At this crucial moment it was actually a girl who was speaking Its effective dont delay any more lets rush up to the altar and

What I do is deliver the dead bodies.
I like to sleep during the day and I like to come to my door at midnight. Emotional metaphysics. Chapter 1 First night. My name is Chopin. The address, especially in Midnight, people call me Suozigou. This is not a nickname but a respectful title. At least Yang Rulong was not called like this in the industry.
No one even knows him, but I respect him.
After all, he is my half-year-old Maya prophesying the world. At the end of the year, I graduated from university and worked hard for three months to interview, but no company accepted me. In the end, I arrived at No.
13 Heilong Street. At that time, there was only Yang Rulong, who was both the boss and the employee. The only question in the interview was that Yang Rulong was full of beards and looks.
Is the grim scene still vivid in my mind? Are you afraid of ghosts? At first, I was forced by life to say the word “not afraid” without hesitation, but later life made me understand how serious the consequences of these two words are, so that Lao Yang spent half his life doing it. The porter was forty years old and lonely, got on the sedan chair, and passed the locked door in the east of Yunnan to me. No.
13, Heilong Street, became even more empty.
I started reporting at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, and I took three taxis in a row and heard Heilong.
No. 13 Street, at the same moment, Quanjuechen went away according to the mobile phone map.
The visual impact made me unable to extricate myself when I was young According to the isolated city, walking horses, people gloomy and bustling, this is the world I like. A remnant white, extended version of the Jinbei van is Lao Yang’s most powerful mount.
Also dedicated to it In the dark alley, Lao Yang stood with that woman.
I have forgotten the name of the woman, but I still remember her face clearly. Even a man has the urge to push her under him.
The two chatted happily and even gave me the illusion that Lao Yang had thoughts about her. Under Lao Yang’s gesture, I opened the back door of the van, which made people instantly stunned.
It is still hard to forget that a black coffin was bound by thick chains and fell firmly on two blood-red benches.
White wax tears fell all over the floor. In the dark and cold space, the candle flame was pressed into a blue-purple gray-white portrait the size of a bean sprout. Hanging on the coffin with a black rope, swaying in the night wind, it seemed to be mocking before he could react, Lao Yang took out a sky-blue stool from behind and gave me five dollars a piece. Let me tell you, this stool is more comfortable to sit on.
The woman looked at me with a smile, as if she was waiting to see a funny joke. I pretended not to care, took it, and sat down firmly beside the coffin. Only then did I look at it. The face on this portrait is handsome, rich, noble, aloof, and the words I have learned over the past ten years are not enough to describe the young man’s appearance in this photo, but I understand that as long as a woman who has not experienced storms may not have the slightest resistance to this face The powerful Lao Yang leads a big yellow dog Walking around, the whole body is golden without a variegated color.
The steps are flat like a king.
Even his eyes ignore this world. It is Lao Yang’s cousin.
I asked Lao Yang why he called him cousin. Lao Yang said it was his senior brother before him. I entered the locked door, and I didn’t understand the connection between the two from the beginning to the end.
Lao Yang led his cousin to the side of the van. The cousin sniffed it and let out a low growl, as if he had seen a natural enemy.
He closed the car door and the whole space became dark, and even the air became somewhat stagnant. The car body shook slowly, and the portrait also swayed mischievously. The wax tears jumped and the candlelight was pale.
The wind outside the window howled like this. The day should be my favorite.
I look at the young and perfect face and think about the person who is sleeping in the coffin in front of me. Should I call him or it? If I spend a tenth of my life thinking about it, everything will change. Very small, before I knew it, my eyelids closed like glue, I forgot my thoughts, I forgot what I should do, a strange sound like a village snake came, and my calm heart suddenly became turbulent. I’ve never seen a ghost or even a will-o’-the-wisp since I was a child, and I’ve only heard from the elders that even the dead were common in the past, and cold corpses never appeared in my dreams. The seductive eyes stared at me with resentment and anger, and I suddenly remembered that he was about the same age as me, but I was still alive, and he had become the eerie silence in the space, as if isolated from the world outside the window The sound of the wind was gone, my heart beat faster, I heard the air flow in my throat, and that slightly mocking face suddenly rushed towards me But suddenly my eyes froze, the huge coffin that was placed smoothly began to slowly shift towards me, it definitely had a tendency to collapse and be crushed, I just wanted to shout loudly, as long as Lao Yang can hear my cry, he can walk all year round There must be a solution to the experience of picking up the sedan chair, but the pale candle seems to be suppressed by some kind of breath at this moment, and the flames are extinguished. What is absolute darkness? I can see the tree shadows outside the car window. One option I’d rather be strapped to the roof of the car and enjoy the cool breeze watching the stars and the moon cooing and cooing and this strange sound Losing my eyes in the dark but my ears have undoubtedly become more sensitive The coffin is what this coffin is calling or something inside it The thing was breathing, and in a hurry, it took out its mobile phone and explored the source of the sound with the faint light.
The sound came from the bottom of the coffin.