At this moment no one wants to gain power more than Huo Xiling while You Yusui He hugged Huo Xiling in his arms and said

How is the crown prince’s condition? Dr. Li saw that Dr.
Li was resting on the prince’s wrist, feeling the prince’s weaker and weaker pulse. He couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth at an angle that Fu Bao couldn’t see. This pulse can’t be saved even if the prince dies, the imperial concubine.
The eldest prince who is born can be registered as the prince by virtue of his eldest son status, and he can rely on the imperial concubine and the eldest prince Qingyun to ascend to power and wealth in front of his eyes. Doctor Li curled his lips and felt the pulse of his subordinates getting weaker and weaker, and finally disappeared completely. There was a flash of joy in the eyes.
At this moment, the prince whose pulse had disappeared suddenly opened his eyes and sat up suddenly.
The prince’s eyes were like blood, his eyes were like swords, like the scene of a corpse fraud. Grabbed his wrist, knocked him over to the ground, and then gave him a heart-pounding kick.
Physician Li fainted after finishing speaking.
You Yusui, who just woke up, looked at the familiar scene in the palace Familiar people have become numb. This is his sixteenth rebirth. That’s right. He died fifteen times.
The best result after death is a thin coffin. The worst result is no bones left. The worst result I have ever received The posthumous title was chosen by his own father, the emperor, and the evaluation given by Li was that he was born to suppress his mother’s arrogance and extravagance. He disrespected his father, murdered his brother, and was in vain as a son.
The tragic death of the first life made You Yusui unbelievable that he worked hard to be a good father.
The prince in the emperor’s heart modified his gorgeous and flying appearance to be light and gentle. The father was close to the poor family, and he was courteous and corporal. The father wanted a capable prince, so he made himself seriously ill from exhaustion, but what he waited for was poisonous wine, a cup of thin coffin and buried.
And a posthumous title. In the history books, only the posthumous title of a tyrannical monarch is Li. Later, he was reborn, but every time he was reborn, he died in a different way.
Even the funeral with no bones left was extremely shabby, which made people feel cold.
It’s not that Sui didn’t think about resisting fate, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t escape the tragic death before the weak crown.
After experiencing fifteen tragic deaths and rebirths, he realized that since he couldn’t escape the fate of tragic death, why didn’t he live happily before his life and make some efforts to make himself after death. Lying in the best coffin, sleeping in the largest mausoleum, placing the most funeral objects on the most beautiful posthumous posthumous title, so You Yusui, who strives to be happy, opened his eyes and decisively kicked Li Taiyi, who was under the imperial concubine, You Yusui, from opening his eyes to kicking The process of flying to the imperial doctor happened so fast that even Eunuch Fubao, who was focused on the main thing, didn’t react. He waited until Li Taiyi passed out and passed out.
Then, Eunuch Fubao rushed over and cried, “Your Highness, it’s great that you wake up. If you don’t wake up again, the slaves will be fine.
” I want to go with you You Yusui looked at Fubao who was crying, patted him and said, “Be good, wait for Guzhen to die, then save your strength and cry, Fubao immediately pouted when he heard this Hearing this, You Yusui smiled and said in his heart that he has never done it once in fifteen lifetimes. After living through the weak crown, he looked at Li Taiyi who had passed out and said, “This man said that the lonely corpse is a ghost.
I think he has a ghost in his heart.
He dragged it out and handed it over to Dali Temple for trial for murdering the prince.
After the voice fell, immediately there were people from the East Palace. After dragging him out and tidying it up, Imperial Physician Li Fubao quickly ordered the imperial physician beside Hou to ask for the prince’s pulse But I just feel sorry for the prince’s illness.
I’ve lost a lot of weight these days. I’m afraid that the prince’s court clothes have become much more lenient.
After a while, five imperial physicians checked the pulse and confirmed the pulse.
They finally came to the conclusion that the prince’s body is safe.
Hearing this, You Yusui immediately fell ill to one side, then coughed hard a few times, tears welled up on the eyelashes in an instant, and the pale face of the prince was extremely weak, I felt sorry for Fu Bao soon Then he glared at the imperial doctor with his eyes, the meaning is obviously called Da’an, the imperial doctors are also very speechless, the prince kicked a grown man away just after waking up, isn’t this called Da’an, and the prince who was leaning on the bed coughed a few times, feeling lonely and uneasy He is very disturbed, if he is settled, how can he find a reason not to help his good father handle government affairs? You know, one of the 15th lives died from overwork and died of illness. Then he couldn’t help laughing, this is his best ending. The leading imperial physician hesitated for a moment and said that it is normal for the prince to recover from a serious illness and be in poor health.
Fangzi helped His Royal Highness take good care of his health, thank you the imperial physician You Yusui said weakly, it seemed that there was a sickness between his eyebrows and eyes, but the imperial physician wrote the prescription within a cup of tea Eating has no effect on anything.
After prescribing the prescription, the imperial physician looked at You Yusui, then bowed to the Taoist officials, and then resigned from Fubao to send a few imperial physicians.
The imperial doctor arrived at the gate of the East Palace, and another person gave him a heart.
This time, You Yusui sat up from the bed and looked like he was about to get out of bed with bare feet. My little ancestor, what are you doing? He hurriedly pushed You Yusui back, and then scolded the little maid and eunuch for not doing things wholeheartedly. After Fubao put on the shoes and socks for You Yusui himself, he stood up and asked You Yusui if His Highness wanted to dress You Yusui.
Sui’s appearance and sequence are similar to facial features, beautiful eyebrows, raised phoenix eyes, slightly raised at the end of the eyes, and a bright red cinnabar mole that is so soul-stirring. This appearance is too gorgeous.
You Yusui often uses women in order to be a satisfactory prince. makeup to cover up the mole at the end of his eyes