At the same time the literate people who saw this scene everywhere in the city also subconsciously read Out of the huge and shining colorful

Amidst the violent explosions and screams, Yang Zhen suddenly woke up from his dream.
What he saw was a small room that was familiar but strange.
The furnishings here are very simple, just a bed, a table, two stools and a wardrobe, and the wood of these furniture is also the most common. Look around the furnishings and hear the sound of Lang Lang reading from outside the house.
Yang Zhen’s face There was a wry smile on his face that didn’t match his age. He looked like he was only sixteen or seventeen years old, but his stature was not short.
Even lying on the bed, he was about seven feet. Although his appearance was not handsome, he exuded a heroic spirit. It’s the pair of brows and eyes, long eyebrows piercing straight into the temples like a sword, the starry eyes are so deep that people can’t see through it, but one of his feet is covered with a thick bandage, and his head is also tightly bandaged, which makes the whole person’s imposing manner stand out. Weakened by a few points, for the past half month, Yang Zhen always fell asleep, hoping that everything was just a ridiculous dream, but when he woke up again, he had to accept the facts with a wry smile. A member of the Sirius mercenaries in the eleventh century, but now he is a young boy in Jiangling County, Huguang, in the early years of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty At the age of sixteen, although Yang Zhen doesn’t know much about history, he also knows that the Ming Dynasty is hundreds of years away from the era he used to be, but he reversed these hundreds of years of time and space and possessed himself on this body. All of this It was all because of a calculated sneak attack. When he and a group of brothers launched a sneak attack on a certain enemy, what greeted them was a trap of hundreds of kilograms.
After they reached the floor, it exploded suddenly. After a violent roar, he Then he lost consciousness and woke up like this.
He became this young man named Yang Zhen. Because of an accident, he traveled through Yang Zhen. Although he had heard such a story, he didn’t take it seriously. It was just a plot in a novel and movie. Now he has to accept the facts in front of him, besides, this is better than being killed on the spot with nothing left. He comforted himself in this way, and at the same time his eyes fell on the bandaged feet, he still had some memories of this body. This young man named Yang Zhen has only two brothers in his family. He is the younger brother, and the other is Yang Chen. The first-class granary students have a few buckets of granary rice allocated by the imperial court every month, which is considered well-to-do.
As for his younger brother, he is a restless master who always likes to fight with a few good friends and fight with others.
It’s no less worrying for my brother, and Yang Zhen’s current injury also came from a fight more than half a month ago.
Of course, for Yang Zhen today, the previous fight might still be a good thing.
Possessed here, it’s just that even the legs were discounted, and it didn’t improve after half a month, which affected the daily activities, which made Yang Zhen feel a little uncomfortable. Yang Zhen, who has survived and fought against many fierce people, has survived the test of narrow escapes and was even killed once, said that the result of this time travel is not too difficult to accept, just treat it as a dream. Anyway, he used to have no relatives to worry about. The ones who are reluctant are those brothers who were born and died together, but since they can’t go back, it’s better to live here, at least here, he doesn’t have to worry all the time that he will suddenly encounter unforeseen dangers.
Just as Yang Zhen took a breath, he accepted his new identity again. At that time, the sound of books outside the house had also stopped.
Not long after, elder brother Yang Chen came in with a bookboy Moer carrying a tray.
Yang Chen was in his twenties, wearing a semi-new scholar’s shirt It is quite similar to Naidi, but his appearance is much softer, and he does not have the heroic spirit of his younger brother, but his stature is not much different. As for the book boy, he is only twelve or thirteen years old, but he looks a little clever, but somehow Yang Zhen always feels that The other party is a bit hostile towards him.
Erlang is feeling better today, is his head and legs still hurting? Yang Chen came in and saw that his younger brother had woken up, so he asked Mo’er to put down the tray while greeting Yang Zhen.
After the death of my adult parents, I have never enjoyed the love and care of my relatives. After a moment of surprise, I replied, “Brother, I am much better, but I can’t walk normally. Yang Zhen gave a big brother’s call without any hesitation, but I don’t know if the original memory played a role, Yang Chen showed a relieved smile, so I felt relieved, wiped my face, drank a bowl of porridge, and took medicine After drinking, you were hurt badly at the time, and the quick recovery is due to the protection of the spirit of your parents in the sky.
You must be able to go to the ground in a few days.
Yang Zhen took the face towel handed by Moer, wiped his face and He took the porridge from his elder brother’s hand and ate it in big mouthfuls.
Apart from the rice, there was also some minced meat mixed in. He knew that this was specially made by his elder brother for himself, and he must have spent a lot of money. He is not rich enough to eat meat casually. From the simple furnishings in his house and his elder brother’s clothes, it can be seen that this is the life of the people of the Ming Dynasty after all, but they are not rich. Even though Yang Zhen knew this, he didn’t order it. After drinking it all, he knows that his responsibility now is to heal the injury quickly and then find a good job to share with his brother, instead of fussing over these details, and then he took the bowl of black soup and frowned Even though he has accepted the reality of time travel, Yang Zhen still finds it hard to bear this bitter traditional Chinese medicine soup, and the medicine has an indescribable taste that makes it even more difficult for him to swallow it.