At the same time he looked at his clothes and saw that the clothes were in good condition he couldnt help but heaved a sigh

Chapter 1: Prologue to the meeting of the systems Self-healing and a little bit, a certain corner of a certain plane, a certain cloud-like invisible existence, with countless stars and dots gathering around it.
The ever-changing existence, like dust and mist, let out a sigh, and I feel something in my heart.
Thousands of planes and star fields are vast and extremely poor, and human races in the world can’t get it. But once created, you have gained very little. Today, new creations and new spirits follow the source of the law.
Its master, when you choose to complete it, you will also have merit. As soon as the voice falls, the cloud-like existence dissipates and covers all the stars and spots, and finally disappears without a trace. Maybe it absorbs the clouds. The rays of light seem to become agile. After a while, two groups of rays of light communicated, buddy, what did the old man say just now, the light asked the light number, you ask me, wait, the light number looks at the light number behind you, brother, there is a sister paper, sister paper, hello, hello, please Did the old man just repeat what he said last time? The sister of Guanghao asked curiously, how are you? The old man said just now that we should choose the host by ourselves. Are you seniors? The paper is new and cute, the new system is sweet, but I guess the next time I come back, I will be a grumpy old girl You’re good, the elder brother who went out with me didn’t come back, I finally received a message from him that it was pissed off by the host, and he gave me the coordinates for me to take revenge. Your elder brother is so hard-headed.
You want to seek revenge from the host. Going to a large number of light groups and chatting with the sky, more new and cute new systems, listening to experience, the host of the system, the cliff is a werewolf, once you meet this kind of person, you have to be careful. No, I have a guy with me.
He was reborn in a place without paying anything, and he was given a quick epiphany function. As a result, this guy is very good at doing things, but he has been doing it all the time, but his methods are also extremely neat.
I’m all over the super-powerful guy. After the meeting here, I have to go back and stare after the meeting, so as not to be killed. Hey, brother, you have met a good client resource. This performance must have greatly exceeded the standard. A lot of merit haha, where is it? Brother, your resources are so good. I’m envious. Unlike my evil host, I don’t develop positive energy careers to help human beings grow.
As a result, I pretend every day to show off every day and die every day.
It’s nothing serious.
It’s an ancestor who doesn’t help and can’t complete it.
Did the task help me? Is there any big benefit? I am so mad at you. Didn’t you explain the threat of death if you don’t complete the task? Yes, but that guy is either pretending to die or playing tricks on the way to death. If we fool the host, we are afraid of death if we fool the host.
Fortunately, we meet the one who is not afraid of death.
Everyone knows that once the host is bound, we have not completed our performance. They won’t drop them, they won’t give up on us, and we can’t really kill the host.
Alas, it’s a sin.
In fact, the buddy I mentioned just now died of anger. It’s okay. If the merit can be preserved, it can return to the old man’s side and be reborn. My neighbor is light years away. It’s even worse. Before I could start the business, the host crashed due to too many waves in the process of traversing. In the end, guess what? The system went wrong and became the host’s cash machine. It was the first time I was drawn 100 million US dollars.
You don’t know what the US dollar is. What is the local currency? The money is exchanged for its merits. It is estimated that after the merits are exchanged, my neighbor wants to rebuild it. Tsk tsk tsk It’s really miserable.
Business is hard to do.
Hey, you can’t do it.
It’s amazing being worshiped as a god by people. Every day, three sticks of incense don’t fall off. It’s so comfortable to be called a god every day.
I’ve also completed many tasks to strengthen human beings.
And this thing, this buddy is amazing.
He’s so good at it. It’s the first time I heard the status. I don’t know where it is so high. Did you introduce a large number of cute new light group systems? Listening to the words of the seniors, everyone is trembling. Why are they so horrible? Leng Shaoyan is reticent because all the talkative ones are almost eliminated.
Tianna’s business is still going to run.
It turns out that the system is such a high-risk occupation.
With the disappearance of old employees, a large number of cute new systems are still hesitating. Undecided, but in the end they all disappeared one after another to try their luck. All the old and new systems left. The last twinkle of light let out a sigh.
It was really dangerous. Fortunately, I didn’t leave here to run my business. I still have to learn from that dog.
The holy seniors first need to take a host to travel or find someone who needs to change their destiny, and secondly, after giving the host the function, they will not speak, just like the senior said.
Be a spy and let the host do it all by himself, and at the same time let him complete it in a subtle way. In the end, the host of my business has a promising future.
If the host is in a fatal crisis, it will be shot. If there is no future, it will be too provocative to put on a show. Then change it again and get the system. If you want to keep the air alive, don’t use the system as a cash machine.
Don’t, um, that’s a good idea, so it’s decided.
In the next second, the last ball of light also disappears, but after a while, a cloud suddenly condenses into a sigh, and there’s a faint sound of sin. Do you want to hear a story? The story is good.
A shipwrecked woman and ten men drifted to a deserted island.
A week later the woman committed suicide because she thought what happened this week was disgusting. Another week passed and ten men Bury her ’cause they think what happened this week is disgusting