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The physique from ten thousand years ago at the outer gate of the Shengyang Sect of Yunfeng Mountain is approaching at night. On the narrow and twisted back mountain road of Yunfeng Mountain, a few fifteen or sixteen-year-old young people are carrying a seriously injured boy with a bruised nose and a swollen face. These people are still swearing and swearing, they can’t hit the fox, and they are messed up all over. Originally, they thought that they could secretly go to the Spirit Wood Garden to pick a few stalks of spiritual grass and sell them. This month will be a little easier.
I didn’t expect that I didn’t pick a single blade of grass.
It was almost a big trouble, a skinny young man said, you are content, this time not being caught by the criminal court is not bad, another dark-skinned young man said hey, Brother Wang Lun, this time it is thanks to you, if it were not for you It has something to do with a certain brother in the punishment hall. He randomly caught a scapegoat to take the blame for us.
This time we are all in big trouble. Another monkey-faced boy laughed and said that there are spots on his nose, like a strawberry on his face. Wang Lun’s young man had a dark complexion, looked at the seriously injured boy they were carrying, and smiled sarcastically, and said, “Jian Mu is the only one who is unlucky.” Originally, he wanted to settle it peacefully, but he didn’t expect to let this boy go to cover him, but he couldn’t do it. If you still dare to resist, we can only beat the disabled and throw it to the punishment hall to make this matter go away. Yes, Jian Mu, this little waste doesn’t know how to flatter him, so he thought that the old elder could take care of him when he was alive? The monkey-faced boy who took him seriously laughed sarcastically and said, Throw him to the ruins of the back mountain and let him fend for himself, it’s best to die quickly and avoid causing trouble by talking nonsense everywhere, the skinny young man said, huh, dare to talk nonsense Luanyu beat him up again. Wang Lun said coldly. Not long after, they came to the ruins of the back mountain. There is a river leading to the underground river. If you die, don’t cause trouble for us.
It’s not easy.
He’s half dead now.
Throwing him into the river and rushing into the underground river will surely kill him.
People come to take the blame for themselves, and they want to kill their mouths after the incident.
It can be said that they are very vicious, but from the disgusted eyes of these people towards the seriously injured young man, it can be seen that they did not take this young man’s life seriously at all, as if they were seeing him. Like an ant, who cares about the life of an ant? It can be trampled to death with just one foot. Let me come.
The skinny boy walked over and cast a disgusted glance at Jianmu lying on the ground, then kicked him into the river of ruins.
The splashing boy fell into the river, Wang Lun, the skinny boy and the monkey-faced boy, and the three quickly left this place and disappeared into the night. Not long after, there was a crash in another part of the river. With all his strength, he swam to the shore, and the whole person lay there panting heavily. He had passed out just now, but after the impact of the cold river water, he immediately woke up. Knowing his situation, he was shocked and climbed up with all his strength.
Shore people can awaken their inner strength in a big crisis Potential hangs in the air, this time life is in danger, these beasts are too deceitful, in the future, if I have the strength, I, Jianmu, will be the first to beat you bastards, Jianmu cursed viciously, but soon Jianmu Thinking of his own situation, he couldn’t help but smile wryly again. Can he really gain strength? Since he was a child, he worked hard to cultivate and longed to improve. He didn’t want to disappoint the old elders, but it didn’t help. Jian Mu grew up in the outer courtyard of Shengyang Sect.
The children picked up by the old elders from the outside were brought into the Shengyang Sect to let Jianmu get in touch with practice. There are thousands of practitioners in the world, all of whom aim to condense vitality and practice profound arts.
The power beyond the heaven and the earth makes people yearn for thousands of cultivation techniques in the world. It is said that in ancient times, there were many ways of cultivation, such as body training, strength training, witchcraft, fairy arts, etc.
But with the changes of history, the changes in the world finally only have the mystery.
The pulse is immortal. The other cultivation systems have either declined or been eliminated. Even the immortal method is known as unknown. So far, no one dares to practice Jianmu. In order to repay the old elder’s kindness of nurturing, he practiced desperately, but unfortunately his cultivation progress is very slow.
People of the same age, even ordinary people with mediocre talents, have achieved a little achievement in five years of practice, but Jianmu’s cultivation progress is slow and scary Can open up the Qi Palace, become a spiritual realm, enter the official school of the Holy Sun Sect, and become a disciple of the Holy Sun Sect. Jianmu began to practice at the age of ten, but the progress was slow.
For this reason, the old elder asked the high-level officials of the Holy Sun Sect to check Jianmu’s body, but he was accidentally informed of Jianmu. Mu is an ancient physique, and none of these physiques is a phenomenon of atavism, just like the primitive people tens of thousands of years ago. According to historical records, the environment of the great world in the ancient times tens of thousands of years ago made it very difficult for human physiques to cultivate.
It would take decades for an aura environment to take place. The reason is that in the ancient times, the vitality of the special cultivation of the human body would automatically dissipate most of it to strengthen the flesh and blood body. Therefore, all the people of that era were physically strong, but no matter how strong they were.
It’s just that the body of flesh and blood can’t reach the spiritual realm.
After all, the lifespan is only a hundred years, and they will be eliminated soon. It’s just that with the changes in the world, the physique of the human race is finally transformed and can practice, but there will still be some ancestors who have the physique of ancient times and are not suitable for cultivation. Jian Mu is exactly like this.
He is a throwback to the ancient physique.
Most of the vitality cultivated in these years has been deprived of by the flesh and blood body, so the progress is slow.
The ancient physique can only be cultivated to the spiritual realm after decades. Even if Jian Mu can reach the spiritual realm at the age of thirty Time to become a spirit realm, that also abolishes the thirty-year-old spirit realm