At the same time as they got down the other two men also turned their heads and stared at Tian Ping to see what they

The author Zhang Yifan’s five groups produced a must-be boutique product, which pioneered the world and transformed the five elements. Once reincarnated on the earth, he became an orphan. The beautiful, charming, enchanting beauties overwhelmingly rushed towards the loyal, courageous, and iron-boned brothers.
The body opens up his heaven-defying cultivation comprehension, sweeps the heavens and the earth innumerable dimensional spaces, and fights against the heavens and gods to block and kill gods and Buddhas.
Sixty yuan, you don’t need to order it, you are a top boy, can I believe you? This is three hundred and sixty yuan.
Thank you, Boss Yang, I wish you a prosperous business.
Look at the clock on the wall of the Internet cafe, which is facing the clock at one o’clock in the morning. Zhang Haotian, go fast Hurry to the Yaoji fast food restaurant, don’t run, hand over the golden lightsaber, you’re not dead, if you want the golden lightsaber, then use your ability to get it, five men in black are chasing an old man with thin steel knives Zhang Haotian said in surprise that Yao Bo was caught. The old man who was chasing looked up and saw Zhang Haotian hastily took out a small box from his arms, threw it at Zhang Haotian, and kept it for me. After throwing the box at Zhang Haotian, Yao Bo suddenly turned to face the five men in black, and slowly took out the box on his back. The double-edged giant sword in the back will let you know today that my golden sword, Yao Bo, is powerful.
The five people were suppressed by the old man’s aura. After a short pause, they woke up suddenly, each raised their own steel knives to kill the old man.
Zhang Haotian stood in the dark. Looking at the bloody fight in front of him in the dark, Zhang Haotian didn’t know what to do.
Zhang Haotian raised his head and saw Yao Bo was slashed on the shoulder.
Before he could dodge, another steel knife pierced Yao Bo’s heart. Zhang Haotian conditioned Yao Bo’s heart. The box thrown by Bo opened, and there was a small white dagger lying in the box, a golden lightsaber, and one of the five men in black was the first to remind and rushed to Zhang Haotian. To be precise, it should be the box that Zhang Haotian opened. The other four People also hurriedly followed when the five men in black came to the front of the box less than one meter away, when the originally quiet white sword suddenly emitted a dazzling white light and a golden sound. The white sword shot out and the target was the five black men. The white light of the men in black flashed across the necks of the five men in black, and they fell to the ground with a bang. The white light shot at Zhang Haotian at a faster speed without stopping At one o’clock in the morning in the dark night street, no one else noticed the murder here. Half an hour later, Zhang Haotian woke up leisurely.
The first thing he saw were the five men in black lying on the ground.
Unexpectedly, the corpse of Yao Bo, Zhang Haotian stood up abruptly. Quickly came to the front of the five men in black, squatted in front of them, and carefully placed the two fingers of his right hand in front of the nose of one of them. Zhang Haotian found that the man in black had no breath, and quickly backed up a few steps, and finally rushed to Yao Ji for a quick meal. The store rushed to see the dilapidated and riddled Yaoji fast food restaurant, full of holes and signs of destruction, and knew that it was the five men in black that were responsible for it.
Yao Bo was clearly pierced in the heart and should be dead, but why is there no body of him? Obviously Yeobright didn’t What happened when I came back to this store? Where did the little white sword that suddenly rushed towards me go? Forget it, let’s go back first. There is an important class tomorrow.
Not long after Zhang Haotian left, two middle school students came to Yaoji fast food Elder brother, look at the situation. Uncle Yao is in trouble. We quickly searched everywhere and walked to the north.
The two quickly found the location of the corpses of the five men in black. Looking at the corpses of the five, a person called senior brother personally inspected each of them. Brother, you see, killing my uncle with a single sword is not so powerful.
I think there must be someone who is able to help me.
Brother, where did the uncle go? The golden light sword was lost on the day that the uncle couldn’t find it We can’t give up on the second chapter of the best boy, brother, do you want to report to the sect that the saint is not here to practice in the world? Or report to the saint? Well, even though Uncle Yao is not the opponent of the five, he is not so easy to get along with. If Uncle Yao is dead, I really don’t believe that the senior brother can see the origin of the five of them? The bloody scene I saw at night recalled Yao Bo’s care for him Zhang Haotian’s mood was hard to calm down, let’s practice the Bible to replenish some energy Zhang Haotian sat cross-legged on the bed with his eyes closed naturally, as if he had entered the cultivation of meditation Zhang Haotian’s thoughts As usual, practice according to the third level of the Mindfulness Bible.
Zhang Haotian can feel that his energy is getting stronger and stronger, and he can also feel the blurred consciousness in the depths of his mind. Why is it my appearance? Is it an illusion? Zhang Haotian suddenly felt it In the depths of my mind, that fuzzy mass of consciousness turned into a miniature version of myself. For a moment, I couldn’t be sure that it was my illusion.
As I practiced minute by second, the miniature version of Zhang Haotian in my mind became clearer and clearer, and even Zhang Haotian could feel that.
Sitting cross-legged with both calves, those small arms kept waving the handprints. How could the handprints be practiced? This is clearly the sixth-level training handprint of the Mind Bible. This penance, which Haotian has been confused for more than ten years, has only reached the third-level state, and now it is suddenly a miracle.
It’s no wonder that Zhang Haotian can’t accept it, thinking that the most powerful tutor in Yulong High School has only practiced to the fourth floor.
Zhang Haotian started to get up.
Did I have some adventures or I was reincarnated? It’s not a bad thing to be able to break through the mind bible anyway, let’s practice it all from the first level, I hope that extreme joy will not give rise to sorrow. After ten hours of non-stop practice, Zhang Haotian is sure that he has completely reached the sixth level of the mind bible. Everything in the sea of ​​consciousness is clearly visible and completely sees through the body.