document on me was written as male.
Your thinking is really strange, isn’t it normal? Should you be thinking about making a complaint?