At this moment Li Mingjie was Drilled into another box the box was playing music at the moment but there was only one person in

At school, I was a bully. My buddy Xin Hai covered me, and I was doing well. A few days ago, I had a girlfriend named Han Shuang.
She is quite beautiful. She usually likes to wear black silk.
It makes me feel good when I look at it, but my friends.
It is said that she is quite dishonest. I have dated several people and I didn’t care.
Anyway, I’m not a virgin. Everyone doesn’t owe anyone what they need. Until yesterday, when I was at home watching a movie and studying island culture, a friend gave it to me. The phone call almost didn’t scare me to death, I asked him in annoyance what he wanted me for, thinking he wanted me to treat me to dinner again, so I said I have no money and let him go, my friend has no birds, I yelled at the phone, Su Zuo, your mother is going to explode Click here, your girlfriend is playing with others here, fuck your mother, your girlfriend is only playing with others, she is slandering Han Shuang, be careful, I tell you to get out of here, I cursed and hung up the phone, these grandchildren are getting better and better After playing, I hung up the phone and continued to communicate about my island culture.
Suddenly, I slammed on the computer desk and cursed inwardly. If you answer the phone, you will be sprayed.
I have no choice but to back off for two minutes and replay the wonderful place. Then the phone drops There were two beeps, I knew it was WeChat, so I didn’t care what I’m doing right now. I don’t have time to care about who.
After reading it, I turned on my phone and took a look, wondering which girl asked me to go out on a date.
But the next moment it’s not the case My friend sent a photo of Han Shuang. In the photo, Han Shuang is lying in the arms of a boy wearing gold-rimmed glasses, and the boy’s hands are not honest.
When he touches me on Han Shuang’s back, his face froze instantly, and I froze. With a bang, he dropped his phone and roared, Han Shuang, what the hell are you cuckolding me? I slammed the door and went to take a car to a bar near my home.
Mom force me to get the hell out of here. I pushed the security guard in front of me.
Are you kidding? My brain is going to explode right now.
You asked me to show my membership card. Besides, I don’t come to places like bars once in eight hundred years. The security guard with the membership card saw me and ran right behind me and kept yelling, sir, you haven’t shown your membership card yet.
I rushed in and looked around for Han Shuang’s figure. I can’t understand her voice so cool, I just ran and passed, and sure enough, I saw Han Shuang wearing the dress I bought for her with the left over 3,000 yuan for her birthday last time I ate instant noodles for a month.
That man is really the one with gold eyes in the photo, he looks like a gentleman? His hand keeps slipping on Han Shuang’s back, I can’t see him anymore, go up and yell, fuck your mother, it’s the man with gold eyes The boy was sitting, but I kicked him to the back of the sofa. At this time, Han Shuang was also taken aback. Seeing that it was me, Su Suzuo looked a little flustered.
Why is it you? When he came back with anger, there were two big mouths, Han Shuang suddenly had two red handprints on his face, he squatted on the ground and began to cry The man stood up from behind the sofa, looked at me fiercely, and said arrogantly, you little brat, who the hell are you, what the hell are you playing with my wife, and you have the nerve to ask me who I am? I know who is talking about me? I still want to go up and beat him. I know it’s nothing more than a rich young master fighting.
Xiaobai can kick him with a few feet.
But the man with gold glasses doesn’t seem to be the case. He calmly took out the phone I made a call, and just as soon as I put down the phone, a group of people surged up outside the door. A man with a long body like O’Neill who smashed a rebound in his arms drove me away.
At this time, the man with gold spectacles went back to the sofa and took out a cigarette from his pocket in an extremely chic way It’s coming to break ground on Tai Sui’s head, you can figure it out. At this time, Han Shuang sat back on Jinsi Nan’s lap again.
I twisted my body to cater to Jinsi Nan’s words, and I felt like I offended a big shot today. The man turned his eyes to me, and I trembled all over.
Not an opponent at all, it might even be killed in seconds, thinking about it, I ran out quickly Han Shuang wanted to do whatever he wanted to save his life, but it was too late, the man dragged me back like a chicken I got up, fell hard on the ground, and immediately a group of people came up and kicked me in a circle. For a while, I didn’t know where to protect, and then I just covered my face with one hand and covered the rest of the place with one hand. You can hit it however you like. It took a while for the man with gold rim glasses to stop and look at me in a state of distress like a dog, boy, do you know that this bar is owned by my family, then you are still running wild at my house, I lay on the ground and didn’t speak because I know that at this time, the spectators have gathered in a circle, most of them are most of the students. If I show my face, how can I still be in the school? Come on, wave your hands, come here, brother, you call me a boy who looks like a horse boy, stood up from the crowd, and now I was lying on the ground, holding my face in my hand, and through my fingers, I found this horse boy, I know a boy in our class who is usually pretty Crazy when I see someone who is awesome, I call him brother. I always feel that I am also awesome.
Everyone knows him. In fact, it is nothing. The man with gold glasses is very chic.
He generously took out five bright red hundred yuan from the baguette.
Daqian said to Ma Tsai