At the beginning Dongfang Jing used to sacrifice A divine mansion was protected by the luck of heaven and earth Dayong Dynasty Anwutians face changed

When Dongfang Mi woke up again, she was no longer a high-rise building but a magnificent house in front of her eyes. She was lying on the bed at the moment, and Dongfang Mi realized that she had changed from a man to a woman. The flowing hair is crystal clear, the plump breasts and slender legs show unparalleled charm, this is a top-notch woman who can surpass any woman Dongfang Mi knows, what the hell is going on Dongfang Mixiu frowned and looked around to make sure I have time-traveled, and suddenly a voice came from Dongfangmi in a trance, princess, are you up? We are going to cancel your marriage today. Dongfangmi frowned very adaptably and said, “Come in, come on!” A lot of knowledge emerges in it, and the memories of the past sixteen years all appear in Dongfang Mi’s mind. The thirteenth princess of Dongfang Mi’s Dayong Dynasty is the last daughter of Emperor Dayong. He is the most beloved by Emperor Dayong. At the age of only sixteen, she reached In order to condense the realm of mana, break the record of the royal family and become the first genius known throughout the country, but Dongfang Mi has changed after sleeping last night, a man soul from the earth. This man was also called Dongfang Mi in his previous life.
Martial artists in the world pursue martial arts to live forever, but unfortunately they find nothing For the most favored daughter, the starting point in this life is too high Dongfang Mi is thinking, and there are martial arts masters and immortals in this life. The things I pursue are much better than my previous life on earth. It’s a pity that I am now It’s a woman Dongfang Mi frowned, but she’s just a woman, so what? An ancient poem says to wait until autumn comes, September 8th, and when the flowers bloom, a hundred flowers will kill me. Since I’ve come to this world, I must leave a strong mark. If I were a daughter Overwhelming everyone on the Endless Continent is the achievement. Dongfang Mi’s eyes suddenly burst into a fiery light, but the most urgent thing is to cancel my marriage. Dongfang Mi frowned.
Her father made an appointment with the Chen family, the top family at that time, before he became an emperor in the early years. A marriage contract, the youngest daughter married the youngest son, and Dongfang Mi is the youngest daughter. After the founding of the country, the Chen family gradually declined. The master Jinyun fell from a big aristocratic family to a fifth-rate family. The father kept his promise and kept saying that he would wait until I was eighteen to get married.
It’s a pity. What’s more, this time the engagement has to be canceled and I don’t want to marry any man. Dongfang Mi’s pretty face is indifferent. After understanding everything properly, she is very familiar with the role. At this time, her little eunuch and little house appeared in the princess’s subordinates to inquire. Everyone who has arrived at the Chen family is here now, and we can come to you immediately.
This marriage contract that has caused you can finally be dissolved.
Dongfang Mi nodded and said, “Let me lead the way.
” Put on a bright red dress, and a cold and beautiful woman appeared wearing a veil. The pair of cold eyes exposed outside entered the Chen The Chen family used to be a first-rate family in the world, and lived in a big city with five million people, but now it has been reduced to a fifth-rate family, and lives in a small town of tens of thousands of people. Today, everyone is fully staffed, and everyone’s face is heavy.
Dongfang Mi had already written a letter before coming here, and the letter stated his intention of coming. When Dongfangmi came to the Chen family, the head of the Chen family led a group of elders and immediately knelt down to meet the thirteenth princess. Dongfang Mi waved his hand, there is no need to be overly polite. I think you all know the reason for coming here today. The other party refers to Dongfang Mi’s fiancé, who is me. At this time, a figure with a thin body and pretty face came out from behind the crowd, but extremely serious. Dongfang Mi frowned, this person looks a bit strange, you are here to divorce, but I’m sorry, I don’t plan to accept your divorce, the young man gritted his teeth and said, Dongfang Mi frowned, just wanted to speak, but the young man walked out and said you are a princess I can’t afford it, but this marriage contract was made by your father when the emperor was in power, isn’t it just a retreat? Dongfang Mi narrowed his eyes, what do you want to do, what do you want? You’re a waste, isn’t it a so-called genius that’s why you came to divorce? Dongfang Mi frowned, she didn’t know these things at all, the young man was extremely unwilling, if it was three years ago, why didn’t you come to divorce the engagement, and now seeing me as a waste, you come to withdraw the engagement in public and humiliate me, tell me I will end your engagement.
After finishing these words, the young man walked into the hall, picked up a pen and ink, and wrote a divorce letter.
Remember that I divorced you, not you.
Thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, remember today Dongfangmi’s eyes suddenly turned cold, his pupils grew bigger and he blurted out that you are Xiao Yan, he said disdainfully, I am called Chen Feng, not Xiao Yan I got a ring on Chen Feng’s neck. This is the plot of Fighting the Sky! Dongfang Mi has read online novels in his previous life, but he never thought that he would become Nalan Yanran. How dare you, a commoner, humiliate the current princess in Dongfang Mi The little house behind him immediately shouted angrily and glared at the head of the Chen family. He trembled all over. He didn’t expect that Chen Feng would do this, and he immediately kowtowed. Your Highness, Chen Feng has gradually become delirious since his inexplicable loss of cultivation three years ago. Just now, he was just talking nonsense. Don’t take this engagement to your heart. We retired. Dongfang Mi didn’t look at him.
Instead, he looked at Chen Feng, who changed his mind and laughed instead.
It’s so interesting. Chen Feng, I want to see how you can rise up.