At a glance what should you do with your ninth brother Let you be the owner of the hotel The name of the hotel is

One sentence brief introduction Take the hidden guards who came here to fish for the boat. Fang Jing accidentally got a magical water-proof bead.
Life has opened a new door since then.
A thousand-year-old ebony sunken treasure ship full of tributes. The cruelty and ruthlessness of the ocean, but also the generous gift of the ocean The dark guard Fang Jing, I am the man who wants to become the One Piece, so hurry up and escort me to get rich Gengtian Wengu wears this sweet Wennian next protagonist Fang Jingcen and nine supporting roles Fang Xiaole Fang’s father Fang’s mother Jinjiang silver medal Editor’s comment Fang Jing who wants to work hard and earn money to support his family rescued a down-and-out homeless man based on the principle of repaying his kindness Cen Jiu, the dark guard of the Great Qi who came through time travel, was at a loss for this completely unfamiliar world. For a while, he lost the faith to live on. When Fang Jing was the first to extend a kind hand to him, the little dark guard was like a drowning man. He reached out and grabbed it without hesitation and never wanted to let it go.
So the local high-quality youth took the Daqi dark guard with strong military value to wander in the ocean world and started a colorful life.
Fishing shipwrecks, fighting pirates and superseding ghosts Fang Jingzai While receiving the generous gifts from the ocean, I also reaped my own love. This article is ingenious and takes the ocean as the starting point. Through a series of activities to explore the ocean, the protagonist’s desire to make a fortune has been achieved. The love collision between the local high-quality youth and the Daqi dark guard seems logical. Sweet and warm It can be regarded as a masterpiece of farming literature, Volume 1, Millennium Ebony, Chapter Neuropathy, Fang Jing, holding a paper bag in his arms, facing the sun that can make people dizzy at noon, hurried out of the supermarket. I know since someday there has been such a homeless man in tattered clothes in the corner alley from the supermarket to his house. His long hair has not been cut for many years, and his top is like a knotted straw.
With a bearded face on his head, he always hangs his head and droops his eyelids, leaning there motionless.
This is the old city. There is no property management, because the alleys are deep and the roads are narrow.
Many, but this person is obviously different from other homeless Fang Jing has never seen him take the initiative to ask for anything, broken bowls, cans, boxes, etc. He just sat quietly like that. It’s not easy to look for him there, or even no one will notice him. It’s not easy on such a hot day.
Fang Jing rummaged through the paper bag, found a bottle of water, took a small bread, bent down, and was about to hand it to the man. Immediately bowed his back, put his hands on the ground, one leg knelt on the ground and the other half squatted, staring at Fang Jing warily like a ferocious wolf. Fang Jing was taken aback.
Bread and water fell and hit the man’s ankle.
The man poked a hole in the plastic bottle with his finger, and the clear mineral water scrambled out. Fang Jing was crazy Fang Jing cursed secretly, he was too lazy to pay attention, he threw the bread and water at the man’s feet, and tore off the package of another bread as if to vent his anger.
The wolf-like tramp behind him hesitated. Then, like Fang Jing, he picked up the bread, tore open the package, and devoured it.
Fang Jing gnawed the bread and threw the bag into the trash can by the side of the road. Two young youths walked side by side across the street, with their hands in their pockets, staggering. Fang Jing didn’t care when he came over, he was holding a paper bag and was about to cross the road, so the two of them bumped into him suddenly, Fang Jing was staggered by the force and almost fell, then he suddenly realized what was going on, he touched his pocket, and sure enough, the wallet It’s gone.
I only took out last month’s salary from my wallet to prepare to pay the rent. If I lost a few thousand yuan three years ago, I would lose it, but now my brain is still calculating.
One against two, even if I catch up with the two children.
How many possibilities are there for the thief to get his wallet back? Fang Jing’s body has already reacted faster than his brain. Although the wallet method is not very clever, but the escape skills are full.
In the blink of an eye, he has already fled to the corner of the street.
The streets and alleys of this old community make a wrong eye and lose it if he can’t see anyone.
Fang Jing scolded secretly. There was a sound of bad luck, ready to be separated from the respectable and lovely banknote, with a plop, something fell heavily on the ground, and Jing rushed over, his eyes widened in surprise. When I went out, I landed in front of a pair of straw sandals. Fang Jing only saw the wallet, quickly picked it up, opened it, and saw that the money was still in the bank card, and the ID card was still there, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Don’t mention it, don’t mention how awkward Fang Jing raised his head and was stunned for a moment. Comrade Lei Feng who drew his sword to help when he saw the injustice on the road turned out to be the neurotic neurotic brother just now. Finally stood up, only to realize that he is quite tall.
Tall, with iconic straw long hair, he is wearing an unrecognizable dress.
One piece, one piece, and the other piece are randomly tied with a cloth belt at the waist so that it doesn’t fall off. Fang Jing, who has a small waist and a very thin waist, goes down the leg of the crazy brother.
His eyes fell on his feet, and he suddenly felt that the sky was thundering, what age is it, and there are still people wearing straw sandals, is he really crazy? The little thief was stunned for a moment