At first glance he is not easy to provoke the handsome guy got up from the ground and burst into anger you bitch you hit

People and ghosts have different paths, coffins, people don’t want it, finally one day I couldn’t bear it anymore and invited a Taoist priest to take him in, but I didn’t expect him to take my body I live in a place that is about to be abandoned by modern times. It is an old-fashioned neighborhood with six floors of old-fashioned buildings that need to climb stairs. I live on the sixth floor when I get home.
I put the black rose on the water bottle and placed it on the window sill to see its soft petals under the light, and I feel better The one given to me is considered the opening reward, by the way, this restaurant just opened today, and the owner of the restaurant is so handsome that he looks out of the Milky Way.
But this store used to be a longevity material shop. I threw myself on the old sofa that even the sponge inside was exposed.
People’s clothes were thrown aside, and my mind came up again. I was scolded again today just because I sent a wrong email, and I was scolded so bloody that you don’t want to be a human anymore. My mood now is to be a dog. I’m happier than me. Thinking about it, I’m too depressed.
After tidying up quickly, I went to take a bath and poured hot water on my body to see how my breasts can grow up.
There is a pair of human breasts, but everyone A woman’s dream I close my eyes and imagine one day wearing a necklace of my own design Standing on a brightly lit stage Wearing a gorgeous evening dress The beautiful necklace is shining on my pair of human breasts There is a row of flashing lights below the host The famous jewelry designer Lou Zi oh hehe I laughed out loud in my fantasy, I took a shower and dried my hair, and then I climbed into bed.
Sleeping is the top priority for a sleeper like me. I’m full tomorrow and I’m sleepy and drowsy. I just feel like I’m in a cold place. I hold the quilt tightly, but it’s still cold.
My body is also very heavy. The male god confessed that he liked me for a long time and wanted to have sex with me, then those two beautiful lips kissed my lips, I was so excited that I almost passed out, and in the haze, I felt two lips kissed mine From the neck down, the hands are also down my body, the hands are as cold as ice, oh, I hate it, why did I get straight to the point so quickly, my baby is not ready yet, it’s so cold, don’t touch me Mimi stared, opened his eyes, and caught a cold hand. My eyes widened immediately. It wasn’t a dream, it wasn’t a dream. Those cold lips were still moving and rubbing against my body, and the weight on my body wasn’t fake. There really was one.
The man on top of me screamed, I grabbed the hair of the man on top of me, twitched, hit, pulled, and scratched Why is the hair so long, the woman still doesn’t let the king let go I was stunned by the voice of savage prey I’m still a snake man, I kicked my ankle, but I was caught and wrapped like a snake in an instant Then there was that sinister voice again, woman, you dare to kick me, I kicked you as a pervert, I raised my other foot and kicked him to the ground, but I didn’t hear the bang, I quickly opened it in panic But Deng was frightened out of his wits in an instant, that man, that man was half suspended in the air and there was no shadow, I was so frightened that my eyeballs almost fell out, hugging the quilt and kept stepping back, only one word came out of my mouth, ghost, ghost, that ghost is handsome He is unusually tall, visually estimated to be over 1.83 meters, wearing a black satin ancient costume, and wearing a pair of thick-soled black boots on his feet.
His face is more comparable to a modern star, but his face is too pale, not as vibrant as a living person’s face. His black hair hung down to his waist, and the infinite anger condensed in those eyes seemed to be able to crush me to death in an instant.
He floated in front of me and stretched out his almost transparent white hands to pinch my face. My teeth were already chattering with fright. I’ve never dealt with ghosts before, who will save me? Chapter 1 I’m missing a woman, you damn woman dare to be rough on this king.
His sharp eyes shot over like high-voltage electricity.
I saw him leave slightly.
The nerve endings of the feet on the ground are trembling. I’m missing something. I’ll burn it for you. Please don’t hurt me. The ghost prince stares at me. I’m missing a woman, and my teeth are rattling.
I will give you the one that looks like it, and the one that will keep you in the harem for three thousand and one years. You are the woman that Ajun has chosen for this king. Although you are ugly and feel bad, I can’t let you down Ah Jun’s heart, he seemed to have made a difficult decision, proudly announced that I didn’t dare to move, watching his cold fingers slid across my cheeks, his hands began to walk towards my pajamas, what are you going to do, I trembled I asked him to look at me with an expression of knowing that I am a man and you are a woman of this king. What are you talking about? He wants to sleep with me.
My brain was struck by lightning again. I grabbed my clothes and couldn’t stop myself.
Trembling, you let me go, you look at me like a flat body, you can’t feel good at all, but you hear him humming softly, sliding his long and sharp nails like sharp knives across my face, his eyes are wandering on my face, as if Looking for something, then the finger slid towards my neck, as if it was about to cut my neck open. The thing this king likes has never been allowed to be a woman who can be my king. This dress is for you.
Take it off yourself or let the king do it himself.
His last word is full of momentum, as if surrounded by icy water, he dragged me to the bottom of the abyss with both hands, and my breathing gradually became difficult. It became more and more uncomfortable, and finally my eyes darkened and I passed out.